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Thread: Chapter 2 The Rising Heroes

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollinitiative - (d20+4) [13]
    Regina Thorn: The Savage : The Fallow Hills Frontier

    Orilo: The Mind : Hope of the Lowlands

    Kosj: the Plague: One Shot Wonders

    Wanna blades in the dark? PM me looking to put together a game.

    Looking for a 5E game to call her own - Xanice Gemviper

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    Default Chapter 2 The Rising Heroes

    Initiative lineup so far

    1- Mel (28)* starting round 4
    2- Axle (14)
    3- Regina (13)* Starting round 3
    4- Gob w/ sword (11)
    5- Farmer (9)
    6- Korak (7)
    7- Gob w/ bow (7)
    8- Kostan (7)* starting round 5
    9- Gob Leader (6)
    10- N Wolf (6)
    11- E Wolf (5)
    12 - S Wolf (4)

    Alright Axle you’re up. Make some pincushions of these goons.

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollCBowAttack - ( 1d20+6 ) [15]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage - ( 1d8+3 ) [11]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollCBowAttack2 - ( 1d20+6 ) [19]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage2 - ( 1d8+3 ) [4]

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    Default Chapter 2 The Rising Heroes

    A curse blurts out of Axles gritted teeth as he sees the bag completely miss his mark. But in a single and smooth motion, he grabs two arrows and knocks them both to his newly plundered composite bow. The grip feels perfect and the draw stronger than his other but the adrenaline that has rushed to his muscles it feels no different. He releases. In an instant, both arrows imbed themselves fletchings deep just behind the shoulder of the saddled Wolf, who falls before it could make a step toward the intruders.

    Briefly dazed by the burst of thunder, the toothy goblin with the jagged short sword sees his prized mount slump to the rocky river shore in front of him. A rage fills his bloodshot eyes. “Yaaaaaaah!” He screams and charges for the one responsible. His wild strikes narrowly miss Axel with his jagged bowie knife.

    Amongst the confusion the farmer turns and rushes for the protection of the bushes behind him.


    Gob w/ sword attacks Axle
    Dogslicer Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+5) [12]
    DamageAuthentic Forum Dice-roll(d4+1) [5]

    Korak you’re up

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    Taking aim at the goblin that tried to strike down Axle, Korak balls his fists up and launches towards his target with fists flying.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollFlurry of blows - (1d20+4) [10] (the character sheet had it as +4 but I believe it should be +2. Please adjust the roll if it should be +2)
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (1d6+4) [6]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollFlurry of blows - (1d20+4) [13]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (1d6+4) [7]

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    Default Chapter 2 The Rising Heroes

    The devotee of the Blue Hand struck out with such quickness his arms were a blur. But the vicious little goblin outrider’s movements were to quick and unpredictable for the monk to connect with any of his flurry of blows that would have broken the ribs of any man.

    Seconds pass in an instant as the second the goblin fires at the Halforc who just before stepped out of the foliage. “Arg! Me see two. Stick-em good Mugmurch!”

    “Muchmurch! Chuffy! We go now, tell Big Boss! We go Now!” The lead goblin shouts to his other two outriders. Yet they seemed to either not hear due to the near defining thunderclap or pay him no heed. He reaches for a small plum sized ceramic orb and throwers it at the monk.

    The wolves are well trained, they resist the temptation to lunge forward into attack. As pups they learned quick to take commands from their riders. Instead they position themselves in front of them defensively, snarling and baring their dangerous jaws. Ready to pounce or ride at moments notice.


    Short Bow attack at Korak
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+7) [19]
    Damage Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d4) [3]

    Alchemist Fire attack at Korak
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+6-4) [4] (-4 rang penalty of 25 ft)
    If Direct hit Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d6) [6] and on fire.

    If on Fire, on the following rounds take an additional d6 damage per round. DC 15 Reflex to extinguish

    If near miss (w/in 5 of AC otherwise it misses entirely. Not as written but, I also don’t want free damage for a terrible roll either.) Axle, Korak and Mugmurch will take 1 splash damage.

    Wolves are in defense and ready mode holding action for anyone who gets near.

    Axel you’re up.

    One more round then Regina rushes in to slice and dice!

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    Axle gives hardly any notice to the howling goblin, only twisting aside at the last moment to avoid the jagged blade. All his focus is on the mounts. Whatever we destroy here is less that he's got to use against us later. He hastily nocks another two arrows and prepares to attack another wolf. Realising the branches might tangle his arrows, Axle steps sideways to get a better angle.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollCBowAttack1 - ( 1d20+6 ) [10]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage1 - ( 1d8+3 ) [4]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollCBowAttack2 - ( 1d20+6 ) [8]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage2 - ( 1d8+3 ) [9]

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