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    The main characters:
    In the city of Alliance, many of these folks have secrets that they are hiding.

    Jarkel – male human – Xantharian cleric of Gilean, the god of neutrality. Jarkel is reclusive and rarely, if ever, leaves his room in the temple to do much other than document the events of the world. He is rather youthful for being in his late 40s, with long unkept blonde hair and green eyes. His skin is pale and his figure frail from too much documentation and not enough sun exposure. Recently promoted to head cleric with the recent murder of Cypher, the former head cleric.

    Sheila Windale – female gnome acolyte of Gilean. A quiet young girl in traditional orange and copper robes who wears a medallion of an open book around her neck. She has a pudgy face, thin lips and short brown hair. With Jarkel spending his time writing tirelessly, Sheila does most of the “grunt” work for the temple. She cleans the temple, runs the library, presides over weddings, and performs minor miracles. She is relatively new to the position with Jarkel advancing to head cleric with Cypher’s death.

    “Owl” – male elven leader of the thieves guild. He runs a warehouse and is responsible for most of the trade within Alliance. He always wears a black cloak which he pulls low over his face. His features are usually concealed, but are generally very sharp: large, swollen eyes and a very angular jaw bone. His large eyes and cloaked face lead to the nickname, “Owl”. He always carries a curious ornate dagger around with him. Opinions of him are mixed, but generally it is considered unwise to publicly speak ill of Owl and his associates.

    Grela Strongshield – female dwarven mayor for the past 10 years. Daughter of Hagar, the smithy. Over 200 years old, born and raised in Alliance. She has is a muscular dwarf with well kept flowing redish brown hair and a pleasant complexion. She helped her father, Hagar, at the forge for a number of years until becoming mayor. She is usually well dressed and in a town that is mostly humans, and well-liked enough to be the first non-human elected mayor.

    Hagar Strongshield – male dwarven smithy. Father of Grela, the mayor. Around 300 years old, Hagar has tan, wrinkled skin, a thick gut and a beard that is very gray with only a tint of red left. He is as wise as he is grumpy, but his skill with metal has not diminished over the years. He was a hero of the dwarves during the third Great War. The only thing more legendary than his battle prowess is his drunken boasting regarding his battle prowess. At nights he likes to frequent The Good Knight Inn, entertaining others with his battle tales.

    Alyssa Lighthand – elf female leader of the ranger’s guild. None of the rangers are in the city very much. She is tall for an elf at 6’ tall and carries herself well. Her age is not known, but rumor is that she did fight in the third Great War and has been in Alliance since its founding. She has hazel eyes, unblemished skin, and long flowing blonde hair with a wavy curl; truly a beautiful woman, elf or no. She prefers a life outside the walls and doesn’t speak much, but is generally liked by the townsfolk, especially the males. In addition to her regal stature, she carries an exquisite longbow, a jeweled longsword, and is accompanied by a falcon, Flag at all times.

    Brayer Highlands – male human auctioneer/distribution. Believed to be the richest man in Alliance. In his late 50s, he is short, bald and always dressed extravagantly. He is known as a charismatic man with a keen eye for a bargain. He handles most selling of items transactions in Alliance, where Owl handles most transactions and trading with other cities.

    Loufin Quickstep – male young halfling. He is the mayor’s courier and is very well liked by the town. Around 20 years old, he is always happily smiling as he runs various errands on behalf of the city. Unlike most of his kin, his hair is light and he is thin and taller than most other halflings. His light blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail.

    Captain Griffin Longspear– male human captain of the guard. He is tall, muscular and in his mid 30s. He wears a thick, braided blonde beard. He is normally dressed in splendid chain armor bearing the 5 star crest of Alliance and carries a jeweled long sword. Although never battle-tested, Captain Longspear is proud of his Mistmoor heritage and traits. He boasts of his battle prowess, but it’s hard to say if it’s all bite or just bark.

    Jailor Vlad Klymon – elderly male human who was the Captain of the guard until retiring 2 years ago. He is around 65 years old, but still in decent shape for a man his age. He has wavy gray hair and a well-kept beard. He still carries a short sword at his side and maintains the jail, mostly to keep himself busy. When his wife died two years ago, he retired as captain of the city guard, but his experience is still valued and recognized. Despite the Owl’s shady dealings in merchandise, Vlad and him have a relatively good relationship and it is rare for Owl’s men to get into serious trouble in the city.

    Potionmaker Ellena Everbright – female half-elf potion maker. One of the oldest half-elves in the city, Ellena is around 100 years old with thick gnomish made spectacles over her brown eyes and has short light-brown hair. She is very thin and always dressed in light brown robes and can usually be found in her potion/herb shop experimenting or reading. As one of the older half-elves she had to endure quite a bit of racism. Although she overcame it, she is hardened more than most and generally doesn’t reveal much.

    Pogim Meddler - male gnome wizard. With the betrayal of Creathin, Pogim stepped out of retirement to fill the position of the head of the wizard's tower. An elderly gnome, he is a pleasant fellow who talks in a very dry, monotone voice. His skill level is not high, but at least he isn't going to lightning bolt the mayor, so there is that...

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    The Pathfinders.
    These are the 10 heroes that recently went out to try to understand what was happening around Alliance.

    Krylar Strongshield – male dwarven barbarian. Son of the mayor and leader of the Pathfinders, Krylar is relatively young at 60 years of age. Like the rest of the Strongshields, he has bright red hair and a gentle disposition (for a barbarian). He is one of the only members of the group with combat experience, routinely assisting the rangers in their patrols. He carries his grandfather’s great axe, The Tickler, into battle. - His face including one eye, were horribly burnt after an acid attack while being rescued by the Sentinels.

    Avilare Crestfallen – human male mercenary warrior from Mistmoor that happened to be in Alliance on the last successful caravan. Was dressed in a chain shirt with a shield and a flail. He isn’t much of a talker, and after drinking off his pay from the last caravan, he sobered up to join the group. He wears leather armor and carries a greatsword in battle. Like most of his kin, he wears thick furs and has blonde hair, with a fairly large bald spot on top. He appears to be in his early 40s.

    Turpin Fallohide – male human scout. One of Owl’s men who looks to be in his mid 30s. Tall, muscular, and imposing he doesn’t talk much. Carried a short sword and a dagger with dark leather armor. Given the history of Owl’s men, he would probably be the last person mourned for of the group if it doesn’t return.

    Morthil Lorastina – male human ranger. Younger brother to Leena. 21 years old. Fair complected like his sister, Morthil was following in his sister’s footsteps at joining the rangers. Still a novice, his sister vouched to get him into the Pathfinders.

    ***Ingitrude Raggot – female halfling scout. Young and plump, she was much faster than she would appear. Around 35 years old, she keeps her blonde hair very short, which his unusual for a halfling. Her face (and body) are pudgy, and her eyes are mismatched in color – one blue, one green. She occasionally got in trouble with the law in Alliance, mostly for pickpocketing. Although never actually caught in the act, she was later caught trying to sell some stolen property. Although she was originally rescued by the Sentinels, she tried to rescue Alyssa on her own. Although she successfully rescued Alyssa, she was torn to shreds by some blood golems in the process.

    ***Atlas Foxfire – male human paladin. Young (23) and prestigious, he has aspirations of being more than a standard sellsword. He has been trying to read on Kiri-Jolith and become a champion of good. He’s over 6’0” tall with a shaved head and muscular frame. He carries a long sword and wears splint armor. His horse was one of the two horses that was rumored to be found recently.
    Confirmed dead by Krylar via sending

    ***Leena Lorastina -female human ranger. Sister to Morthil. 25 years old. Leena is only 5’2” with very light skin, including freckles and red hair. She is known to be an exceptional shot with a bow and a decent tracker. Her horse was one of the two that was rumored to return from the expedition.
    Confirmed dead by Alyssa. Her body was missing though when they went to find it.

    ***Kugnet Runedigger – dwarven priest of Reorx. Around 200 years old, he is a fixture of Alliance and the only major non-Gilean priest. Krylar specifically picked Kugnet for this task, trusting in the healing powers of Reorx. He is adorned in a breastplate with Reorx’s symbol, the red star forged by Hagar himself. He has thicker, darker hair than any other dwarf in the city, probably in all Therris, and is quite proud of it. He carries a mace at his side.
    Confirmed dead. His head was found in Grela's house. Believed to be sacrificed to allow Morgion the god of disease to re-enter the world.

    ***Theoden Reynorin – male elf warlock. With long blond hair, pale green eyes and a flawless complexion, his beauty is striking. A fairly recent addition to Alliance, Theoden has been here for about 5 years. He is of high elf decent and struggles with others that fail to understand the importance of his lineage. When the former master of the Wizard’s Tower, Yalin, returned to Etoile, Theoden was hoping to take over as head master of the tower. Needless to say he wasn’t pleased when Creathin received the title.
    Confirmed dead by Krylar via sending.

    ***Ryfon Dordan -male human sorcerer. A kid, nothing more – barely 17 years old, but he shows an aptitude for magic that few possess. He has the beginnings of beard/moustache and light brown hair that some say is his first sign of facial hair. His eyes are brown. Unhappy in the Wizard’s Tower since Creathin took over, he practically begged to go on this mission to escape him. He paid to have the end of his staff changed to symbolize a hand with a middle finger jutting out, which he waved at Creathin as he departed the city.
    Confirmed dead by Alyssa. His body was missing though when they went to find it. Reconfirmed by Krylar.
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    ***Creathin male human ‘scholar’. Around 25 years old, Creathin was the leader of the scholars in the town before casting a lightning bolt on Grela and stealing Hagar's strongbox during the subsequent confusion.

    While magic is generally accepted and trusted in Alliance, Creathin is not. He is generally considered arrogant and recently took over headmaster duties when the former elven master, Yalin, returned to Etoile about a year ago. He is a comely man with moderate acne and significant hair loss for his 20s. His dark hair is short, thinning and unkept. His eyes are blue and usually bloodshot. Of note, while most ‘scholars’ wear either white, red, or black robes denoting good, neutral, or evil training at the two major magic schools, Creathin does not, leading others to believe that he’s not powerful enough to study there yet. Creathin disproved this theory by casting a lightning bolt.

    ***Creathin was killed by the Sentinels in a battle in Portenfer. His head is being carried around in Vortigern's backpack.

    Yelek Clearwater – male halfling former owner of the “Good Knight Inn” and connected “Good Knight Tavern”. Both establishments are considered the best that Alliance has to offer. Yelek is a plump elderly halfling that spends most of his time in the kitchen during the day. He walks with a limp, but still gets by. He is known for his good attitude, friendliness to visitors and good cooking. Most visitors to Alliance spend most of their time in his establishments, and having Yelek as the main interaction has boded well for the town historically.

    Yelek claimed to have made a pact with Hiddukel. In exchange for curing his limp and associated pain, Yelek betrayed the city three times. After being accused, Yelek confessed and is presently in prison.

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    Pride of the Past

    A group of adventurers lead by Boden

    Boden Fourstrength

    An older man in his 50s with a booming voice. Inspired by the return of the Gods, he leads the Pride of the Past. His first task is to restore honor to the Fourstrength family name. He wears his plate armor with pride even when few wear armor around the city. The armor has numerous gaps and dents in it, but looks fairly functional and well cared for. A crest of a lion and dragon fighting adorn the chest piece.


    A shy wood elf with typical light brown hair and brown eyes. She carries a bow and short sword by her side. She studies everything carefully, but rarely says much.

    Mava "The Magnificent"

    A darker skinned bard with a warm, outgoing personality. Her dress is fairly flamboyant, and she rarely misses an opportunity to turn something into a song on her mandolin.


    A quiet, wiry boy with an innocent look, red unkept hair, and freckles. He doesn't say much, but carries a short bow and a short sword. His innocent demeanor disappears fairly quickly to those that know him, and his ability to get in an out of places undetected is quite impressive for his young age.


    A beautiful woman with dark hair and alluring green eyes, Silvart has spent all of her free coin on training at the Tower in Xanthar. With the recent arrival of the Sentinels, and her recent improvements with magic, she was inspired to join Pride of the Past to help improve the world.


    A dark-elf warrior priest of Sirrion, he was rescued by the Sentinels. Blessed by Sirrion himself, his power with fire and healing are both substantial.

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