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    5e DND rules.

    Use the point buy system in the PHB to create starting ability scores.

    I am open to possibly increasing points for significant negative quirks. For example, if you write that you once made a secret pack with Chemosh, the god of death and broke the deal, you will be hunted/targeted by undead. But I would be willing to possibly offer a few stat points, or some potential reward in return for it.

    Players start the game at 1st level. Books allowed are PHB, and Xanathar's. No UA.

    Characters are good and neutral only. This is not an evil campaign.

    Allowable races are human, elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling, and half-elf. These are the races that reside in the starting city, which is presently very cut off from the rest of the world.
    PCs start the campaign with the maximum amount of gold they would normally receive for their class at level 1. You may not be able to buy everything you want with it though.
    PCs start with max hit points at first level. Each successive level you gain 1/2 hit die +1 + con bonus (same as PHB average increase).

    ***Variant encumbrance rules in effect. 5x strength encumbered (speed -10), 10x strength heavily encumbered (speed -20, disadvantage). 50 coins = 1 pound.*** removed. standard encumbrance rules

    You may choose a feat in lieu of a stat increase when you level up (when applicable).

    I will roll initiative only once. Each side will then go until the end of the battle. Players will act in the order they post.

    For the initial start to the game, the city is cut off and very desperate for help. Metal is in very short supply, which will limit starting items. For character creation, assign your stats/race/background and purchase all gear that is not weapons or armor. When the game starts, you will have an opportunity to purchase these.

    I will be rewarding the best backstories with various benefits. Possibly inspiration, maybe a hard-to-find metal item to start with, etc.

    If you wish it, you will have some general background information about one of the 13 leaders of the city. They will be friendly to you. Note that friendly doesn’t mean you saved their life in a war, and they are willing to give you magical weapons for free. As will be noted later, at least one of the city leaders appears to be working against the city.

    You may wish to coordinate which townsfolk you are friendly with for maximum background information. You can choose someone from a different city as a contact if you wish (in other words you just moved to Alliance) but your contact would not come into play for some time potentially. That is an option though.

    Your city contact doesn’t have align with your class. If you want to be friendly with Jarkel the head cleric, you don’t have to be a priest.

    You can be from a different city than Alliance. If so, describe how/why you ended up on Alliance. If you want a contact at another city, we'll work it out.
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