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Thread: Chapter Three: Another One Bites the Dust

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcazar QZR View Post
    "Well, in fact..." She managed to say before Korman spotted the giant crab. "Why... Why are they attacking that creature?"
    Bel turns to look. "Either the brine dragon was feeling threatened by the larger crab, or he was feeling hungry? I believe they are just trying to help Svidhogg come out the winner, whoever started it."


    Since I didn't get a chance to post yet, people have until tonight to post readied actions, held actions, combat Move and Standard actions, etc.
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    Flint raises an eyebrow "I am not really interested in fighting a brine dragon's battles for it" Flint grumbles as he draws a pair of crossbows and approaches cautiously

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    The halfling smiles, amused by the folly of it. "I suppose it has to be a good show, at least. And, back to your question, Bel, I certainly can! I find silence quite appropriate for prayer and introspection, don't you? Silence... and the dark. It is peaceful, really. Heh." She watches the battle with folded arms around her plush toy. Her stomach complains.
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    Ulvenn draws Whisper, and after studying the crab for a moment he would ready a shot to aim for the small chink's in the creature's shell. He then looses two arrows as he starts slowly approaching.

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    Default Crabtastic Combat, Round 1 Heroes' Volley

    With gusto Svidhogg sinks his long dragon teeth into the giant crab, barely tasting its juices beneath its chitinous armor.

    Korman and Ulvenn and Mammon do not hesitate to lend their support with their bows, the Shoanti striking home with all three rapid-fire shots, the Ulfen with two precise sallies, and the noble Taldan with one.

    Flint’s approach is more cautious and grudging but he does take up two enchanted crossbows, one in each fist.

    Astirax, Mak, Bel, and Lucianna watch the spectacle, more bemused than alarmed seeing the brine dragon tangle with a creature two times his size and the crab seeming to sprout arrows every time a bow twangs.

    The mild thrill of the hunt is soon replaced by an atmosphere far more strange and menacing, however…


    **My bad, on that last map the shark-eating crab should be Huge size (9 squares), not Large (4 squares) !

    Top of Round 1--Heroes

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    Default Crabtastic Combat, Round 1 Foes' Swell

    A hideous crone’s head with peeling blue flesh and straggly wet hair meshed with rotted seaweed rises out of the waves about one hundred feet from their group’s position. Her bulbous face is as wide and cruel as a troll’s with its perpetual leer. Her hooked nose and tapered ears drip with briny water, as does her mouth when she cackles to reveal yellowed jagged teeth like a shark’s.


    Her proclaimed title means nothing to Ulvenn or Bel or Korman. Nor does her reference to the “Tower Sea” except that Memnok's tower is nearby. But they have been away from Riddleport at least six months apiece, and much may have changed. The elven mage mutters, “Those who really care about trespassers post a warning. I think she just likes to catch people and…and…”

    Before the aasimar can finish the thought, the crone confirms her suspicions that she is engaging in a kind of shakedown. “FOR DARING TO HUNT IN MY WATERS WITHOUT OFFERING SOME VALUABLE TRIBUTE, THE DRAGON SHALL BECOME THE HUNTED! BEHOLD…!”

    The sea monster cackles again and some movement of her unseen arm causes ripples spreading through the waves toward the partially submerged combatants. When it reaches the crab, the huge vermin swells to double its size! It looms over the man-sized brine dragon, its squat frame now as broad and tall as a war brig ship and its pincer claws grown to the size of skiffs.

    Both claws snap at once for Svidhogg. The first one scores a deep gouge on his back but he wriggles free of its grip. The next crushing blow holds the brine dragon fast and he feels his bones snapping in the vise of the claw.

    The moment his ally is constricted in the behemoth crab’s grasp, Hakon launches into a warchant of inspiration that invigorates all who know him and hear it.

    The witch throws back her head with gleeful gales of cackling. Then she levels her gimlet gaze at the frozen expressions on the shore and calls in a honeyed tone, “I COULD BE PERSUADED TO CALL OFF MY FLEDGLING SHIPWRECKER CRAB…IF I WERE PROPERLY OFFERED A BAUBLE OR OTHER TREASURE TO MY LIKING. I WILL GIVE YOU TEN SECONDS TO SHOW ME YOUR OFFER!”

    To Ulvenn and Flint, her threat is not unlike those one would expect from most of Riddleport’s (or Oppara's) resident crimelords seeking a handout and deference to their status. Giving in to her demands should entice her to back least until the next “trespasser” runs afoul of her.


    Heroes are up next, Top of Round 2!

    Bottom of Round 1--Foes

    1. Hag Move action swim/rise from water, Free action speaks
    Standard cast animal growth on vermin crab (by way of Feat Vermin Heart)

    2. Gargantuan Shark-eating crab

    Claw #1 vs Svidhogg (GRT total 34), hits and deals 20 bludge/slash damage

    **Free grapple WITHOUT allowing itself to be grappled -20 to check (GRT 17), miss

    Claw #2 vs Svidhogg (GRT total 24), hits and deals 22 bludge/slash damage

    **Free grapple WITHOUT letting itself be grappled -20 to check (GRT total 19), hit and Svidhogg is grappled

    **Free constrict damage 19 bludge (grand total dealt 61)


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    And of course, in a flash, the situation goes from relatively harmless to lethal... Although Ulvenn isn't sure what happens to the magically summoned dragon if it is slain here, he doesn't want to find out. Whisper falls from his hand as he draws out Retribution and makes an all out dash for the water, dives into the salty waves with practiced ease and attempts to dodge the crab's claws long enough to bring Retribution's edge down against the claw, seeking some crack in its armor to damage the claw and drop Svidhogg from its grasp.

    GM EDIT: The crab clamps its claw around his side trying to halt his bold offensive, but the Ulfen slips free and brings his red-glowing trusty blade down on the vise that constricts Svidhogg. Magic arcs between them, bringing a sympathetic raw wound to life across Ulvenn's palm as his mighty blow sunders the limb in two with an ear-splitting thundercrack. Svidhogg is free!

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    Default Chapter Three: Another One Bites the Dust

    Seeing the large crab grow to an enormous size and nearly sever his Dragon friend in two Hakon becomes worried for his life. He reaches for his shocking crossbow but realizes that if he hits the shock would get them both. Then Ulvenn without a moments hesitation dashed into the water to somehow rescue the dragon caught in the crushing grasp of the enormous crab.

    Hakon looks over at the disgusting sea hag and shouts out to her. “Oh ya!! I can do that too!!” He turns to Ulvenn and shouts the ancient words of power “Ulvenn stækka gífurlega stærð og bylgja með styrk (Ulvenn enlarge to an enormous size and surge with strength)”.

    Ulvenn begins to grow larger as he dives through the waves. By the time he reaches the crab, he is able to stand on the sea floor of the bay. Sea water crashing off of him like waterfalls as he stands to meet the vicious creature eye to eye and rend a sunder the claw and free the struggling dragon.

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    Flint hesitantly takes a step back before turning to the witch "You want an offering? how about three!" Flint fires off both crossbows at the offending hag, quickly dropping the hand crossbow so that he can reload the crossbow in his main hand

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollattack 1 - (d20+11) [31]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (d8) [7]

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollattack 2 (hand crossbow) - (d20+11) [19]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (d4) [4]

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollattack 3 - (d20+11) [19] should be five lower.... 14 not 19
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (d8) [7]
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    crit confirm on attack 3
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+11) [23]
    extra crit damage
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (d8) [3]

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