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Thread: Chapter Three: Another One Bites the Dust

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    Flint slowly backs up to ulvenn's position, finding the martyr's tear and sliding it into ulenn's hand

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    Default Shadow Plane Showdown: Final Round 10?

    Ulvenn's final attempt to treat Marween's wounds fares no better. He indicates to the imp that he is willing to let him help, and demonstrates his own rhyming cleverness.

    Ptolemy makes an approving sound, then decides a little flattery never hurt a deal and speaks up, "Your verse technique is exquisite."

    Flint moves closer to Ulvenn and drops the cracked pink quartz heart within reach. [Question: How much HP did Flint last donate to "fill" the tear with 3d6?]

    Unseen but not unheard, Ptolemy flaps his way to the dying half-orc and touches her with a claw. Obviously he must save his best healing for himself, and he would rather she not get feisty and sabotage his new deal, so he uses his mildest plea for mending injuries. If he manages to turn this brawl into a handshake bargain the bragging rights among his kind alone will be worth it.

    Marween's wounds pucker closed. After a snort her breathing becomes regular. She does not open her eyes.

    "I assume you do not need me to treat any poison on her? If not she is fine now and may wake up in hour. Now good masters, I would say we should discuss payment, but first I want to know how you are planning to take Marween off this plane without Zantog catching on. You may need my help sneaking her through the Umbral Market or solving your missing steed problem, and that should be reflected in my fee."

    The imp's voice comes from somewhere near Marween's feet.

    He notices the men's bruises and the scorches from his lightning blasts are fading on their own. It gives him hope they really are willing to let bygones be bygones.


    Ulvenn and Flint are up, top of Round 10

    GM NOTE: Not sure what the plan is, but it would take two Full-round actions to Loot the half-orc's body during encounter rounds. We are still in encounter rounds until the PCs are healed to full by fast healing OR until the players declare combat is over and allow 8 minutes to elapse in game time.

    (Ptolemy could be in any of the squares with a ? in them, or 5 feet up in one of those squares.)

    Round 9 recap

    Ulvenn Standard action Heal check fails

    Flint Move to ...? GM chooses S-17 for now. Move action draw martyr's tear (have you filled it with 3d6 HP since its last use?), Free action drop into Ulvenn's reach.

    Ptolemy, invisible, Move flies to a square and Standard casts cure light (GRT 12) on half-orc

    Marween at -6 HP, stabilized, with 38 nonlethal damage left and well over 100 lethal
    Ulvenn 88 damage, bloodied (fast healing 1 start of Round 9 added here) (60 out of 151 HP left, 10 HP was temp)
    Flint 24 damage (fast healing 1 start of every turn)


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    Flint seethes, still shaking from the short skirmish, still, Ulvenn seemed to have a plan, and for once Flint didn't, he allowed Ulvenn to try his hand

    letting zman do what he is going to do

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    "Its a poor devil as gives before it gets,
    But let us pray its one none of us regrets.
    So little imp, the wolf now surely wonders,
    what is the price from us you plan to plunder?"

    Ulvenn sheathes his blades and gives a few subtle motions in thieves cant to indicate to Flint, "Make deal, secure the job." But otherwise he gives the imp time to make its appeal. Ulvenn and Flint hold the strongest cards right now, but the imp could be useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeros View Post
    "Its a poor devil as gives before it gets,
    But let us pray its one none of us regrets.
    So little imp, the wolf now surely wonders,
    what is the price from us you plan to plunder?"

    The imp replies smoothly, "That depends entirely on what kind of succor I can give you with my spells. I would only charge the usual rates. How are you planning on taking this heavy orc-ish burden away from here?"

    Ptolemy is subtly indicating that he does not believe the one remaining phantom steed can transport three bodies, and that it will be tricky at best to sneak Marween past her father Zantog's Gambling Quarter if they must pass through the Umbral Market to their next destination.


    This is the same round as before, everyone is in the same square or general area. Standard/Move actions have not been used by anyone.
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    "This devil itself hath stolen the steed,
    So it would be wise to undo this deed.
    The wolf will pay all the debts that he's due,
    From healing, orc's debt, and extra for you."

    (In case its not clear, Ulvenn suggests that the imp provide transit back as it destroyed their previous route back, but he will pay for the healing spell, the orc's debt, as well as a bonus.)
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    Flint paces back and forth anxiously as Ulvenn attempts to negotiate

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    "A new steed I can provide. You will have to give me ten minutes, and at least one hundred feet of space to conjure without interruption. But first I would see some of my payment counted out. You will find the half-orc's 300 gold she owes me on her left hip." His voice still emanates from somewhere around Marween's feet.

    The invisible imp licks his lips. "But if I might offer a suggestion? My patron's magic can change this favored daughter into a tiny beastie, easy to transport and impossible to recognize. A dove, or a toad, say. Even at 600 gold I believe that would be worth your while."
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    Ulvenn nods before he quickly searches for and pulls the 300 from the half-orc's hip and then counts out another 1000 gold from his own coin purse. He tosses the 300 to the approximate location of the imp but retains the last 1000.

    "This deal is not one you make to us two,
    If any should ask who they should pursue,
    You shall make it clear it was a drow's act,
    of what happened here not word, tongue or thought
    shall ever be known what here was true fact,
    else all that we've bargained now comes to naught."

    ((plain speak: If anyone asks it was the drow who took Marween, and in no way should Ulvenn or Flint be attached to these dealings. But Ulvenn is offering an extra 400 on top of the 600 for the spell and Marween's own 300 should this be agreeable)).

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    Flint can't help but grind his teeth, he didn't like the idea of paying the imp if they could avoid it, yet for the first time in a long time, in the midst of fighting undead armies, mad cultists, dragons from another plane, fighting sea hags or impersonating devils, Flint found himself without a clear plan.

    have I hammered the fact that I am at a loss for how to handle this situation effectively enough yet? :P


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