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Thread: Chapter Three: Another One Bites the Dust

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    "Once we get there we may actually need assistance in dispelling a minor transmutation, I presume you could help with this?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeros View Post
    "Once we get there we may actually need assistance in dispelling a minor transmutation, I presume you could help with this?"

    "Get there? I offer our underground larder we are in now, for privacy," Yasmin clarifies. "But yes, we have scrolls for calling someone back to true form. We had them for wererat attacks but those attacks maybe at end. Yesterday leader and gang were all found dead. Rumors say Devil took their souls. Difficult to believe but if one makes pact with Devil and does not pay any terrible thing may happen." She shakes her head, remembering they did not come about devils and wererats. "I will find scroll. Wait here."

    The pair have a moment to discuss whether to use the mission's larder for their interrogation (with the larder and kitchen doors locked as Yasmin promised), or whether to relocate. Perhaps to their new property at Fort Gnash, which is also on the way to Calistria's temple?

    In a few moments she returns with a rice paper scroll tied in midnight blue ribbon with a white moonstone charm. "Shall I cast spell now?"

    The priestess does not request payment and they get the impression she does not intend to, especially with the wererat threat seemingly neutralized.


    These two offers of venue make the most sense to me, up to you. If I'm reading it right the true form spell is temporary, which means you can still deliver a piglet to Pamodae, if that's a good thing?
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    "remind me to never upset the devil of riddle port.... that thing is ruthless" Flint says with a cocky grin, though he didn't actually know what happened to the wererats

    Flint pulls the pig free from the open bag of holding, setting it on the floor, he steps back and nods Yasmin to cast the spell

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    The homely piglet is unconscious when Flint first sets it down.

    Yasmin enunciates the Druidic scroll carefully despite its being writ in a language forbidden to outsiders.

    The animal's limbs elongate into humanoid arms, legs, and torso and the ropes binding the creature snap.

    Soon Marween is herself again---burly as a wrestler, pond scum green brown skin and a mass of unevenly chopped dark hair hanging in her face. She stirs and jerks awake.

    The half-orc moves her hair aside to look at her surroundings. She goes very still when she sees she is with the two masked men who accosted her, but seemingly nowhere near the desert adjoining her father's property. No sign of Ptolemy either, not that she expected loyalty from the imp. Her first soft Orcish mutter is doubtless of the swearing variety.

    Her body is not too weak to stand up but she decides to remain on the floor, sitting back on her haunches against a shelf. A quick pat down of her own body reveals that, as she feared, all her important possessions save her clothing are gone. Marween draws up her knees and crosses her arms atop them like a chastised child in a corner.

    "Spell is short," Yasmin warns, sounding apologetic as she hurries to exit the larder. "About two minutes."

    The tiefling's footsteps recede and overhead a door thuds closed.

    "We not here to eat, are we?" the half-orc grumbles. Her attitude seems resigned rather than afraid. If they wanted me dead, I'd know, she thinks.


    For simplicity this will be like 18 rounds of any other encounter. In other words time will "pass slowly" so to speak and allow for much Free speaking and one Standard/Move action every single round. Plenty of time for a conversation. (And if you absolutely feel it's necessary, there is enough time for the required 1 minute of Intimidation check and almost 1 minute of conversation afterward.)
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    Flint had often been able too look at a person and know the point that would make them break, whether threatening the Fem Fetale Shel with marring her exquisite features, Robbing Arod of his ability to cast spells by taking his tongue or fingers, burning Alizna's life work, or robbing Eryanne of her freedom, or even promising a quick and ignoble death in place of a slow and painful one to a man who worshipped suffering, Flint had a knack for using words to cut deeper than he could ever manage with pang.

    the only question he had... what could Flint threaten this swine with? what did she fear? was it better to be her friend? what was the secret into her mind. Flint studied her for a moment

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollsense motive - (d20+14) [21]

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    Flint thinks back to their skirmish on the Shadow Plane's wastes and what he learned about the half-orc.

    Marween had more than once whined about losing her strength to his most precise jabs. Probably because she relied on it so much and had for most of her life, especially in the fatal Blood Arena bouts. Any further threat to her strength, or alternately a chance to have it restored, will resonate strongly.

    And there had been the spark of temptation in her eyes when Ulvenn said something, but she'd gone unconscious before she could really answer him.

    Lure the imp.../
    ...Pamodae's forgiveness bought,
    and perhaps a play you sought."

    That was it, Ulvenn had tried to trick her into helping them catch Ptolemy (as though he were their real target) and in return had offered to intercede with Pamodae for her and maybe obtain the script she'd tried to steal. Marween would be motivated still by her desire for the forbidden play.

    And if Flint had to guess, she would also be fearful of her employer's wrath, given Pamodae's power and ruthlessness as both a crimelord and a priestess of the goddess of vengeance, Calistria herself.


    Sense Motive 21 + 4 circumstance bonus = 25, very good. I like the way you think.

    That nets you three deductions about her strongest motivations and pressure points, use one or more of them.
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    Flint had never tortured anyone... he had seen people tortured and he had even threatened to do it himself, but Flint had never been the torturer, and at least in his mind he would never do the deed... perhaps that is why Pang didn't use the Proper Word. Still, Flint's inquisitorial instincts were hardly... ethical. funny how the knife in his pocket managed to stab so deep without ever wetting its blade

    Seemingly undistracted, Flint drew SilverTongue from its sheeth, admiring the sheen, yet the blade was marred. Once a perfect piece of silversheen coated steel, the 3/4 of an inch blade has managed to be split down the middle, nearly half way down the blade. Giving it a forked tongue appearance, any could see, the blade was marred and if it wasn't repaired soon? the damage may be irreversible.

    "you know this is the sword that I used to defeat a drow wizard? the same that brought the sea hags most powerful minions to heel..... I have fought dragons and demons and things that I can't even describe with this work of art... and now look at it" the reflection off the mirrored blade bouncing off of Flint's cold eyes "isn't it funny how something so strong and beautiful can be ruined? its strength sapped away?" flint says, almost to himself "and even if I can get it repaired? how can I trust it not to break again?" Flint muses, he turns, crouching down, letting the blade lay across his thigh "what do you think? what good is a something... or someone after they have been broken? robbed of their only use" Flint asks "you would know better than me... after all? without your Legendary strength what are you?" sarcasm dripping from Flint's tongue like venom "the way I see it, even if we let you go, you would spend the rest of your life walking on crutches and begging for bread" Flint knew his cuts were far more superficial than that and would likely heal in a week or two, but the half orc knew nothing of the sort

    ehh... not sure which face check to make... but they all have the same score? so here goes
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollface check - (d20+19) [38]

    basically a preamble to break her down before I start giving her my questions

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    Marween's eyes bug out when Flint says his thin, split rapier defeated the sea hag's most powerful minions. The most infamous had been the royal sahuaguin brothers.

    Her captor's words fall like drops of acid. Flint watches her crossed arms shift to a bruising grip on her own shoulders as she hugs herself, shrinking and cowering, making herself as small as possible.

    Marween believes her strength will never return. Her only desperate hope is that whatever damage he has done, he might be able to undo. Antidote, curse counterspell, medical miracle, whatever it will take, she guesses only he would know.

    At last she croaks out a sentiment she knows to be blasphemous to the god of destruction, who never likes to see devastation undone. "Sometimes swords can be mended. Can I be?"


    38+4 circumstance = 42 basically a Persuasion Bluff. (GRT she got a 3 on the die roll to disbelieve so I didn't bother with modifiers.)

    She's softened up and looking to bargain.
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    "I am an orphan remember" Flint mumbles under his breath, trying to stab back at the dagger by citing its incorrect statement

    Flint looks thoughtful, tilting his head to the side "maybe... but first you are going to answer my friend and I's questions.... tell me? why did you try to impersonate the devil of riddle port? what do you know of him?" after she answers his questions to some semblance of satisfaction he nods to ulvenn, telling him to take over the interrogation

    I imagine that the fear that she feels for Flint will extend to Ulvenn

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    Marween answers fast. “Impersonating that Devil was all Ptolemy’s idea! He’s the imp you saw with me? I just told him about the Devil. Ptolemy offered to help me steal something that might be a “artsy-fact.” He asked me who in Riddleport we could blame. So Pamodae wouldn’t guess the break-in was a inside job?”

    She swallows hard. “Maybe I shouldn’ta told Ptolemy about it? I’m close with Croat the half-orc crime boss and his crew. Ain’t nothing they don’t tell me. So I know about the delivery the Devil wrecked yesterday. And I know He can’t be fought…”

    She hesitates a moment, suddenly fearful He might know when He’s being talked about. Or was that only possible if you were dumb enough to say a fiend’s name out loud? The half-orc squeezes her eyes shut and forces herself to continue. “Jasker the capp told me arrows can’t hurt Him, and he can disappear, and blinks hisself from one place to another without touching ground in between. And he calls up big hellfires with a snap. Worst of all He can crawl inside your mind and make you His slave. You’ll cut your own face off when He tells you to. And he will. All His victims who served him wore masks.”

    Her eyes open to give Flint a serious, haunted look. “Even you shouldn’t mess with that Devil." The jab brings her a very small twinge of satisfaction...until it occurs to her that she's never seen either man's face...and she cannot be sure they possess faces at all...

    Marween's stomach bottoms out. It takes all her control to hold her water. Her final admission comes out in a high-pitched jumble. "Jasker showed me His words in blood on the wall at Fort Gnash and said he was gonna talk Croat into going to jail for his own protection---and he did---and Ptolemy came up with words just like them for Pamodae’s wall and I swear I don’t know anything else!”

    Flint remembers Jasker, the half-orc in charge he took pains to cow before dealing with the others in the canyon, but Pang is there to remind him just how far he bent the disciplined capp under the dagger's own counsel.


    Keep going.
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