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Thread: Chapter Three: Another One Bites the Dust

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    Default Chapter Three: Another One Bites the Dust

    Korman accepts the flag from the eccentric bard without really seeing it, instead recalling the face of Yasmin the tiefling Sarenrae priestess who had spared him a fatal streetgang beating and taken him to her mission at St. Caspian’s to recover. How serene she’d looked every time she tilted her gazelle horned red brow up to the sun.

    His determination is renewed to pry her from the clutches of the vile and morbidly flabby half-orc druglord Boss Croat. That is, assuming his drow poisoner lackey in the Umbral Market had not been bluffing about her being imprisoned and starved in utter darkness.

    The ranger recites the incantation “Ando Avathar,” and as before his elven blood from his mother is strong enough to engage the portal. His mother who, he reflects, was taken too soon in the massacre of his village by the raving cultists of Rovagug. Some of whom might even have ended up in Riddleport as he had…and may be there still.

    If the portal to the Umbral Market on the Plane of Shadow had resembled an oval black glass mirror, this new portal resembles a porthole overlooking a foamy blue green sea and ringed by tiny replicas of the Cyphergate cinderblocks.

    They pass through and step onto a rocky shoreline steeped in the crash and sharp salty tang of waves. To one side beneath the darkening grey sky stretches a ramshackle city of muddy roads and soggy wooden structures lit by hanging gas hurricane lamps.

    To the other side in the far distance looms a secluded and abandoned looking, crumbling tower emitting yellowed light at the glass bubble of its pinnacle. The sight brings back a rush of memories for Ulvenn and Bel who lived there briefly trying to learn arcane crafting methods from the disgraced Chelaxian wizard Memnok.

    One night they had caught Memnok amid the usual disarray of calipers and papers that might be covered in red ink or blood, conversing with some gaunt phantom in tattered robes. He’d tried to pass it off as a harmless domovoi house spirit from his homeland, but his apprentices knew better.

    Now they feel a sense that whatever inhabits Memnok’s tower in his absence since his arrest and disappearance, it likely isn’t remotely human. Whether he deserves it or not after how he used and deceived them, the pair have made up their minds to find out what became of him.

    The companions study the map of Riddleport from Rhodal/Virren. Lucianna zeroes in on the cyphermage district where she will find Samaritha Beldusk to help her on her quest. She has yet to decide whether to enlist the others’ aid and the bard had merely encouraged her to use her best judgment on that point.

    Bel and Ulvenn and Korman mentally note the sites they have visited before. Although an important one for the Shoanti does not appear on any map---it is Korman’s father’s hunting cabin, where he hid the orphans misused by Croat. It is tempting to go there, but what if he were recognized and followed?

    Questions hang in the air of where to head and whether they ought to stick together with dusk fast approaching. Someone must convey their two prisoners to the fortress housing the garrison and prison straightaway, and their stomachs are starting to rumble for dinner thanks to Bello’s accursed spores and must be fed. But afterward numerous possibilities beckon…


    Decisions/discussion about where to go? Feel free to review new Planner for the major sites and what PCs know about them. It is not even a COMPLETE list but I don't want to overwhelm. Minor locations and NPCs will be recognizable along the way too.

    Also feel free to roll Perception checks...
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