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Thread: Chapter Three: Another One Bites the Dust

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    Ulvenn winced as the ropes snapped... He preferred to keep his equipment better than that, but it was his mistake to not release the bindings before having the spell released. Regardless he listens as Flint sets up the interrogation, "So this 'artifact' you wanted, its unfortunate that you aren't the only one who wanted it... But why do you? Whats this archaic piece of paper worth to you? Its possible that it could still be delivered where you want if I could be persuaded that their value for it is higher than my employers. Perhaps it could be delivered alongside you, returned whole and new even." Ulvenn feigns ignorance to see if there were any higher plan going on or just ill conceived crime from a thug, he has no intention of letting her go though... She has a bounty that Ulvenn plans to fill.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollBLuff - (1d20+15+3) (16) [34] (Still a studied target from earlier)

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    Flint's eyes narrow and blaze to life for a moment, it seemed that Ptolemy was the front of the operation, not Marween.... still for the moment Ulvenn's question was the most important one to ask, who wanted the script?

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    "So this 'artifact' you wanted, its unfortunate that you aren't the only one who wanted it... But why do you? Whats this archaic piece of paper worth to you? Its possible that it could still be delivered where you want if I could be persuaded that their value for it is higher than my employers. Perhaps it could be delivered alongside you, returned whole and new even."

    Marween gapes at the other man, a little dazed by the sudden change of topic and offer of a deal.

    At last she sputters, “The script the high priestess keeps ain’t---you can’t just put a price on---dammit it’s the worst kind of blast-femmy against Rovagug and it’s gotta be destroyed! Splinterbone said so.”

    On one hand, calling for the destruction of any work of art is exactly the sort of thing the cult of Rovagug would do.

    On the other hand, that open worshipers of Rovagug would sooner destroy a play that could be used to summon His Seventh Spawn than undertake the rite themselves is…wholly unexpected. Either the ritual itself offends them or they do not know the play contains the conjuring ritual, and some other aspect gets their blood boiling.

    What also seems to be coming clear is that Ptolemy didn’t share Marween’s motivations. What interest the little devil had in the theft aside from the gold payout, if he had any at all, is unknown.

    The half-orc sounds deadly earnest and looks eagerly between the two men. “Say we could put a price on that rutting stack of lies. Give it to my father Zantog in the Umbral Market, with or without me. He’ll make you rich as two fat earls for it, if that’s all it takes!”


    Ulvenn Bluff 34 + 4 (something she really wants to hear) is 38… and GRT she rolled a 1.

    Marween wants to make a deal (or for her father to get the chance to make the deal), and thinks you might too.
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    Flint raises an eyebrow, wondering why exactly a cult of rovagug would take issue with a play that would summon one of his spawn? He needed to read that play, there had to be something more going on

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    Satisfied with his line of questioning and knowing Flint would jump in if he had any further thoughts Ulvenn starts to run down the clock after he realizes that the dumb orc really doesn't know anything. His left hand holds Remembrance hidden beneath his cloak where he stands in case his words provoke a response.

    "Something interesting about you cultist types, especially those following a demon... You see, I've killed people; old ones, young ones, men, women, human, elves, dwarves... Oddly enough I don't think I've done in any halflings or gno... Wait, no, nevermind, you can add gnomes to the list. But there's a payout, a purpose, a defined element of existence. Hey, in some cases I may have made the world a better place by putting a blade to a throat. I don't justify the lives I've taken, perhaps its been wrong this whole time and I've been like the hound who's lost the scent... But you, you kill for the sake of it, you create chaos because you enjoy it, induce suffering because its 'fun.' Were our places switched, you'd beat us senseless before, during, and after getting what you want. Frankly, you're just like animals, rolling around in your own filth, squealing... Perhaps even squealing like a piglet before a hungry wolf."

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    Flint raises an eyebrow, tensing with anticipation, muscles coiling like a cat ready to spring, what was ulvenn doing? FLint tore people apart verbally to get what he wanted, not just for the sake of it

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    Marween's jaw goes slack as the subject of their conversation rapidly switches again. The very man who just asked if she had a "higher" offer than his employer is now ignoring her offer of great wealth, why?! Suddenly he's just insulting and condemning her, and all worshipers of Rovagug. Because she kills for gladiatorial sport and for her god of destruction, and he kills...whomever he is paid to, it sounds like?

    She doesn't dispute what he's saying about how she would act if he was at her mercy. It's all true and why feel ashamed for being stronger and more brutal than others dare, for serving the mightiest god of all?

    When she finds her voice again she blurts out lessons she's heard enough from her father and Pamodae to learn them by heart. "Shame is just how people what worship lesser gods try to control someone they fear. And dead is dead, reasons don't matter, in the end everyone wants blood for blood."

    Then she realizes there's an important question to be asked, so she does. "Were you paid to kill me?"

    She remains seated on the floor against the shelf in the larder with her knees drawn up to her chest and her large hands gripping her own shoulders.

    The half-orc is too preoccupied trying to keep up with the twists in conversation and gauge how much danger she's in to observe what is happening---the "wolf" and "fox" tensing their muscles and readying reflexes or weapons or both for another clash.

    Time passes. [Up to a minute if you want it to...but you can keep talking before the minute is up.]

    ***Once interrogation scene ends/no more questions or dialogue***


    Ulvenn's rolls definitely beat the "9" Marween got to notice what was up in the GRT.

    Back to you and the chat goes on, or if you are truly done with her, she'll turn back into a pig in about a minute.

    Also if you're done with the interrogation, another matter begs your attention... Up to you if both party members go see what's up, or one stays at St. Caspieran's while other goes to Pamodae?
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    (Ulvenn's done with the interrogation)

    "Ah, there's the squeal," Ulvenn says with a hidden smile as he puts Remembrance away, making sure it flashes for just a moment so she realizes the possible danger that she had been in. But the smile is short lived as he hears the tiefling above and starts with a quick look to Flint, "Lucianna?" He scoops the piglet up with one arm with a harshly whispered, "We won't kill you whether you try and run or stay with us. But I promise, if you even look like you're trying to flee I'll ensure that once we're done with you you won't be able to so much as lift a finger for yourself until the end of your days, and remember I tracked you across planes, don't think you could escape me now," He then throws open the door and rushes up the stairs to find out what's going on.

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    Flint reacts with speed that surprises even him, had he been running along side a road it would appear that he was out running horses and carriages alike. Tearing past the door like a demon ripping past the gates of hell, Flint could see nothing, could hear nothing, he just needed to get to lucianna, needed to help her. nothing else mattered right now.

    In Flints journey he had felt self righteous, he had felt angry, he had felt remorse and he had felt sadness, when he fought the hag he thought he was scared, he thought he would die, but now he knew better, he would describe facing the hag, facing death as being mildly nervous from now on, because now... now the shadow of dread and terror gripped his heart in a way that Flint's worst enemies could only dream of. As hyper vigilance took over Flint could hear the sound of his heart pounding like drum in his chest, making his ears heart. Couldn't anyone else hear the sound? steam boiled off of flints skin as his sweat was vaporized almost instantly, his eyes blazing like the heart of the sun itself.

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    Default Bedside Revelations Part 1

    The little pig that is Marween shrinks against the shelf but does not try to run or bite at Ulvenn when he scoops her up and dumps her into his open haversack. Perhaps she believes his threat to remove her strength which she cherishes most, or perhaps her mind has reverted to a dumb animal’s.

    Ulvenn and Flint bolt up from the larder and Sun-Sister Yasmin guides them to the mission’s recovery ward, barely able to keep ahead of the Taldan’s frantic pace.

    Lucianna reclines in a bed in the corner, the only patient in the ward. She is propped on white pillows and grey blankets swathe her up to her chin, adding to her appearance of being a fragile child.

    What first looks like purple bruising around her closed eyes on her otherwise clean freckled face is only a purple ointment. It’s obvious the Sarenrites have already healed and cleaned her up as best they can.

    It’s also obvious she’s in trouble, too pale and her breathing fitful, and Ott the halfling from the beach is gripping one of her hands with standing tears in his eyes.

    Ott shakes his head and says hoarsely, “She won’t wake. Brother Jhonas said she may never see or speak again, if she does come out of this. Her brain may be too damaged. There was a fiery explosion inside some sort of energy field that damned sorceress Nisha made?”

    Through the pounding in his ears Flint barely hears the words as he elbows Ott and Yasmin aside.

    Nisha’s name twists something in his and Ulvenn’s gut and brings up sour bile. So does the mention of brain injury, knowing what they do about how Bello’s agent bashed her like a cow before slaughter and dumped her body.

    An inferno rages beneath Flint’s skin and his hand falters on the way to touch Luci’s face.

    This all feels wrong. Luci in all her mad glory loved---loves---fire and explosions like birds love sky. It’s her element, how could it have brought her to this?

    Ott’s lips tighten. “She may be fighting for her life. But Thamir saw to it she killed the two we were ambushing at Fort Gnash before they could escape. One was that sorceress Nisha, the other was Thurok, her half-orc lackey.”

    Thurok’s name is another twist of the dagger for Flint. They’d become friends, escaped Bello together, fought for the people of Harmony…and then he’d left Flint and the others behind with only a terse note. Indeed who but Ulvenn hasn’t tried to leave Flint behind by now?

    Ulvenn does not know who Thurok is but can tell Flint does by the fresh look of shock.

    On top of the trauma of seeing Luci so broken Flint tries to process how the honorable half-orc’s final act could have been such a betrayal, to serve one of the vilest architects of their misery and exploitation at the Academy?!

    “Do not mind how we came to this,” Yasmin pleads with both men. “Talk to your friend. I believe she will hear you. Try?


    So…if you do reply today or Sunday (yes that will be our last posting day till after New Year’s, better for studying) maybe we can put some of the characters’ angst behind us before the holidays? I’m kinda feeling like a monster… XD
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