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    GEMS/TREASURE ALL SOLD as of 4/18/18

    TREASURE ALL SOLD as of 8/18/18

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    Treasure sold as of 3/19/2020 (through 5/10/20)

    to be continued
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    Default Unclaimed Loot NEW

    This post moved, scroll down.
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    Default Moved

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    None to speak of. In fact I don't think we need this post anymore.

    Why not?

    Because even that which is not "claimed" is still carried by a particular hero, and during an encounter carrying an item means you can use that item might as well be considered your equipment.
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    NEW: GM accounting updated 5-6-20

    647 platinum; 33,567 gp; 375 silver; 117 copper, and 550 gp in diamonds worth 10 gp each

    Player accounting 635 PP; 43389 GP; 270 SP; 109 CP

    Equipped: These are noted here but are also included below
    Armor: Agile Mithral Chain Shirt
    Belt: Belt of Constitution +4
    Body: mundane
    Chest: mundane
    Eyes: nothing
    Feet: Daredevil Boots
    Hands: Glove of Storing (GM update 5-6-20: empty, i.e. not storing an item currently?)
    Head: nothing/mundane hood
    Headband: nothing
    Neck: Splendent Pendant (also +3 natural armor)
    Ring 1: Ring of Protection +1
    Ring 2: Ring of Third eye Shielding (mind blank)
    Shield: unequipped
    Shoulders: Glamered Cloak of Resistance +2 (inside out)
    Wrists: Bracers of Dexterity

    Complete Inventory Below:

    +1 dagger 2,302
    Dagger x4
    Adamantine Dagger
    +1 warhammer 2,312
    +1 battleaxe 2,350
    +1 comp +2 longbow 2,600
    +1 agile ("fey twisted") cold iron short sword 8,330
    +1 vicious short sword (broken) 8,350
    +1 merciful short sword 8,350
    +2 adamantine giant bane battleaxe of felling 18,310 w/ Mithral Lace

    **GM UPDATE 5-6-20: +1 human bane spear from hag WAS sold to Pamodae, 4151 gp split each to Flint & Ulvenn only

    one clip of 5 (sharp) icy repeating crossbow bolts (deal extra d6 cold on successful hit, then d6 cold for three more rounds on target's turn; GM update sell value 83 gp each)

    Mithral Chain Shirt
    Heavy Wooden Shield

    Everburning torch 75
    Campfire bead 720
    feather token whip 750
    Daredevil boots 1,400
    Lantern of auras 2,000
    Glove of Storing 10,000 gp value
    Belt of Con +4 16,000
    Bracers of Dex +4 16,000

    Ocean Naiad's Gift (pearl of the sirines, sell value 7650 gp)

    Gorgon Salve x2 doses (stone Salve)

    Bottle of Air

    Abjurant Salt

    Gremlin's Glass (Mirror of Guarding Reflections NEW: Used 1/3 per day (GM update 5-30-20)

    Noble's Vigilance Pearls set into silver locket

    Boundary Chalk

    Splendent Pendant

    This items provides a +3 enhancement natural armor bonus (which stacks with inherent natural armor, but not with other enhancements like the barkskin spell).

    In addition, two times per day as a Standard Action the wearer can aim the gemstone at a foe within 200 feet and cast a Maximized searing light spell using the activation phrase "The Everlight is with us!"
    (GM update on 5-6-20: 2 out of 2 per day uses on 4-8-20 and 4-13-20)

    Restorative ointment 4,000 value (healing, GM update 5/5 uses left) 0
    +2 glamered cloak resist 6,000 value 0
    handy haversack x2 2,000 value

    Mastersmith Tapestry (portable demiplane for master/magic craftsman) from dwarves [priceless, major artifact]

    - Tools of Marvelous Manufacture (inside tapestry)
    - Masterwork Smith's Tools
    - Syringe For Syriaax

    Necromancer's Spellbook (Level 6) from Lagasse (coveted by Grimaldor the dwarf and Sarkani his rival, both merchant princes of Umbral Market) sell value 1110 gp (GM update 5-6-20, this represents selling for half with original math)

    Silversheen x2 250 gp/each

    Ring of protection +1 2,000
    Ring of mind blank (sell value 17,500)

    Wand of chill touch (Level 5), 30/50 charges used 450
    Bel's wand of haste (0/50 charges left) (GM update: all the charges from Bel's wand should be used up by now, it only had like 7 to start)
    Wand of Haste 22/50 charges (GM update: bought used). Activation: Godspeed. Design: Silver
    Wand of Obscuring Mist. 13/50 charges. (GM update: bought used) Activation: Dampf. Design: Black Poplar.
    Wand of Silence. 5/50 charges left Activation: "Silence is golden." (GM update: bought used, 1 charge spent 5-7-20) Design: Gold
    Wand of See invisibility. 6/10 charges. (GM update: bought used) Activation: Te Veo. Design: Petrified wood and tiger's eye gem
    Wand of Fly <11250 gp> (CL 7, 7 minutes, fly with +7 to Fly checks) 41/50 left (last use 5-5-20)
    Wand of Shield: 48/50 left (GM update: most recent charge use 5-21-20)
    Wand of Freedom of Movement (70 minutes per casting). 48/50 charges remaining. Activation: Libertas. Design: White quartz with blue spindle gem
    Wand of Cure Critical Wounds (level 7, 4d8+7 hp) 40/50 charges remaining. Activation: Ghab. Design: Black Ivory

    Potions Level 1 (50 gp each)
    - Mage Armor x3
    - Fox's Cunning
    - Ablative Barrier
    Potions Level 2 (300 gp each)
    - Cure Moderate wounds x9 (GM update most recent TWO used on 3-26-20...and FYI my notes say he has only 6 CMW left as of those two recent uses, but I'm not going to sweat the small stuff)
    - Lesser Restoration x6
    - Remove Paralysis x4
    - Spider Climb x2
    - Invisibility x2 (GM update 5-6-20: Ulvenn has a THIRD potion of invisiblity that lasts 3 minutes from Marween; this potion is in a tin flask)
    - Invisibility (last 7 minutes) x1 left (GM update: recent use
    Potions Level 3
    - Heroism
    - Cure Serious Wounds x2

    (GM update 5-6-20: Ulvenn has a THIRD potion of CMW from Marween; this potion is in a tin flask)
    - Fly (lasts 7 minutes) x2
    Dust of dove shape (unique item, sell value
    - Sprinkling dust transforms target user into a dove.

    Scrolls of Waterbreathing x6 <2250 gp>
    Scrolls of Resist Energy x5 (electricity) <750 gp>
    Scrolls of Freedom of Movement x3 (1 hour each) <2100 gp>
    Scrolls of Slipstream x3 (30 minutes, creature touched) <450 gp>
    Scrolls of Daylight x2 <750 gp>
    Scroll of Stoneskin
    Scroll of Fireshield
    Scroll of Displacement

    Tanglefoots (1/50 each) 50
    5 pairs smoked goggles [8 gp/ea]
    Weapon blanches [various worth 100 gp each]

    adamantine x1 (sell value 50 gp),
    cold iron x2 (sell value 10 gp)
    silver x2 (sell value 2 gp)
    trollbane blanch x2 (sell value 100 gp, deal 1 extra point of acid damage with each hit)

    --Urthas' troll mask (a.k.a. mask of giants, usable only by druids) sell value 15,000 gp
    --Marween's leather armor + bracers (+2 brawling, sell value 4512 gp)
    --Marween's planeshift stone (to Shadow Plane NEAR Umbral Market only, sell value 15,000 gp)
    --alchemical item grease “war” paint tins x2 (+5 Escape Artist checks) (sell value 2 gp 5 sp, each)

    (GM update 5-6-20: crystal dragon scales all used up for splendent pendants)
    handful of chipped black dragon scales (no precise value...GM update a spellcaster who wanted to cast form of the dragon would buy these)
    Lagasse's Black Vellum Necromancer Spellbook [Sell value 1,110 gp]
    1 Shin'Rakorath badge (Ulvenn hasn't used it yet for a free service from an elven smith, but Flint has) : has elvish script proclaiming them as true friends of the People and entitling them to 1 mithral item each from an elven smith, usable once.
    Ticket to give to harbormaster Garrett in Oppara

    50 foot hemp rope x2
    Sewing kit
    Ulfen Garb (winter clothing)
    Adventurer's Clothing
    NEW: silver seashell from Prince Dagron the sahuaguin, a marker of a royal favor owed for killing his brother Urthas so he could take the throne
    55 Pea sized diamonds valued at 10gp each.

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  7. Default Shade/Peasblossom Gear


    535 platinum, 18695 gp, 550 gp worth of pea-sized diamonds (55 worth 10 gp each)


    Loans from Pathfinder Society:
    Phylactery of the Grand Sphinx: Increases my Wisdom and Intelligence stats by 6.
    Sash of the Naga Pharaoh: Increases my Dexterity and Constitution scores by 6.
    Trickster's Boots: 3/day teleport 15 feet instead of taking 5-foot step, activation phrase is 'Almost there!' (GM update: 2/3 uses per day gone as of 5-6-20)
    Cushioning Corset & Sleek Armor Sleeves: +6 AC, +3 deflection bonus to AC, like mage armor protection without being heavy or causing arcane spell failure or causing armor check penalty
    +3 "Fight or Flight" Cloak of Resistance: Grants +3 resistance bonus on all saving throws, and allows the casting of four spells: one for tidying (prestidigitation, at will), one for moving small objects (mage hand at will), one for making someone twice their size (enlarge person once per day, 30 ft range spell), and one for extra speed (expeditious retreat once per day +30 ft speed).

    Sash of the Naga Pharaoh:+6 Dexterity (+3 modifier), +6 Constitution (+3 modifier)
    Schowler Goggles: Read any spell or language, and interpret any spoken language (comprehend languages spell; Swift action to don)
    Rod of Reaching Spells: Extends the distance you can cast up to three spells per day (Full-round action to activate; usable 3/day)
    Rod of Echoing Spells: Allows you to cast up to three spells an additional time AFTER they were cast, without using up a new spell slot (Full-round action to activate; usable 3/day GM update but 2 uses gone as of 5-6-20)
    Dogwood Wand of Sending: Communicate with Lady Heidmarch/Niratap/Other acquaintances over great distances; message and reply can only be 25 words each; 5% chance to fail IF you are not on the same plane; activation word "Scusi"
    Healing Wand: Say "Blessed Be" to activate; 4d8+8 HP healed (50/50 charges left)
    Mirror Image Wand: create d4+2 decoys, activate Use Magic Device DC 20 by saying "Plethora" (49/50 charges) (GM update 5-6-20: used 1 charge during drow fight)
    Wand of Restoration: Casting time 3 rounds. Dispels any magical effects reducing one of the subject's ability scores (fatigue or exhaustion), and cures 1d4 points of temporary ability damage to one of the subject's ability scores. This spell also dispels temporary negative levels or one permanent negative level. This spell cannot be used to dispel more than one permanent negative level possessed by a target in a 1-week period.
    Wayfinder of the fox: grants wearer +1 competence bonus to attack rolls, Saves, Skill Checks, Saving Throws, and Ability Checks, always active

    Shade's Worn Magic items:
    **Ring of shielding: Free Action activate to gain +2 shield bonus to AC; you hold the shield but with no encumbrance/spell failure

    Shade's Wands (Standard action to activate)
    --Burning disarm 28/50 charges left (bought used), activation word "Flamme" (Black poplar wood with a garnet shard)
    --Mudball 21/50 charges left (bought used), activation phrase "Dirthy trick" (glazed brown clay wand)
    --Magic missile 4/50 charges left (bought used) , activation word "Forzare" (Ivory wand topped with green crystal shard)
    --Ice slick 19/50 charges left (bought used), activation word "Whoops" (Blue quartz wand)
    --Stone call 7/50 charges left (bought used), activation word "Valanga" (Gray marble wand)
    --Haunting mists 17/50 charges left (bought used), activation word "Barrooo" (20 gold in jade, jade wand with a milky glass orb on top)
    --Glitterdust 21/50 charges left, activation phrase "Be dazzled" (amber worth 10 gold, amber wand with embedded flecks of pyrite)
    --Hex Vulnerability 50/50 charges left (lasts 3 rounds), activation phrase "What you deserve") (ironwood)


    Ray of Sickening
    Lock Gaze
    Blood Blaze
    Shadow Anchor
    Gloomblind Bolts
    Hostile Levitation
    Ray of Exhaustion
    Trial of Fire and Acid
    Vampiric Touch
    Anti-Incorporeal Shell
    Phantasmal Killer
    Volcanic Storm
    Wall of Blindness/Deafness


    Reduce Person (2)
    Enlarge Person (2)
    Alter Self (2)
    Blindness/Deafness (2)
    Remove Curse/Disease/Blindness/Deafness (2 each)
    Cure Moderate Wounds (1 left, 1 used during drow duel)


    Mountain Goat's Belt: Boost stamina/speed (+4 Con and Dex scores, +2 modifers)
    Wily Goat's Ring: Prevents restraining or grappling (always active, a.k.a. ring of freedom of movement)
    Scruff's Band: Summons a ill-tempered ram who will charge any one obstacle in your path. You summon him by name and by aiming him, but you must compel him with this phrase: 'What's that Gruff, something in our way? (Used: 6/50 charges)
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    Wealth total (as of 6-4-20) : 747 platinum; 52,866 gp; 367 sp; 107 cp ; 550 gp worth of 55 tiny yellowed diamonds

    Pang +1 wounding/throwing/returning/telepathic/and 1/day deathwatch and pain strike ~19,302
    +1 cold iron frost dagger 6,350
    +2 silver rapier Silvertongue 6,320 (**getting re-forged by Authion, adding agile)
    +1 crossbow lt repeat 2,320

    one clip of 5 (sharp) icy repeating crossbow bolts (deal extra d6 cold on successful hit, then d6 cold for three more rounds on target's turn; sell value 83 gp each)


    NEW: Bottled lighting (stolen from Weird Eddie’s booth), sell value 20 gp

    NEW: Splendent Pendant This silver amulet contains an extremely rare amber sunstone gem plated with crystal dragon scales. To its wearer alone it seems to glow softly from within, but it does NOT shed actual light visible to others.

    This items provides a +3 enhancement natural armor bonus (which stacks with inherent natural armor, but not with other enhancements like the barkskin spell).

    In addition, two times per day as a Standard Action the wearer can aim the gemstone at a foe within 200 feet and cast a Maximized searing light spell using the activation phrase "The Everlight is with us!" (GM update: used 1 out of 2 charges per day 4-28-20 drow duel)

    Bracers of Dex +4 16,000
    Belt of Con +4 16,000
    boots of speed & cat's feet (a.k.a. boots of the feline dervish) 13,000 gp
    goggles (lenses) of night (a.k.a. of the dune cat) 12,000 gp
    Bag of holding type III 10,000 gp
    scabbard of the guardian angel (a.k.a. of the fortunate soldier, +1 luck bonus AC and 1/day negate a crit or sneak attack) 5,000 gp
    gloves of larceny 2,500
    spymaster's (lock)picks 2500 gp
    Pathfinder's Pouch 1,000
    dust of tracelessness 250

    Restorative ointment 3,000-ish with 4/5 uses left (healing)
    Martyr’s tear 6,000 (healing…empty? 3d6 HP fuels it)

    +2 *glamered cloak resist 6,000 (*everyone free)
    handy haversack 2,000 (everyone free)

    Amulet of natural armor +1 [sell value 1000 gp] (made from white khala dragon scales)
    Silversheen x2 250 gp/each

    Re-setting magical fireball trap (worth 10,000 gp)

    Ring of maniacal devices (+5 Disable Device check) sell value 2500 gp (NOT WORN)
    Ring of mind blank (worn) (everyone has or will, sell value 17,500)
    Link: mind blank
    Ring of invisibility (worn) (sell value 10,000 gp)

    Wand of cure moderate (2d8+7, 5/50 charges remain, UMD DC 20 to activate but give your check +2 for activating it previously)

    Potions Level 1 (50/each)
    --Potion of cure light wounds x1 (d8+1)
    --Potion of polypurpose panacea x1
    Link: polypurpose panacea

    Potions Level 2 (300/each)
    --Potion of lesser res x2
    --Potion of cure mod x2 left (2d8+3)
    --Potion of invisibility x1 (lasts 3 minutes) sell value 150 gp

    Potions Level 3 (750/each) = None (GM update final potion of cure serious wounds used 4-18-20)

    (purchased) alchemical bottle for storing elven blood to travel through elf gates
    1 pot marked 'Artificial Dream Lichen Bello's Lab Only' worth 2000 gp (full price)
    Heatstones (10/20 gp each) 200
    Tanglefoots (2/50 each) 100
    Antiplague (2/50 each) 100
    Alchemy flask fire (3/20 each) 60 (d6 fire, d6 next round; splash throw up 10 ft)
    Sundrods 4 (10/each) 40
    Soothe syrup (2/25 each) 50 (1 hour resistance +5 vs sickening or nausea)
    Alchemy acid (3/10 each) 30
    Spider’s silk rope (25) 25
    Tindertwig (1/each) 2
    Weapon blanches [various worth 100 gp each] which, when poured on a weapon and placed over a hot flame for a full round, melt and form a temporary coating on the weapon/10 pcs ammunition that lasts 1 minute OR until the first successful attack: adamantine (1, sell value 50 gp),
    cold iron (1 total, sell value 10 gp)
    silver (1, sell value 2 gp)
    trollbane blanch (1, sell value 100 gp, deal 1 extra point of acid damage with each hit)

    --badge from a constable in Galduria
    --mug from Sir Trogir Strongoath (tankard of solid gold with silver plaque)
    "CAYDEN THANKS YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!" in huge print, and in smaller fancier script "To the Gentlemen Who Exposed the False Prophet of the Accidental God, With Our Eternal Gratitude and Heartiest Toasts To Your Adventures! Present this at any of our official temples for a Round of Drinks on the House and a Blessing!"
    --Golden key to the city of Harmony (engraved:“Eternal Thanks from the Hearts of the City of Harmony For Leading Our Civil Defense Against the Undead and Their Plague.”)
    NEW: (purchased) MW adamantine dagger from Roldheim (sell value 1500 gp)

    5 silver blanch tipped arrows [sell value 2 gp each in Riddleport]

    Croat's 2 business ledgers and pile of wax sealed contracts (no sell value)
    Croat's notes/maps/schedules from his War Room (no sell value) [Linguistics DC 15 to decipher]
    Croat's memoir including incriminating sentences about crafting drugs for his former teacher Dr. Bello (no sell value)

    Whole party has 1 Shin'Rakorath badge with Elvish script (from Kwava) proclaiming them true friends of the People and entitling them to 1 mithral item each from an elven smith, usable once.
    (USED: Flint’s “free” mithral item, re-forging Silvertongue. Ulvenn still gets one. GM update 5-6-20)

    Gold rhino statuette antique [sell value is the full 640 gp]

    UNSOLD ENCOUNTER LOOT carried by Flint:

    From cloaker: amulet of hidden strength (sell value 4500 gp; once per day wearer (neck slot) can activate this as a Swift action to make one ranged or melee attack at their highest bonus)

    From 2 malenti sahuaguin 'sea elves' :
    --mw light underwater crossbow x2 [sell value 125 gp each]
    --10 light underwater crossbow bolts [worth 1 gp all together]
    --whale hide armor x2 [sell value 160 gp each]
    --1 mw spear each [sell value 151 gp each]
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