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Thread: [IC] Chapter 2: From the Ashes

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    "Ah, frau Babs, you haff arrived! I apologize, I vanted to get a better look at zis ship of zers, it is magnificent! Vhy, ze zings I could learn by taking it apart und looking at its inner workings! But you are right as alvays, I leave zem to you."

    He looks up into the sky and calls out:

    "Olga! Ilsa! Down here!"

    As soon as his flying ship descends, he will climb on board once more and await the others.

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    "Whal, mon frer, Ah do seem to be in a pickle. Ah truly did naht mean to stumble into yahr camp. Ah was just relieving myself."
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    Having had quite enough with watching the conversation at hand, Xavier finally speaks.

    "That's enough! What is going on, here ... Viktoria?"

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    Gnool feels he is losing his grip on the situation rapidly. More and more lately - it had started when that goddamned city had up and flown away - he feared that the world around him was changing far too quickly for him to keep up with. Such was the life of an archer in a world of guns, flying cars and doctors traveling by lightning. So it goes.

    Clearing his throat - though, like his laughter and his weeping alike, this sound was more akin to a bark than anything else - the dogfaced half-hobgoblin lowers his bow but does not yet un-nock his arrow.

    "One at a time," he growls. "None of us seem like we're about to kill each other, so let's get our introductions down and then figure out who the hells you people are and why you're approaching our ship. Name's Gnool. This lightning fella says he's a doctor, though of what I'll be damned if I know. You, stranger, seem to know Viktoria," he goes on, eying Xavier, "and I want to know how. Won't hurt to learn how she feels about you either," he adds somewhat menacingly.

    Turning to the newly arrived female he adds, "And you are...ahhh...Babs? And you know this doctor here? Sounds like a story worth hearing, strangers."

    He let out a breath. He still hated talking, but he had to admit he was better at it than he'd been a month ago.

    Gods, he remembered going what felt like years without talking back in the good ol' days, but then he'd met Viktoria and Thorred, the city had flown the proverbial coop and that was the end of his peaceful silence. Admittedly, he was glossing over the fact that his "peaceful silence" of earlier years was related to his work as a hired assassin and his inability to get close to anyone, but the mind did have a way of lightening the past, especially when it was as dark as his had been.

    The archer's snout sniffs the air surrounding the newcomers as he awaits their responses. All these damned humans about made him nervous.

    (OOC: BMR, that was one of the best introductions to a PC I've ever seen. Well played )
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    Slowly, Babochka lifts her right arm, and pulls the sleeve back. Her arm is completely metal and parts, looking like something off of a golem. A war-forged limb, with arcs of electricity lighting up lines along it. "Babochka Plamya Bondar. I am a fortune-teller, but he is an incalculable genius." Although the fact she has a bow on her back almost as big as she is might bely that she's either lying outright or severely undercutting what she does.
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    Gnool nods, though whether that is to confirm he believes this flying doctor to be a genius or not remains to be seen. Instead, he indicates Babs's bow and asks, "You shoot, then? Don't meet many who do anymore. Most like those damned boom-sticks everyone's so excited about these days."

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    She glances over her shoulder. Taking the bow off her back, she pulls the bowstring, as if ready to let loose an arrow. An almost effortless pull, even - this, on a weapon that would require a commoner to use both feet. "When the situation demands it." Arcs of electricity seem to travel off of her hand and dance around the string. She eases the string quickly to save it from damage, resting the bow in her lap. "There is a weapon for every occasion, after all."
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    "A good speech should be like a woman's skirt: Long enough to cover the subject but short enough to keep people interested." -Winston Churchill

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    "True words," the half-hobgoblin grunts. "Lately, seems like every occasion requires a weapon."

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    "I am Viktoria Eryka val'Tensen." Viktoria's eyes scan the distance for more incoming strangers as she announces her name.

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    "You would forget your own kin so soon, Viktoria?" Xavier asks, dropping down from his horse and transferring the chakram to his own upper back. "Tis but I, Xavier val'Ossun, the Failure of the House. I take it you weren't wondering where I've been since you last saw me as a child. Fair enough. It would certainly fit with the mindset held by the rest of our damnable families. 'Oh, don't worry about Xavier. That pet project is finished. The actual prophecy-child has been born. Just toss Xavier aside like a dog.' And, speaking of dogs, what strange company you keep, oh, Chosen One."

    'What am I doing?' he thinks, realizing that his emotions are flaring much more wildly than he was prepared for. 'I am making a fool of myself and insulting people who have done nothing wrong!'

    He knows this, but running into the person who was technically responsible for derailing his entire life is proving to be more impactful than he thought.

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