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Thread: NEW OOC Planner/Discussion Thread

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    @GT: Where is Flint going when he leaves the prison?

    I noticed Alcazar took up one of my suggestions where the PCs MIGHT soon meet up, Publican House, but the slight problem with that is that I didn't know Luci wanted to bring Samaritha with her. (If I'm understanding right that you are in a hurry to collect Elven blood.)

    Canon says (and I'm keeping it that way) that cyphermages are NOT allowed inside Publican House. And Samaritha's forehead tattoo clearly marks her as a cyphermage, plus she's a familiar face around town.

    So you'd have to come up with a strategy to get her inside Publican House and then execute it with the proper Skill check rolls, just sayin'.
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    Right, no. In that case, Lucianna won't push her luck. She is suddenly paranoid and wants to leave.

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    @GT: How about you at least give me a Stealth check before dumping a body in the audacity of full morning daylight or let me know if Flint is taking any precautions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcazar QZR View Post
    Right, no. In that case, Lucianna won't push her luck. She is suddenly paranoid and wants to leave.
    Your latest scene just requires a little more interaction with Blakely and Samaritha. And as the GM I need to know where you are going next. Maybe then Flint will go wherever it is too, maybe not.
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    Also? Did Flint decide to dispose of Frek's body without first making note of what his tattoos said about crafting a sword unique to the fey craftsfolk that [game terms] add Dex to attack and damage?
    I was just about to say something about that, I was thinking about it before I went to bed last night

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    @Zeros: By the way, I don't remember Ulvenn dropping Syriaax off anywhere (that post about her being in his pub room is from the night before). So despite some interior monologue type mention of Syriaax not being there, you can rescind that if you'd like her with you. I assumed she would share the "familiar carrying case" with Abel, Bel's monkey.
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    What is this familiar carrying case? I don't recall it

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollKnowledge: arcana - (1d20+5) (2) [7]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollIntelligence Check - (1d20+3) (11) [14]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollPerception - (1d20+14) (11) [25]

    ((Throwing here to not clutter the actual thread and so I know what Ulvenn knows))

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    As I don't have the target number this time I'll go ahead and heroic reroll that second perception roll (made in the main game)

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollPerception: Heroric reroll - (1d20+14+8) (8) [30]

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    Back on Friday, leaving town for memorial.


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