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Thread: NEW OOC Planner/Discussion Thread

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    Exclamation NEW OOC Planner/Discussion Thread

    I am still crafting the Time Skip posts (one to leave Harmony and close Chapter Two, one to enter Riddleport and open Chapter Three). That won't be finished till Sunday night, too many obligations today.

    In the meantime maybe this will spark some discussion about where players want their PCs to go once they reach Riddleport...?

    Important Riddleport Figures and their Locations

    Korman knows eight NPCs and their last known locations.

    Arnando Rolf (Publican House, pub and temple of Cayden Cailean)

    Kwava (The Mysteria Inn)

    Jasker Gant and Boss Croat (Fort Gnash, Boss Croat’s compound)

    Yasmin and Father Padrick (St Caspieran’s Mission)

    Antonio and Annalise (Korman’s Dad’s hidden cabin)

    Bel knows these four NPCs and their last known locations.

    Memnok (Memnok’s Tower)

    Anton Mescher (Garrison/Prison)

    Elias Tammerhawk (Cypher Lodge)

    Tromard Roldheim (Gas Forges)

    Ulvenn knows every NPC/location that Korman knows EXCEPT Kwava and Antonio and Annalise. Ulvenn also knows every NPC that Bel knows EXCEPT Anton Mescher.

    In addition Ulvenn knows these NPCs and their last known locations:

    Riddleport’s Eight Major Crimelords (see Ulvenn Only spoiler, various locations)

    Commander Sternshard (Order of the Black Arrow HQ)

    Argentus Blakely (Cypher Lodge and the Mysteria Inn)

    MAP OF VARISIA (not to say these are marked on an actual map, but various PCs know where the labeled places are---only Korman knows of the cabin, natch)

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    Nothing much but my claiming first reply, move on.

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    Getting my free subscription to the New OOC.

    Also, There's nothing in particular that I can think of that you don't have covered for Riddleport (As long as i'm remembering correctly that the note Ulvenn got to give to a boat captain (dock master?) was in Oppara)

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    Bad new for the family, Grandma fell and injured her spine and we are rushing to PA to see her before her (second attempt) at surgery. I believe all will be well. But I will be absent most of today, may not meet tonight's deadline. I am off Monday and will post then for sure, try to get us to Riddleport and get the Loot thread up.

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    Sorry to hear that. I hope everything goes well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcazar QZR View Post
    Sorry to hear that. I hope everything goes well.
    Thank you! She is 88. But honestly it's going as well as it can. Had a nice visit today, she was very lucid and told stories about raising kids and grandkids on the family farm.

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    So all that Appraising I said I would roll to help out...

    I'm just going to give you the outfits because you have two expert tailors in the room with you. Outfits x3 at 75 gp/each

    pearl headdress

    Mammon Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+3) [15]
    Bel Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+12) [31] +2 = 33

    1000 gp

    Silver dishware set

    Mammon Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+3) [9]
    Bel Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+12) [16] +2 =18

    Cutlery = 8 gp together

    Plate = 20 gp

    Chalice = 240 gp

    Jade dragon chess set (forgotten earlier)

    Mammon Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+3) [4]
    Bel Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+12) [27]

    Chess set 800 gp

    Diamonds very small under second false bottom of chest x10

    Mammon Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+3) [16]
    Bel Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+12) [25] +2 = 27

    Diamonds x10 at 500 each
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    Just finished updating Loot Tracker thread.

    Please check to see if there is anything in the "Unclaimed Loot" post you want to add to your PC's official INVENTORY (which appears in the next post in the new thread).

    Also please check to see whether your PC may be holding loot that they aren't using that would benefit someone else with less? And/or if your loot total is ahead of other people's we could let the people with less have "dibs" on crafted loot and new spoils until the numbers get more even? I'll need you all to work with me on this to reach a point of balance.

    Speaking of things to add, could you PM me the following...

    Well I am out of steam past 3 am and calling it a night. We have the scene b/t Arod and Ulvenn to wrap up, and anything else folks want to say or do including equipping your characters.

    Just saying depending on where you go in Riddleport, you could get into a fight real soon...
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    Glad to hear that despite the fall she's doing alright.

    Also, as long as no one objects I'll be offering the Cloak of Elvenkind back to Arod (2500 gp) which if anyone is concerned with I will ensure Ulvenn repays them either with a new cloak of elvenkind or by working on their armor/weapons (since he can craft now).

    EDIT: As for Slayer Talent, since Everyman Unchained isn't accessible (Curse Slayer's lack of support in official Paizo content! T.T*) I'll go ahead and just snag up a Rogue Talent: Weapon training to grab weapon Focus. +1 to hit is nothing to sneer at.

    *JK. Slayer is already a beast of a class, definitely among my favorites in pathfinder. (I think the part I like most is that it is like the Ranger in that it is a combat class with high skill points, but without HAVING to be nature themed/have favored enemy**)

    **I have a strange relationship with hating favored enemies
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    The two he has on his sheet right now are sickened and diseased. Although my hero labs has been acting up recently. Hence the lack of updating character sheets.

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