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Thread: NEW OOC Planner/Discussion Thread

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    @GT: When you AOO for Opportunist, do you want it to be with Pang or with the ice dagger? If you could give me a general rule to follow, that would be nice?

    I am just going to include the damage for either, and you can decide, unless you answer before I post.

    @Zeros: Actually, same question. If you get an AOO, use Remembrance or use the adamantine battleaxe? (I mean if you want something fancy like Trip, which provokes AOO from her, you should tell me in advance.)
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    Lets go with Remembrance for AoO, and I'll try and remember to make note of trip attempts if I do get an AoO.

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    Yeah just warn me ahead of time if a trip is preferred, everybody? And I'll keep with Remembrance and non-L until you say otherwise, thanks Zeros!

    @GT and Zeros: next round is ready for heroes
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    lets say pang, if she tries to run, it will be nice to have a blood trail to follow, and in general it will be whatever is in my main hand, usually silver tongue, but if not, then typically pang

    also... from the pm I sent

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollsneak attack - (6d6) [15]

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    retract previous 2 complaints... I forgot that she has improved uncanny dodge... sorry

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    Forgot 2 weapon Rend

    if both the axe and shortsword hit during the roundAuthentic Forum Dice-roll2 weapon Rend - (1d10+3+6) (5) [14] I don't remember if we said that Studied bonus gets in here or not... If so +3 additionally

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    It seems to me that since Rend is just extra damage---not an actual attack, and thus is most comparable to sneak attack bonus damage---and therefore it does not benefit from ST or from PA.

    Round 5 is ready for Flint and Ulvenn.

    Combat at Fort Gnash not yet begun...Lucianna has prep time if she needs it to do remove the tacked on notice saying the fort is under new management (which Ott would have pointed out).

    Ott is her sniper in a tower and thus he can tell her when Nisha is in sight IF she describes the *Mwangi woman [*think Nigerian] (dark skin, colorful headscarves, large gold jewelry, long flowing garments), and tell her when she's at the front door.

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    So, to clarify on two weapon rend, you are ruling that it only applies the 1d10 damage? If so I will not be maintaining that feat, good to know though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeros View Post
    So, to clarify on two weapon rend, you are ruling that it only applies the 1d10 damage? If so I will not be maintaining that feat, good to know though.
    Yes, I am ruling that bonus rend damage is rolled once, like sneak attack damage, and not subject to any current attack damage bonuses that have already been applied.

    EDIT: After redoing my math, Dirty Trick would miss Ulvenn's CMD...the entangled didn't so much affect his turn but I need to double check some of those hits.
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    @Zeros: I answered all your PM questions, I don't mind getting such questions a bit and you couldn't have been nicer about it, while also doing me the favor (seriously) of double checking my rulings and use of RAW. I will never say I don't need the help, and that's part of why I don't lock the GM Rolls Thread.

    EDIT: About combat manuevers she is performing as part of a full-attack...

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