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Thread: [Pathfinder] Replacement needed: Curse of the Crimson Throne

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    Default [Pathfinder] Replacement needed: Curse of the Crimson Throne

    Due to recent attrition, we are looking for a replacement for an ongoing Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign. We haven't proceeded very far - still on chapter 1 and the party just hit level 2 - in a sense, we've competed the introductory part and are about to engage in the proper campaign. We are committed to go all the way, so this is for people interested in the long-haul.

    The current party consists of:
    • Rogue
    • Alchemist
    • Investigator
    • Paladin

    You will be replacing a wizard - you can roll whatever you like (within the guidelines detailed below), but we will prefer a character, which complements the existing party in terms of party role, background and personality.

    If you are interested in knowing more about the campaign and playing style, you can find it here.

    I'd like to wrap this up fairly soon and preferably before Friday, 2 march. I may decide to end it sooner, depending on the level of interest (I don't expect much for the application - see below - so it should not take long to complete).

    The technical stuff
    • System: Pathfinder
    • Medium: PbP
    • Number of players needed: 1
    • Posting frequency: Daily - slower during weekends and vacation/holiday seasons
    • Missing posts: PC actions may be skipped or NPC'ed at GM discretion.
    • Longer absence: Please give notice of longer absence in advance. Absence without notice will result in a reminder and eventually replacement.

    For the application process, I do not require fully developed characters, just a character concept:

    Minimum requirements:
    • Ability stats
    • Race and class (including class-related choices such as clerical domains or wizard school)
    • Alignment
    • General character concept: One or two bullets describing the defining characteristics of your character and how you plan to play him/her

    Once the character has been selected, you will be expected to complete a full Mythweavers sheet based on the following character creation guidelines:

    Character creation guidelines
    • You should download and consult the (free) Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's guide from - it provides great help for making a character suited for the campaign
    • Start at level 2
    • 15 point buy
    • Core races only
    • In principle, all official Paizo classes are available, however selection is based on suitability for the campaign. If you are afraid that a particular class is unsuited for the campaign, feel free to run it by me.
    • Alignment: Leaning good'ish and no evil. You are supposed to be a hero of Korvosa.
    • Two traits, one of which must be a campaign trait as detailed in the Player's Guide (see also below).
    • Max hp at first level. Roll or take average at level-up.
    • Roll for gold or take average, as if you were creating a level 1 character.
    • The campaign uses fast level progression
    • Background: One or two bullet points in each of the following categories will suffice:
      • Past: Where do you come from? - did any monumental event shape your character?
      • Present: Why are you in Korvosa? What is your particular interest in Korvosa and why are you willing to put yourself in harm's way in service of the city?
      • Future: Where are you going? What are your long-term goals and ambitions? What motivates you?

    • Personality: One or two bullets on your character traits. I expect that your character's personality will shape your role playing - also (and in particular) when following this personality is not to the benefit of your character.

    Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    What you can expect from this campaign
    This campaign emphasises roleplaying above whacking monsters and looting corpses. Players should be prepared to play to the weaknesses of their characters as well as their strengths. Challenges may be overcome by a wide range of means, including diplomacy, guile, cleverness and, occasionally, brute force - whatever gets the job done. Sometimes, fleeing an overwhelming force is better than standing your ground in the firm belief that "the campaign is designed so that the monsters can be beaten by a party of this level". Never think, "what do the game designers expect my character to do now?", always think "what would my character do in this situation?".

    It is also a largely urban campaign taking place in the city of Korvosa, although particularly later in the game, there will be forays into the hinterlands. It also means that the campaign's themes include politics, diplomacy, fighting crime and solving mysteries in addition to whacking monster. It is therefore recommended to take care to tailor characters to the setting and put some emphasis into skills and characteristics, which are not purely combat related.

    I tend to use visual aids, including tactical battle maps for resolving combat, as much as possible, so you need to be able to see embedded images. I like background and flavor information, so expect a lot of that. Since this is a published AP, there is a set story line and some railroading must be expected. However, I prefer this campaign to be driven more by the players own goals and actions and less by the typical "Sheriff X hires you to explore dungeon Y and kill monster Z".

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    I had been lurking around the forum for a while, and seeing this was what caused me to finally decide to register: Curse of the Crimson Throne is one of my favorite APs and I'd love to have a chance to jump in.

    I already have a couple ideas in mind, but first of all I need to ask: what is your position in regards to necromancers? I really wish I could play one (I have NEVER gotten the chance in all my years of roleplaying ), but I know some DMs adhere to the mentality according to which all necromancers must necessarily be evil and cannot be allowed in a good party under any circumstances, while other DMs dislike necromancers for the extra book-keeping involved. So yeah, before putting effort into a complete concept, I would like to know where you stand: for the records, my own vision is NOT evil at all, which is part of the reason why I wanted to play a necromancer to begin with. What can I say, I enjoy playing concepts that go against the usual stereotypes.

    EDIT: if a necromancer is a no-go, how about a draconic sorcerer?
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    A necromancer, eh? Very interesting... Obviously most sane people in Korvosa, the setting of the Curse, would probably view necromancy as an abomination, but in my view a non-evil or even a good necromancer could be perfectly viable. It all depends on how the character is built and played. There may be challenges with the current group - with a paladin and an alchemist devoted to the preservation of life - but it is by no means a lost cause, and it could be a lot of fun. If selected, you would have to work with the GM (i.e. me ) to find a good reason for you to be included in the group - and to make sure you can work together - but, sure, it could be done!

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    Very well, I'll ponder long and hard about my options, and have a complete concept ready by tomorrow

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    Ok so, here are the bare basics of my character: tomorrow (well, later today, considering that it's 4 AM here lol) I'll try and expand on it, creating a full, detailed app.

    Name: Lucille Valentine
    Gender and Age: F, 27
    Appearance: Reference pick here
    Hails from: Korvosa
    Race and class: Human Oracle (Bones mystery, Blackened curse, level 1 Revelation is Armor of Bones)
    Alignment: TN
    Stats: 8 - 14 - 12 - 10 - 10 - 18*
    Traits: Reactionary and Unhappy Childhood (Religious)
    Feats: Extra Revelation (chose Raise the Dead) and Spell Focus - Necromancy
    Personality: A flirty, snarky, mischievous exterior hides the heart of a terribly lonely person, who really craves true companionship and needs to feel like she belongs. She's well aware of her massive hotness and enjoys flaunting it, although she's tremendously self-conscious about the scars and burns left on her hands and arms by a certain accident of her childhood, so she constantly wears opera gloves is an attempt to hide them.
    Past - She was born in Korvosa from a family of low nobility, and she enjoyed a sheltered, pampered, serene childhood in the company of caring parents and a younger brother she was very protective of. All this came to an abrupt end when she was still young, however: her brother had fallen ill and nobody seemed to be able to cure him, so Lucille, desperate to find a solution, read through her father's vast magical library, eventually finding what was seemingly the perfect book for the circumstances. Procuring the ingredients from, you guessed it, Gaedren Lamm, she brewed a potion imbued with forbidden magic but, much to her shock, it failed to cure her brother: instead, it killed and zombified him, causing him to go on a rampage that ended with the family's mansion burning down to the ground (that's how Lucille procured the scars and burns on her arms). Having lost her entire family in the incident, Lucille was absolutely devastated... And so she dove with renewed determination into the few books from her father's collection she had salvaged, books she now knew were about necromancy and black magic: her goal was to learn of a way of mixing such powers with her innate aptitude for healing, eventually figuring out a way to bring her family back from the dead... And needless to say, this didn't sit well with the official religious group of the area, thus resulting in Lucille having to spend the second part of her childhood constantly on the run.
    Present - Lucille wants to be there when Korvosa is saved, she wants to be sure people will remember she was there, standing proudly among the heroes: for her, achieving this is its own reward. Why? Because there is no better way to silence all those people who would keep discriminating against her and assuming that necromancers must necessarily be evil. So yeah, she's pursuing a noble goal, but she's doing so mainly for selfish reasons: what she seeks is not peace and justice for the sake of peace and justice, but rather recognition, she wants to be accepted and acknowledged by the rest of the citizens. She doesn't particularly hate Gaedren Lamm, but she does know what kind of foul individual he is, so she wouldn't mind helping bring him down, as long as doing so helps with the above goal.
    Future - Again, her main goal is to prove that she, too, can be a hero and a rolemodel. She wants to vindicate her own childhood as well as all the misunderstood necromancers out there: after all, if this society is saved and protected by a necromancer, it is reasonable to expect that necromancers won't be discriminated as badly going forward. Or at least, that's the hope.
    And of course, her end game, her ultimate goal, is to acquire enough power to bring back her family and be reunited with them.

    EDIT: here's the character sheet!
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    Very interesting - I like her. She is different and has a lot of flavor. You are of course welcome to keep working on the character, but what you have so far suffices for the application

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    Well, I too am quite content with the fluff, so I guess we can call it done: so glad you like it!
    I do need to finish figuring out the mechanical aspect, like, with skills and spells and the likes: do you require a MW sheet?

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    Looks like Tears has done a heck of a job here, so I don't want to step on any toes...but if any further PCs are needed due to time and attrition, Abber, I'd love to jump in with whatever the party needs sometime in the future

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    Meet Julian Shainar, Bard, Thief-Catcher, Drug addict, and all around good guy.

    Past: Julian grew up on the streets - He was, essentially, a Street rat. He learned to pick pockets at a young age, and earned a name for himself with his quick hands...and his quicker tongue for talking his way out of trouble. Though he was often in trouble, never for anything serious enough to get locked up for. He learned how to navigate crowds, and how to survive on the streets. He knows every thief, pickpocket, smuggler, and cut purse in the slums. In his adolescence, he developed an addiction to Silvertongue, supplied by a local crime lord, who wanted to get the local waifs addicted to whatever he could, so they would need him as they came of age.

    Present: Julian was born in Korvosa. He knows the City. He lives the city. He loves his city..... And hates it at the same time. He knows who the players especially, Gaedren Lamm, has his ire. The fact that he drugs kids to keep them under his thumb infuriates the, reformed (or so he tells himself....Can on be called reformed if he simply substitutes one drug for another? Even a tamer one, like Alcohol?) drug addict, and he takes any opportunity to make the man's life miserable. To that point, though he now uses his 'gift of gab' for good, telling stories and playing the flute to earn his dinner, he moonlights to those in the know as a kind of Thief-Taker - A man who specializes in finding and recovering stolen property or finding people who don't want to be found...For a price.

    Future: Julian hopes one day to take down Gaedren Lamm, though he knows he doesn't have the funds or the manpower to do so by himself, he would relish the chance to put the man in his place - Though whether that place is the palace jail or a shallow grave, Julian hasn't quite decided.
    Beyond that, he simply hopes to make his city a slightly better place. Elevate the slums a bit, make peoples lives a bit better. He genuinely enjoys telling stories and playing music, to brighten peoples lives a bit through his performances. Though he would never admit it to anyone. That would just ruin the performance.

    Future: Where are you going? What are your long-term goals and ambitions? What motivates you?

    Personality: Julian is a generally good fellow, amiable and easy to talk to. He comes off as self serving, but anyone who knows him well knows that he will go out of his way to help someone in need, whether he would admit it or not. His addiction riddled past still haunts him, and though he hasn't touched SilverTongue in many years, the urge is still strong. He circumvents it by imbibing of alcohol a bit too much, and more than once has he been too drunk to do what was needed when it was needed. He enjoys gambling, and is always quick with a smile and a coin for a pretty face...which has cost him on more than one occasion, as cut purses come in both sexes.
    "Ho there wanderer... Stay thy course a moment to indulge an old man." ~Elminster, BG1, just outside Candlekeep

    For Evil to triumph, all good men must do is nothing. The corollary to that proverb is that sometimes evil must be done by honorable men for the greater good to triumph. ~Twilight Warriors

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    I started making the character sheet, added a link to my previous post! I still need to purchase equipment, but other than that, the mechanical aspect of the character is more or less done, including spell selection. Anything else you require?

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