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Thread: Ms. Blingelblanger's Acadamy for Prospective Adventurers [Pathfinder]

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    Default Hildegarde of Azureberg - Path of the Blade

    Hildegarde is a second generation half-orc from the martial mountain town of New Azureberg, last home of the renowned heroine Green Halberd Hilda, also known as the dragongelder after an incident that came to be the origin of a certain ultra-rare alchemical component.

    The mostly half-orc settlement is known from its orderly, crime-free streets and disciplined outlook. Scoured by a band of orcs with a mind to make half-breed specialists, the human settlement of Old Azureberg was left in shambles. By the time that Hilda arrived, it was inhabited by just a few residents who stayed after the ruthless raid. Only the undertaker, the golden-haired innkeeper, some traumatised farmers still waiting to harvest their crops, a maimed, iron-willed blacksmith and the pregnant stayed behind. The smell of death was still in the air.

    Out of the defeated and disgraced, the aging Hilda decided to rebuild the fort-town. Traders, draftsmen, a Dwarven stonemasonry crew, the purple clockmaker, the Vishkanya couple that designed the alchemical wall-mounted scorpion bow; Ros, the cleric bard of Shelyn with a knack for bookbinding, and the whispering witch, who was eaten by her shadows, never to be seen again.

    All flocked to the weak Azureberg.

    All repaid their debts to Hilda.

    When the orcs returned, they provided the skulls which famously adorn the main gates.

    Everybody is supposed to know how to fight in New Azureberg, and everybody is expected to be punctual. One does not find pubescent, rosy writing in the fancy notebooks sold by Ros to the girls: they are in fact filled with unforgiving schedules, daily rituals and intricately detailed self-improvement charts. Everyone has a method in Azureberg, and Hildegarde certainly has one. Her pocket watch, one of her two most treasured possessions, and her ton of expensive notebooks with dietary regimes, training routines and drawings keep her hyperactive zeal busy and happy. That, and her halberd, made by her father after her own design. Determined to model her life after Green Halberd Hilda, who left for her mysterious final adventure when she was a child, she is in perpetual training in order that, one day, she too leave to be the champion an ailing community.

    Her parents, smelling what she was brewing, offered to help pay a tuition at the adventuring academy and convinced her not to leave for a life of risk and adventuring. Yet.



    Tall, athletic, big expressive eyes, filed tusks (bigger than in the portrait) and the crossfit look. Her voice is deep and speaks Common with a slow Hobgoblin accent, emulating her heroine. She has designed her clothing and scaled armour, as well as her eerie helmet. Her dark hair was never cut and she keeps it immaculate, as opposed to the bald Hilda, because she thinks it will help her to find a boyfriend. She has ridiculously high standards, though. Her party trick is peeling a coconut with her teeth and tusks. Very fast. She scents her skin with something that smells like lemongrass on occasion.


    What drove you to choose Adventuring?
    Green Halberd Hilda! I plan to write her biography one day, when I retire, before my Final Adventure. If I live that long, that is! *laughs*
    What is your greatest dream?
    Rebuild my own unassailable citadel. Here. This is one of my many designs. Sorry about the botched perspective with the shadows, those are tricky.
    *waits anxiously for feedback but she is visibly proud*
    No, the big ones there with the tusks are iron golems with stylised bascinets, not statues. Yeah, no. The dome is not of a temple, it’s the observatory. Yes, it needs to have that shape.
    No, the skulls are for several purposes: they are designed to convey water from the roofs and away from the side of the building because rainwater ruins the masonry and the mortar. Dwarves know, I just understand the basics.
    What is your greatest fear?
    Spells involving music. Especially lyre music. Sorek’s lyre in particular. Have you met him? He's from Azureberg too. It is haunting and *struggles to find the words* throws me off balance me. Gods know what I should do if I still hear it after having ruptured my eardrums. Music directly to my brain. *shudders*
    Who do you love the most?
    *Switches to an official tone* I guard my heart and my loved ones against such inquiries. I hope you understand. *She clearly doesn't care if you understand*
    Who do you hate the most?
    Those who prey upon the weak and those who refuse to overcome their weaknesses. Weakness often starts with a flaw in your character, not your body or mind. There are several types of strength and weakness too, but expanding on that would be digressive, right?
    A goblin band has stolen food from farmers. Upon investigating, you find the goblin tribe is starving. What action do you take and why?
    Ah! I have contemplated this scenario, this would require forcing the more belligerent group into surrender and training the productive but ultimately defenceless group in the arts of combat. Then, the first group, unless they refused to cooperate – in which case they will ideally die by my hand – will be taught commerce, industry and how to live off the land as it is clearly explained in my copy of The Manual of City Building *she produces the holy text of the church of Abadar full of markings, and marginal notes* I am not a religious person, but those guys have one or two things very clear. Oh! And the goblin skulls... There is a technique to clean and blanche bone. It uses lime. And then mounting them is another story, another craft, if you will.

    Anything else? I see. Goodbye, then! *She makes a sort of salute and leaves, making sure not to turn*
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    Alright. you guys have 72 hours to finish your applications.

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    Okay. Last Call. You have 24 hours (approximately. depends on when I return from work ) to finish up your sheets if you wish to join.

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    Sylas Blackridge - Human Gunslinger

    What drove you to choose Adventuring?
    After purchasing a box of junk from a blacksmith, I found the pieces of what would become my pistol. It took many months, but I was able to finally assemble it. Now I am searching for the secrets of the strange powder that fuels the weapon, as well as find materials to either improve my weapon or create a new one.

    What is your Greatest Dream?
    To find a way to use this powder to change the world.

    What is your Greatest Fear?
    That I will not be able to achieve my goals.

    Who do you love the most?
    My family.

    Who do you hate the most?
    Hate is such a harsh word. I don’t really hate anyone. I mean there are obviously people I dislike, but not hate.

    A goblin band has stolen food from farmers. Upon investigating, you find the goblin tribe is starving. What action do you take and why?
    I hate to see anyone go hungry. I would try to work out an arrangement between the farmers and the goblins. Something like the goblins do some kind of work and, in return, the farmers will give the goblins some food.

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    Okay. Recruitment is closed. I think I'll take everyone

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    Okay. Thread is closed.

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