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Thread: FATE- Into the Wild (Wilderness Survival/ City Building)

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    Default FATE- Into the Wild (Wilderness Survival/ City Building)

    For the past 5 years, war has ravaged your kingdom. War from within, as two brothers and their armies and allies argue over the kingdom. Your homes have been destroyed and mauch of the land is now a waste. A neghboring nation with claims to a rather large swath of land has opened it to refugees for settlement. Let the immigration begin!

    This game is a hybrid of a wilderness survival game like Oregon Trail and a city builder like SimCity. With magic and fantasy elements tossed in for good measure.

    What system are you using (D&D 3.5, PF, WoD, etc.)? FATE Core

    • What medium(s) are you using (PbP, MapTool, etc.)? Play by Post
    • How often will you require people to post? 3 times a week. We're busy people with lives to live.
      • What kind of action(s) will be taken if a person does not post within the required time? OOC Post, Pms, and if I don't hear anything for a month, your character will be dropped

    • Any supplementary programs needed? None. You will need prpbably to download the rulebook for FATE Core, which can be found for free/ pay what you want here:

    Players: 4-6
    When we get that number of interested people, we'll open a forum.


    We WILL be switching out some of FATE's built in skills for some game specific skills.
    Not in use: Burglary, Contacts, Resources

    New Skills

    Gather: Used for harvesting or collecting. Can be used for everything from farming to mining.
    Build: Used in creating structures and large projects. Everything else you may want to make uses Craft.
    Survive: Used in surviving in the wilderness, dealing with animals, nature, etc.
    Spellcraft: Knowledge of magic and ability to cast spells.

    Character Creation
    Normally, In FATE, you create aspects with your fellow players that describe your relationship to each other. This game will work a little different. You will use your aspects in the following ways.

    Main Concept is for your basic character concept. Stubborn Dwarven Brewer would be an example here.

    1. One Aspect is for your relationship to your family or community. Most likely your character would bring their family with them. “I am the Mom, and you will wear that sweater!” is an example of this
    2. Another Aspect is for your personality and basic traits like race, appearance. Elegant Elf Lady would be an example of this.
    3. The third is for your occupation. Coal Miner or Former Mayor for example here.
    4. Your trouble is for a problem your character has. Why are they going to the frontier? An example here would be I have nowhere left to go.

    Starting stuff.

    Your character will have, as a matter of course:

    • The basic tools of their trade.
    • 3 weeks worth of food and water
    • 1 wagon/ cart and pack animals.
    • 1 heirloom from your old home.
    • Basic household goods and supplies (pots and pans, seeds, etc.)
    • Clothes
    • Basic survival equipment: Torches, tinderboxes, bedroll, tent, etc.

    Since this a fantasy setting game, magic is a possiblity. At very LEAST magic WILL require a Stunt to use. More powerful magic may require use of a FATE point to use.

    Stunts: Talk to me about what stunts you are considering creating/ taking from the book.

    Character consideration:

    To have your character considered for this game you will need:
    1 completed sheet with your skills and such, preferably Mythweavers.
    The answer to the following questions (in character):

    Why are you going into the wilderness? :
    What is your greatest dream? :
    What is your greatest fear? :
    What makes a community survive or fail?
    What is a leader's greatest quality?

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    Sounds neat. I'll have to read through the rules though, never tried FATE before, so my character application might be a bit (ok, a lot) messy.

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    This post has the map of the wilderness.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    So is this going to be more solo stake a claim and hold it against the wilderness or a community simulator where by it's pc's vs wilderness together?
    Regina Thorn: The Savage : The Fallow Hills Frontier

    Orilo: The Mind : Hope of the Lowlands

    Kosj: the Plague: One Shot Wonders

    Wanna blades in the dark? PM me looking to put together a game.

    Looking for a 5E game to call her own - Xanice Gemviper

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    The Latter. You will all be members of the same town.

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    Cool... Can we talk about magic. On boy I've ideas and they're all strange. ::glee::

    ... I guess I should talk about it?

    I guess the biggest question and most practical is by chance do you have a concept/rule set/idea of how magic works in this world? What does it look like? Is there a system or story out there we should take inspiration from? Lord of the rings? Dnd? King killer chronicle? Harry potter?
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    Regina Thorn: The Savage : The Fallow Hills Frontier

    Orilo: The Mind : Hope of the Lowlands

    Kosj: the Plague: One Shot Wonders

    Wanna blades in the dark? PM me looking to put together a game.

    Looking for a 5E game to call her own - Xanice Gemviper

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    Draw more from Dresden Files I think. Very practical sort of hedge magic.

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    I'll have to reacquaint myself with the Dresden files, if I'm not mistaken the Dresden files rpg is based off fate core. I may take a look there for more inspiration, I know I have that old pdf in some bundle somewhere. I'll get to mapping out character ideas see if I can come up with something by next week.

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    Meet Slim Tim, human craftsman and oddities salesman:

    Why are you going into the wilderness?:
    Those folks need help, I figure. I could keep bouncing around from town to town my whole life, but I'm not getting any younger and this is my best chance to find some folks I can befriend in the long run.
    What is your greatest dream?:
    To die in my shop knowing I've done all I can for my neighbors. I don't need much. I just don't want to wander no longer.
    What is your greatest fear?:
    Being alone. I've been alone long enough that there's no way I'm going back. I'd go cuckoo crazy if I was the last man standing, I tell you what. Even one other lady or fella to talk to and I'll be all right.
    What makes a community survive or fail?:
    Trust. No matter how much wood or gold or food you have, if you can't leave your house for fear of being kilt nothing's getting done.
    What is a leader's greatest quality?:
    The ability to bring people together, I reckon, to get them to work as a group in one direction. If you can't get people to work together you're all sunk, especially when the going gets tough.

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    Due to lack of interest, This recruitment is ended. Thank to those who showed interest. Maybe next time.

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