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Thread: It will take some time but i'll be back,

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    Default It will take some time but i'll be back,

    After a rough year with a break in and account's stolen and alot more I've still not have any energy to keep up my posting.
    I'm sorry for the once who plays in my games and the games i'm in for the unnoticed break... Been like i said a rough year.
    I'm moving to a new place in a couple of months and hopefully will give me a fresh start and new energy to start posting again.

    Once more sorry for the once effected by my lack of notice.. But I wish everyone who reads this a happy 2018.

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    With the new year, I wish you a better 2018. Take your time. We miss you but understand.

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    I'm sorry you had such a bad year. I'll echo mdh's wishes that your 2018 is better than your 2017. I hope you have a relaxing next couple months and that your move goes well.

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    We understand. Be well, and wishes for a great 2018!


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