Paulo swings his swords around, just as the tree monster drops him...Amadeus' flames hitting home. He makes sure to reach down and stab one of the limp tentacles for good measure. He looks relieved that Joyya's out in one piece, but seeing the ooze and slime covering him, stops short of giving him a pat on the back.

"Amadeus...thanks mate. We just got used to this grumpy dwarf...I'd hate to have to break someone else in now," he grins. "Not urgent," he says to the others, "but I could use a small bit of healing when it's convenient."

He carefully checks the far door, and opens it to no event...and his eyes go wide at the sight of the large chest!

"There's something, alright!" he calls out to Katharina. "A big old chest tucked in the closet!" The sight of the large chest has temporarily blinded the rogue from realizing it's probably full of crap that only half-ogres might call 'treasure'.

Paulo pauses for a moment, and casts Resistance on himself; then settles in to inspect the lock and lid...and like the door before it, checks the chest for traps.

Authentic Forum Dice-rollPerception trapfinding - (1d20+15) (10) [25]