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Thread: Chapter 3: The Hook Mountain Massacre

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    Default Chapter 3: The Hook Mountain Massacre

    It has been two days since your adventures in the Shadowclock, where you defeated Xanesha and hopefully put an end to the Skinsaw Murders. At least the last couple of nights have been fairly quiet, and no more bodies have turned up. The city of Magnimar is still uneasy, however, as its citizens do not yet have any knowledge of your deeds.

    You have spent the time transferring the valuables from Xaneshas tower to Foxgloves townhouse, which functions as your base of operations for the time being. The coins are too heavy to carry around and have therefore been safely deposited in the Cathedral of Abadar (the deity of commerce and finance, whose temple of worship doubles as a bank). All of a sudden, you find yourselves treated like royalty.

    According to the evidence found in Xanesha's den, it would seem that the danger to the region is far from over. On the contrary, the plot runs ever deeper and just as you have rid the world of one evil, another one rears its ugly head. Who or what is behind it all is still unknown, but the last clue points towards the small frontier settlement of Turtleback Ferry....

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    "Before we hit the road'n'rivers for Turtleback," Joyya says on that second morning, nursing a mug of steaming tea, "you lot think we should drop by th' Lord Mayor's office? Might be a congratulations is'n order from th' city, and who're we to say no, eh? Maybe even some safe passage provided fer th' journey?"

    He snorts.

    "Probably giv'n the goddamned gov'nment too much credit; more'n they deserve, based on experience, but they did outfit us in adamantium, after all. Speakin' o' which, I think I might take my slice o' the loot pie and get m'self somethin' fancy. Nice new shield, maybe? Weapon with some magic in it? Who knows, eh?"

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    “Anyway we could claim this townh9me as a base and later sell it?”

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    "Keepin' it is easy; sellin' it might not be," Joyya replies, thinking of the legal hoops they'd likely need to jump through without a true deed of ownership.

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    “Could the mayor deed it to us?”

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    The dwarf sips his tea before nodding, "Aye, I suppose 'e might be able to, with the owner and 'is entire family deceased...not sure it's normal or entirely legal, but it's possible. But hells, Amadeus, look at us! We're richer'n we've ever been! You want even more, lad? Good gods, one might call that greedy, aye, one might."


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