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Thread: Basic Fantasy RPG (new players welcome!)

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    Default Basic Fantasy RPG (new players welcome!)

    I'm trying to put together a group of players for an online fantasy RPG campaign using the free online tabletop platform, roll20. The play sessions would be every two weeks on a Saturday morning for about 2-3 hours, although this might change in the future due to my work schedule. My goal is to start play on Saturday, January 6th around 9 a.m (Eastern Standard Time). We’ll be using the Basic Fantasy RPG rules, which are a throwback to D&D's first edition and are legitimately free online.

    Although I ran campaigns for my one RPG-interested friend in high school, I'm inexperienced at DM-ing for a group of people. For that reason, I'm very open to new RPG players, since veteran players may be more likely to make me self-conscious that I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'll take players with any level of experience, though, as long as you cut me some slack.

    Campaign setting, tone, and gameplay style: The campaign will be set in my created fantasy world that's a fairly standard Tolkien-esque fantasy-type world. In tone, it'll be closer to the video games from the Dragon Age series with a dash of LOTR thrown in. In short, I'm not looking for characters like "Steve the Fighter" or characters defined by some overly precious or gimmicky quirk. I don't have a problem with out of character jokes during gameplay, but I'm hoping people will take their characters seriously. In terms of gameplay style, though combat will be a regular part of adventures, there may be some sessions that have nary a moment of combat and are devoted to things such as politics and diplomacy or character development. Also, we’re not going to be using miniatures and grids in combat because I’ll be trying to keep combat moving at a steady clip; everything will be run via roll20’s text chat.

    I already have one person likely on board, so that means I currently have slots for 3-4 players. In particular, I'm looking for players who are interested more in character development and rich interactions with the game world rather than people who just want to kill some orcs and get a +1 sword (ain't nothing wrong with that, it's just not what interests me most).

    If you’re interested, please reply and fill out the brief questionnaire at the end of this message about your tastes in narratives and pop culture. In my experience, whenever someone posts an announcement looking for players, there tend to be a lot of replies, but I don’t want to accept people just on a “first come, first served” basis since the first person who expresses interest may not be as good a fit as the six or tenth person. In short, consider my dumb little questionnaire your “application” and I’ll accept applications until I get 20, or until Tuesday, January 2nd. If I end up getting a lot of “applicants” and don’t choose you, this doesn’t mean I don’t share your tastes; it could just mean I found something interesting in the other person’s questionnaire that I think will make for a compelling mix of players. I’ll also likely consider you in case any slots open up.

    Character types: Core classes (fighter, cleric, thief, wizard) plus barbarians, illusionists, rangers, paladins, and druids are the initial options. If you're interested, reply here and I'll get in touch with you about the details.

    In the words of the famous bards of yore Smash Mouth, "Get your game on. Go play!"

    “Application” Questionnaire
    1. Describe any previous pen-and-paper RPG experience you have.
    2. Can you play two Saturday mornings a month for about 3 hours?
    3. Favorite non-genre (i.e. non sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc.) novel(s):
    4. Favorite non-genre movie(s):
    5. Favorite TV show(s) (can be genre or non-genre):
    6. Favorite album(s)/bands/musicians/music:
    7. The reason I’m interested in playing a pen-and-paper RPG is …
    8. One element that makes a compelling fictional character is…
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    You should specify your time zone for prospective players.

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    Thanks for pointing that out, elan.

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