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    - Pathfinder system, 20 point buy, No Third Party Content, 1st level
    - Roll 20, voice on Skype/Discord
    - Themes: Oppression, Ambition, Everlasting Love, Faith, Pride, Fulfillment, Immortality, Deception
    - House Rules: Inquire with DM
    - Setting: The world of Sanctuary is primarily a low magic fantasy campaign with content divided into sum genre's like sci-fi and high fantasy
    - 2 Players Needed
    - Times: Every Day From 7-11 PM Central with text content intermittently.

    Information Confidential
    Level 4 Clearance Required
    Clearance Accepted, Welcome Applicant

    You are entering the top secret research division of Ataria. This facility dubbed 'Sanctuary' will henceforth act as your residence and base of operations. The duties assigned to you by facility director White are as follows. Prevent incursion and subterfuge by enemy forces, recover applicable research modules and materials, and above all protect and ensure the contentment of the asset.
    The duties you perform here will shape the world around us. Every decision you make will carry consequences. So please applicant, keep safe, keep smart.

    Please forward any questions to director White.
    We are sure you will be very happy here.
    End Transmission

    Welcome to Sanctuary Directors! A multi-genre super campaign that is a project unlike any other. It is our goal to provide whatever roleplaying experience that our players seek with a unique twist. Instead of having a single DM, every member of our campaign is a Co-Dm. Meaning they can create NPC's, locations, dungeons, and any other kind of content for their fellow players and will be generously awarded for it by our DM point system. If our players wish they may play anything from adventures, to were wolves, to gods all while sticking to a loyal band of their fellow directors of Sanctuary. Do not worry about making your characters or character sheets at all before hand as we intend to help all our members through the process. Are you ready to answer the call? Inquire now!

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    Bump #2, interested people are always welcome!

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    The forum rules specify that it's better not to post in a game that I have no interest in joining, but seeing that you're struggling to recruit people and you're so new, I want to chime in and offer some thoughts in hopes of not losing you as a TTW member.

    Your game has a lot going on. It's freeform, DM-less, and meets every day for 4 hours. Many of the people here on TTW are here because our ability to commit to long gaming sessions is limited - I know that's why I'm here. 4 hours a day, 28 hours total a week is a huge commitment. You could try running the game via posts, but that creates a different issue I'll mention in a little bit.

    If you did by chance have some people willing to commit to live meetings that much every week, then there's the hurdle of it being a free-form DMless game. You're not asking them to play, you're asking them to help run it and create it just as much as you will/have. You're not really bringing anything to the table here - at least, nothing other than the vague framing device of Sanctuary that isn't detailed enough to get people's attention and spark their imagination. If we wanted to create a game, we'd likely be creating our own game and not signing up for yours.

    If you swapped it to a play-by-post game, those really benefit from a solid idea and clear DM roles. Out of character discussion and player coordination bogs a game down fast. Even in live games, groups may spend forever making plans that only take a minute or two to actually implement. Imagine if that 20 minute conversation had to play out slowly, one or two comments/replies per day. All that free-form, DMless stuff you want to do takes tons of that coordination and discussion to do well. It's not hard to imagine months passing by as you discuss running the game rather than playing it.

    Finally, there's likely some concern about your newness to the site. Many of us have been burned by players getting bored with the game, having life situations arise, or many other things, and they just disappear - often with no notice, even if they were DMing the game. Newcomers are wild cards... "Will they stick around? Should I risk the time and energy of getting into that game in case they don't?" I would encourage you to stick around for a while. Try to play in some games and get a feel for what works and what our community is like. Heck, just browse back through this recruitment forum and look at what people have been recruiting for and what sort of responses they've been getting. If you want to try to run a game, I would recommend a more straightforward campaign, or even just a couple of one-shots. I bet you'll get a lot more interest a lot faster.

    I hope you don't feel discouraged, and I hope to see you around TTW!

    Come join us on Discord!

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    Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to give such a detailed address even to a common newbie such as myself. You bring a lot of reasonable and certainly legitimate points. And I would like to address them.

    While I may decide to attempt to delve into a campaign here as a means of establishing myself and what not (I can't get enough of roleplaying and have longed for a more conventional game) this is something I would have to speak with my friend and campaign mate about. We have been giving 100% into this project for five months now, and plan to keep working on it for months yet still. I have considered joining other campaigns in the past, but my partner feels that it is a betrayal of trust given the sheer effort put into making this THE campeign we can play for several years together. It's a very difficult balancing act when trying to recruit. As we have sooo much I'd love to show people, but all that information (in past experiences) just pushes players away due to it's sheer bulk.

    The last thing is that due to our nature as a campaign, we'd want people to be able to make most of our voice sessions in it's current state. As that allows content to flow much more seamlessly and allows us to use the massive amount of content we have in reserves. Overall, I will take these comments to the rest of my team and strongly consider making a campeign that could possibly blend in closer with site expectations. Until then, peace!

    *cough* recruitment is still totes open though

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    It's been two weeks, so the thread will be Closed now.


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