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Thread: Third Prologue: Digging Deep/SIDEQUEST: TOWER

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    Default Outside Memnok's Tower

    Standing several feet from the front entrance covered in ivy, Haruna turns to Hakon. "Do we enter the ground floor, or do you have something else in mind? I have two potions for flying, if that helps?"


    Your move, MT: answer me this...

    1) Are you casting any scrolls, drinking any potions, or otherwise activating any spells before you go inside?

    2) How are you getting inside the Tower? (E.g. through what entry point.)

    3) Are you carrying any weapons (or other special tools) in hand?

    Also remember it takes our cursed skald a Standard action to draw any item, even a weapon. Except for your enchanted throwing axes which you can "call" into hand one at a time as a Swift action. And you get one Swift action per turn, unless you use up a Move action to get a second Swift action.

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    Default Third Prologue: Digging Deep/SIDEQUEST: TOWER

    “Well it’s either fight our way in or on our way out, unless you’ve got another set of potions on you.” Hakon gestures to Haruna’s satchel. “And what about your kitten? I might have an idea for getting back out from the balcony

    Hakon grabs his newly plundered spear and tests it’s weight, still getting used to it. “Come to think of it what are towers for? Keeping the goods at the top safe.” He reaches for the flying potion and gives a not to Haruna. “Skol, Bottoms up.”

    At first nothing happens and Hakon expects for something spectacular to happen. His stomach begins to feel like it is trying to climb up his throat. Then he feels his heels lift off the ground, then his toes. Flying is a new sensation for Hakon, more like floating with uneasy grace. With a motion more familiar to him he begins swimming through the open air towards his target of the balcony.


    Authentic Forum Dice-rollfly - (d20+3) [15]

    Question; I know Svidhogg isn’t ready for a rider but what about acting as a slow descent as we jump from the roof. Would he be able to help slow our descent?

    I cannot believe that this did not post. If you still want to boot me that’s ok. But could I finish out the tower? Then he can head back north to take on the murderous king. Sorry I couldn’t be here more for everyone.

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    Hakon soars up into the tower and disappears over the lip of the balcony and through an open double door.

    Haruna swings herself up onto Ragur's back and feeds her tiger the potion. She grasps his soft neck and his leap carries them both into the chill night air, every higher and closer. From the top room of the tower the clash of steel upon steel rings in her ears, along with the battle cry, "I AM HAKON THE UNSLAIN!" A prescient one, gods willing...


    GM NOTE: This regretfully concludes Hakon's time as an active PC. Though awesome in character and out, player was not able to keep up with posting schedule or the required practice of notifying GM prior to, or during, consecutive days of absence, with too many unexplained absences occurring too close together including the last week.

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