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Thread: Homebrew sandbox game seeking 2-3 more for Sundays (Pathfinder)

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    Default Homebrew sandbox game seeking 2 more for Sundays (Pathfinder)

    Applications open 12/06.

    Sundays on Maptool, 6pm to 10pm CST. We could start a little later if needed.
    We use Discord, and you must be able to join the call and hear us. Having a mic is preferred but not required.
    We are level 7, any alignment except CE.

    If interested, reply or PM me here or message me on Discord:

    I will go over the game more and divulge the complete starting mechanics and what we've progressed from the main storyline so far. Do not make a character sheet until you've talked to me.
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    If I didn't already have a Pathfinder group on Sundays, I would highly consider joining this group with a shield fighting Half-Orc Warpriest. I wish you luck in finding applicants, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Recruiting Office Rules View Post
    On Unrelated Messages

    Players who are not applying for the game in a thread should not, generally, post in that thread. ... Keeping things neat and tidy is important in the Recruiting Office, which is why threads are closed by a Staff Member if they go at least a week without any activity. This makes it very easy to sweep out the Office at the end of each month by getting rid of all the closed threads. With that in mind, please refrain from posting in threads unless it is a legitimate attempt to apply. Just posting to say things like "Good luck with your game!" or "Aw, I wish I had that time slot free on that day," or "I'm already in too many games and you probably won't pick me, so I won't be applying," serves no real purpose and actually draws out the length of time the thread is sitting in the Office, so please don't do it.

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    This looks interesting. I'll message you on Discord, my name there is Lekkric.

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    Bump~ we are still looking for one or two more. We would gain most from a full healer, rogue or bard, but again play whatever suits you. We can cover any roles that aren't filled after recruitment with NPC's.

    We do somewhat need a non-good, non-evil character as well.

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    What time is this in GMT?

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    CST is GMT-6, so it would be starting at midnight.

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    Ah. Alas, not for me then. Thanks for your prompt reply.

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    Two weeks have passed, so the thread will be Closed now.


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