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Thread: [5e] The Legacy of Shannara

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    Sounds good to me.

    “Defend the weak, protect both young and old, never desert your friends. Give justice to all, be fearless in battle and always ready to defend the right."

    —The law of Badger Lords”
    Brian Jacques, Lord Brocktree

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    Fine by me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valen View Post
    Yes that’s fine. I simply wasn’t sure whether I would have enough applications to make a choice for the game or whether I would accept apps on a first come first serve basis. As it seems that I do have enough now to make a choice I’m proposing to make the cut off date for applications this Friday 24th November, after which I’ll make final selections.

    Is everyone ok with that and does it give anyone left considering whether or not to apply enough time to do so?

    And yes, the Leah family is acceptable
    Awesome, I will be definitely making a Leah. A few more questions if you don't mind, we're 1,000 years past Grianne. A lot can happen in that time. Are there still airships? Shady Vale is usually a quiet and small town, right? With the corrupted from the Wishsong is it fair to assume that folks know about them and prepare for them? I'm leaning towards a trader local to the town, but that everyone has to be ready for defense so he's received some training.

    Rules question, do you allow the variant human?

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    I just wanted to tell you that I started reading the first book of the first trilogy thanks to this thread.

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    Sword of Shannara? Just a heads up, that was Brooks' first book and it may seem a little by the numbers. He stretches himself every following book. If you bounce off it, I would encourage you to try Scions. That's the one I always used to get people hooked.

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    Thanks for the heads up, though I doubt I'll find that book down here. I'd eventually get the eBook, maybe. Thanks again.

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    Okay, I went ahead and made this assuming airships are still a thing and that variant human was on the table. If either of those aren’t true, I’ll edit this, but I needed to use the time I had available.

    I didn’t flesh out much of a background because of time, but the idea is that his family are traders. He’s grown up with the family business being his expectation. He loves to fly in the ships, but he longs to leave the trade route, see the world, and make a name for himself.

    Application Details:

    Name: Garon Leah
    Race: Human
    Age: 18
    Alignment: NG
    Class: Fighter
    Personality Traits: I’m soft spoken. I prefer to let my actions speak for me. When I speak, I am always polite and respectful.
    Ideal: Exploration: I am always dreaming of what’s on the horizon / Glory: I want to make a name for myself like my ancestors
    Bond: Family business. My family have been traders for generations and their expectations weigh on me.
    Flaw: I grew up on old family stories of past glories. I’d risk too much for a chance to make my own.
    Background: Sailor (Air)

    Overview: Garon grew up hearing the old tales of his family and he longs for his place in history. In his heart, he is a brave warrior that steps into the unknown and pushes back the darkness there. In reality, he’s the heir to a family trading company that is more concerned with profit than glory. He dutifully serves his family, but he trains and hopes for the day when he can be more.



    1: Why do you enjoy PbP?
    I play PbP because it fits my schedule and allows me the chance to play.

    2: What do you look for in a PbP game?
    I look for some kind of hook that excites me to play. That can be anything really. It’s a gut reaction when I’m reading the pitch. If it sticks with me and I start thinking up a character, then that’s what I’m after.
    The best game for me is one that keeps moving. Long stretches of no communication or movement forward kill my enthusiasm for a game.

    3: Describe to me your best experience in a PbP game
    I was playing a cleric in a world where the gods had been silent for generations. The character had been dying of a virulent plague when he had a theophany and was healed by his goddess. She left his skin marked with scars from the plague so he was always bandaged. He had the title of the Tattered Prophet thanks to being covered in bandages. Anyway, during the adventure, his connection with his goddess is weakened and his plague returns.
    The best experience was having the conversation with the party and explaining what was happening (including revealing his skin for the first time). He held onto his faith and had specific requests for each party member after the disease took him. It was just an RP moment, but writing his speech and his requests and then having the others respond was very fulfilling.
    4: Describe to me your worst experience in a PbP game.
    Honestly, the worst experiences are when the game dies. I’ve had some bad DMs here and there, but nothing is worse than starting a game only to see it die.


    "A stranger rides into town on the back of a dark horse. You are going about your daily business when the horse charges up to you. The rider is dismounted. He falls to the floor, an arrow jutting from his shoulders. Under his breath he mutters something about an army of the dead closing from the north, then he passes out.”

    Garon rushes to the fallen man. His eyes lock onto the arrow and his muscles tense. He helps him sit and tries to calm him. “It’s okay, you’re safe now,” he whispers as his eyes scan the horizon for whoever shot the arrow.

    The man mutters, but it’s hard to hear. Garon calls out, “Get the doctor! He’s hurt!”

    A tug pulls his attention back to the man in his arms and Garon gets his first look at his face. It’s not pain or even fear that shines from his eyes, it’s terror. He listens intently to the soft words laced with panic. An army of the dead was closing in on them.

    He pushes against the fear rising in him and shouts,
    “Sound the alarm! An attack is coming!”

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