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Thread: DnD 5E From the Ashes of Pilaro, a Homebrew Adventure

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    Default DnD 5E From the Ashes of Pilaro, a Homebrew Adventure

    Applicant Information
    I am looking for 4 players for this Role Play heavy game.
    I am expecting players to post twice a week.
    If players do not post they will be NPCed for one week and then written out, and hopefully replaced.
    Recommended age of applicants would be 18 years and older.

    We will be starting at 4th level, follow the direction in the Players Hand Book to create your character, using the standard array, and advance them to 4th level. Do not use races from any source other than the wiki, please.
    PHB and UA are the accepted sources, please link UA features so that I can review them.

    The Application

    Number of games you are in or running:

    Character Name:
    Selected from those listed on the wiki only.
    No paladin or monk as they do not fit the flavor I am looking for.
    No Evil
    Physical Appearance:

    How you come across to others and any quirks or mannerisms that your character may have.

    300-800 words describing what your character has been doing with their life up to this point. This is an RP heavy game, so depth of character is important.

    Writing Sample:
    Write a sample post using this character, it can be in combat or walking into a tavern, it doesn't matter. I am looking for 100+ words with good descriptions and realistic interactions.

    Sheets do not need to be completed until after you are accepted.

    The Setting

    The game is going to take place in Xyoala. A homebrew world set apart from all other planes of existence with its own set of races and deities. I have worked on this setting on and off for the last 3 years and I have set up a wiki on Obsidian Portal with all the information that you will need to know in order to make a character for this world. I am running the game here not on Obsidian Portal.

    I am sure I have missed things in the wiki so if you have a question please feel free to ask.


    Pilaro is burning, more importantly the tavern that you are staying in is on fire. Luckily, you made it outside into the coolness of a late autumn evening. The thatch and beams of the stone tavern are smoldering and even the sign that once swung outside is now a charred mess. The rearing white stallion that once marked it as the White Stallion Tavern is sooty black and most the head has burned away.

    There is a rumor making its way through the crowd nearly as fast as the fire ripped through the large trade city, demons started the fires, fiends of Vynu. Who could have spurned the god of madness and anger into motion and to what end. Is this the cumulation of some scheme to wipe Pilaro from the map or is this just the beginning of what is to come.

    You don't have to wait too long to find out if the rumors are true. A fiery imp jumps out of the tavern and you suddenly find yourself surrounded by three allies, armed with steel or spell. The creature locks its eyes on you and lets out a shriek and three more emerge from the smoldering ruins of the tavern. Among your new allies the bonds of battle have taken hold and as one you move in and deal with the threat.

    Panting, you stand over the corpses of the still smoldering imps and look out across the city. There is still more work to be done before dawn's light.

    PS: If I did any of this wrong please let me know.

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    Honestly, I'd probably apply if I wasn't already focusing what little creativity I possess on a character for an IRL game I'm joining next week. Maybe if I'm not too burned out in a few days, I'll see if I can put together a concept.

    Good stuff here.

    Why should I apologize for the monster I have become? No one ever apologized for making me this way.

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    Sounds good Xubrai. Thanks for posting interest.

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    Not sure how long to wait before bumping... >.>

    Still have 4 slots open. If you have questions about the setting or character creation please let me know.

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    Writing to let you know that I'm interested, although I wouldn't say writing is my strongest suit, I love RP-ing (or try to) and I'd like to give it a go.
    I will be working on the application and post shortly.

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    Name: Aster Ravenstride
    Race: Yxan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Class: UA Ranger Archetype Monster Slayer
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Physical Appearance: Long, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, tanned skin. Her clothes are mostly green and brown with toned down gold trims as well as random trinkets and embellishments sewn on here and there.

    Aster’s parents Alder and Ebony chose the name because well, she was conceived on the night spent on a hill full of purple Aster flowers. Their entire family, along with few other family friends and hired guards,has traveled throughout Xyoala for generations, looking for work and trading opportunities. Typically, they traveled between small settlements and large cities, offering services such as delivering goods and packages and sometimes caravan escorts. The Ravenstrides also produced many excellent hunters and gatherers, who were naturally skilled in tracking and navigating, so it wasn’t uncommon for them to be sought after as guides and trackers for city dwellers.

    Aster has two older brothers Rowan and Heath, who were 8 and 6 years older than her, and that may be one of the reasons why she didn’t grow up to be a‘girly girl’. Since she was 6, her brothers brought her along to their every excursions and adventures, as far as their parents permitted them to roam around. She caught her first fish when she was 8, and caught her first rabbit with the trap her brothers built her at 10. At the age of 14, she shot her first pheasant with a wooden bow that was the 14th birthday present from her parents.

    All youngsters were given simple training by different adults in the traveling clan to find out what the child had an interest of aptitude for. Aster showed strong interest in hunting and archery since her early teenage years and her father was thrilled to discover her talents, as he himself was a seasoned ranger. After Aster turned 16, Alder started taking her on hunts for food and short distance search and guide jobs. One day they encountered a large, angry bear during their hunt, and Alder was surprised to see that she showed no fear but stayed very calm. Aster studied the animal while deftly dodging its charges, and landed a killing blow within minutes.

    Alder and Ebony soon realized that they couldn’t help Aster to bring out her full potential with only their teachings. As much as they wanted to keep their children near at all times, they also didn’t want to stop them from spreading their wings and achieve greater things. In fact,their younger son, Heath, had always wanted to study music in depth,and they had sent him to a music academy in one of the cities to finish a 4 year course to be a trained bard. He had just returned last year and was now offering an entertainment of music and song to the clan and their clients every night.

    Alder reached out to one of his colleague in the Ranger Guild, Vincent, who was running a private hunter’s guild in a city and asked him to take Aster as his apprentice. Vincent accepted under the condition of not questioning his methods of training. One summer night, the 20 year old Aster satin front of her parents as they told her to go find Vincent and train under him, and to not return until Vincent has declared that the training was over. Aster rejoiced more than feeling sad at her parents commands, as she was eager to see the bigger world and to hone her skills.

    The 4 years of training under Vincent was intensive. The first year, she wasn’t even allowed to hunt out in the woods – she started with house chores, reading assigned books, and indoor training. She was even harged with preparing animals that others had hunted for the meal,instead of hunting herself! Though feeling frustrated, Aster endured without complaining and eventually was assigned on hunts and local jobs from the second year. And it was only on the fourth year that she was allowed to join Vincent on his missions as his assistant. At he end of the fourth year, Vincent called Aster to his office. With a smile, he said:

    “You have done well for the past four years. Although I’m happy to say that your training here is done, but it is not over entirely. The next phase of your training will be seeing the world yourself. Go and see different lands, the cities, and face different creatures. There are things that you can only learn by experiencing it yourself. You may take breaks. Just remember, your training as a great ranger will only be over once you feel that you have seen everything there is to see.”

    Since, Aster traveled from city to city, through forests and mountains, and across the water, to continue her training as Vincent had directed. And that is how Aster ended up at the burning tavern on the faithful night, in her attempts to to rest her travel-worn body on the soft bed for once.
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    Writing Sample:
    Aster walked into the tavern, feeling tired and yet relieved. She had pushed herself on the road well past sunset, to ensure that she'd be sleeping on a soft bed tonight. Looking around, she found a clean table and set her backpack down with a thud, and plopped down on a chair. "A mug of dark ale and some warm food please." Aster spoke loudly in the general direction of the kitchen, without checking if anyone was around to hear her. Then fishing inside her backpack and producing a large piece of parchment,she began to study it intensely.
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    "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." - William Shakespeare

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    Thank you for the application Maiden.

    I would welcome Aster in the party. Let's just hope we get three more applicants soon.

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    Can I ask some questions? Before I do a deep dive into your lore, I want to know if I would be a good fit for the game. First, why only two posts a week? Are you concerned with your schedule or is it an accommodation to the players? Second, what kind of content are you anticipating that requires 18+ players? I meet that criteria, but I would like to know what I might be potentially signing up for.

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    Good questions Matthan, thanks for asking.

    The reason for 2 posts per week is because I am a full time student and father. I have a lot of things going on in my life and I don't want to commit to too much and let people down. It is better to start with a realistic expectation.

    I marked it as 18+, not because I think there will be anything overtly sexual, more because I can be fairly graphic in the context of gore, and evil... I am pretty good at describing evil deeds. I also would prefer if it was adults because they handle themselves better and tend to remain committed to games. Freedom for players is also a big part of the decision.

    If you have any other questions after you delve into the setting please let me know.

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