Part 14: Places of Interest, Specific

Glass Castle of the Linnorm King (Taiga): The Linnorm King sleeps at the heart of his Glass Castle, a city-sized glacier that formed through snows up snows over a particular evergreen glade gradually crystallized to ice under the pressure of the new layers. The Glass Castle grows a few inches every year, promising to reach mountainous height. It is rumored that the vast wealth of the Linnorm King lies deep within the frozen walls of the Glass Castle, but some say that the true treasure are the prehistoric evergreens within, perfectly preserved with unknown properties abounding in their resin.

Court of the Green (Hylos): The Court of the Green is the secret capital of the society of Green dragons who rule over Hylos. While none know the exact location of the Court, it is said to be hidden deep within the heart of Hylos, safeguarded and concealed by powerful magicks. If rumors be true, then one may find the Court by following the flight of a Green who carries another dragon or dragonkind with them, a political prisoner and potential victim of torture or brainwashing.

Village in the Mist (Akela): The Village in the Mist in the deep jungles of Akela shrouded in mist from dawn until dusk. It was a peaceful village until recently. Herd animals have been disappearing, and the villagers suspect a Kongamato is to blame. The village is too weak to mount a search and destroy party and should they lose more of their herd animals, they may be forced to abandon their village to hide from the insatiable predator.

Village of Ash (Cardoon): A spine forest of acacias surround the Village of Ash, a village in the thrall of a Lava drake ‘god.’ The village is divided by its faith to the Lava, the true and zealous cult believers and those who secretly pay the drake no more homage than any of the other drakes who roam the hostile, blistering forests of Cardoon. A rebel movement has quietly gathered villagers, but they may be discovered at any moment. This peril and a lack of true might prevents them from striking at the Lava. For now, they await the opportune moment.

Rime Strait (Rime): Rime’s Rime Strait is the largest arctic crossing in the Sea of Colossus. The narrow passage stretches as far as the eye can see between bodies of ice to rival islands and full of drifting glaciers both seen and unseen. Only adding to the peril are the Gare linnorms that lurk within its icy depths. Their presence has long deterred any exploration into the historical goldmine of sunken submarines at the bottom of the strait.

Sunken Temple (Wegs): Overgrown and concealed by one of Wegs’s plentiful forests of kelp sleep the ruins of a once grand and palatial temple that fell to the sea floor when the coasts of its continent crumbled. Its long forgotten idols and altars now host the growth of seaweeds and the animals that nest therein. Gowrows, hundreds of the reptilian beings, have settled in the halls and chambers, using the kelp-choked temple as a base, dragging their prey and spoils of war within its stone and seaweed walls to consume in safety.

Raving Reef (Teresthai): The Raving Reef in the warm, tropical waters of Teresthai is a massive rainbow of corals home to hundreds of thousands of different species of aquatic life, including exceedingly rare fish, sea urchins, and corals--a truly rich hunting ground as dangerous as it is diverse. It’s held and patrolled by Coral drakes, Gilded sea serpents, and Mist dragons, sometimes at the same time. As the reef is such a rich, colorful hunting ground, both the Gildeds and Mist dragons have it in their rotation of respective territories. While the two groups try to avoid each other, there are times when both circle through the Raving Reef. Unbeknownst to them, the Coral drakes have stealthily infiltrated the reef, only coming out into the light when neither of the two are present. While hiding, their hunger is left to grow for weeks, leading to an explosive re-entry and churning waters for days.

Wandering Isles (Sea of Colossus): There are rumors of a group of islands within the Sea of Colossus that appear and disappear throughout the year, rising and sinking into the dark waves of the open ocean. The fives, six, or perhaps seven islands are always spotted together, each containing a forested environ somehow capable of withstanding months below the surface of the water. No one knows why exactly these islands rise, sink, and change position around the globe, but those who’ve claimed to see the Wandering Isles also claim that each isle is home to a single constructed and completed piece of architecture--a tower, a temple, a bridge, and more. No one, however, has made landfall upon an isle and returned to tell the tale.

Maw of Colossus (Benthos): In the depths of Benthos sits a jagged trench that gouges the sea floor to bring forth an underwater river of fiery lava venting from the center of Colossus. Snaking miles of hot, thermal gases thicken the already pressurized waters with their noxious plumes. Not even the Deep Hunter sea serpents can bear this hostile environment, but every now and then the waters darken with the shadow of the great and monstrous terror that can withstand these trials to call this foul place home.

Natural History Museum (Tundar): Hundreds of feet below the sterile, frozen wastes of Tundar is rumored to be the ruins of an ancient humanoid kingdom encapsulated in ice and time. Back when the world was young and the temperature hot, Tundar was a thriving grasslands home to plentiful lifeforms and expanding kingdoms. One such kingdom was supposedly incredibly advanced for its time, blessed perhaps by the gods or other extraterrestrial beings. Then came the snows of the Ice Age that fell without ceasing. They collapsed every last ecosystem in Tundar but perhaps preserved one in icen crystal.

Badfield (Vanta): The temperate waste of Badfield is a stretch of scrubgrass badlands that separate the humanoids who live in dugouts on either end. Amphipteres roll, rollick, and rut throughout the hostile stretch, though are just as often found cannibalizing each other. In short, they stand, literally, between the last hope of the two families to extend their family lines. Both families are doomed to die out without escorts across Badfield and leave the badlands all the more barren for it.

Maze of Dune (Asharu): Deep within the orange-gold sands of Asharu lies a stone canyon carved by centuries of sandstorms. The sand has abraded through the patches of softer stone in the amalgamation, creating holes and tunnels through the striated stone plateau. Blue dragons have claimed the wind-carved canyon and use it for sport. They release captured prey into the canyon where they allow their young to hunt and often gamble on the result.

Will-O-Bog (Bogach): Will-o-Bog is a bastion of natural beauty amongst the cold and merciless marshes of Bogach, though it is no less cold and merciless. The murky waters of Will-o-Bog trap and release the heat and natural gases of the organic matter that decays in their depths. The combination of the two creates colorful will-o-wisps throughout the marsh that often lure unwary creatures into its watery perils. Those that sink below the surface may notice the ancient menhir rings, remnants of power from the druids that once claimed these lands, not that these observations will prevent the sinker’s untimely death.

Bridge of Reeds (Mariskaz): The Bridge of Reeds in the perilous, sinking wetlands of Mariskaz is not a bridge at all but the narrow route of safe passage from one side of Blackweed Swamp to the other. The route is known only to the elders of the Blackweed Tribe who have hoarded this knowledge for generations to keep any from daring to cross and drawing insatiably hungry Peludas back to their hidden village. Although none know for sure why any would want to cross the Bridge of Weeds in the first place, the far side of the swamp is supposedly the garden of a rare herb root of priceless worth to witches, alchemists, and other brewers of potions.

Village in the Shadow (Meithleorai): The largest settlement in Meithleorai is the Village in the Shadow at the border of a wide, grassy plain stretching as far as the eye can see and a salt flat of even greater expanse that reflects the sun back on itself during the day. Unfortunately for the village, its growing population and bustling activities have drawn the attention of the Psiwyrms who soar overhead. The village council has grown to fear an impending attack by their overlords. Though they have a plan to secret away citizens to other villages through underground tunnels, they have no means of implementing it in time without outside aid.

Crown of Salt (Zabana): In a salt flat hundreds of miles from the closest safety of the golden-green grass savannah, salt rises in a ring of seven towering pillars. The top of each pillar has become a nest for the seven strongest Salt drakes in the flat. Here they raise their young and hoard what treasures they’ve found in the salt-crusted ruins of long-fallen civilizations.

Melting Eye (Nome): The Melting Eye is the outermost ring of destruction around Nome’s gradually expanding Plague District, home of its population of Taninivers. When the surrounding Scitalises, Guardian dragons, and Vishaps push back against the incursions of Taninivers, they invariably destroy the ancient, remnant structures of the city that once spread over the entire continent of Nome. The Melting Eye has been cursed and warped by the desperate magicks of the dragons. The very air burns one’s lungs yet still remains ineffective against the Taniniver’s plague. Simply entering the Melting Eye has proven a death sentence for lesser dragons.

Coastland Falls (Strant): Hidden away at the center of the sunken coastlands of Strant is a massive, oceanic waterfall that cascades from all sides into the darkness of a gaping chasm without any end in sight. Coastland Falls can only be seen by those looking down from on high. While many dragons have roosted in the chasm under the cover of the falling seas, none who have ventured down to the bottom of the falls and have ever returned.

Bluemoon Lagoon (Bakiz): The Sea drakes who rule the shallows of Bakiz have claimed the largest, clearest, and bluest lagoon as their own. Bluemoon takes its name from its crescent moon shape and the glittering blue of its pristine waters. It is here where they keep court, a coming and going of Sea drakes who pass along the latest gossip from across the region and continent.

Elysian Fields (Root): Deep beneath the surface of Colossus, there is a land of bluest skies and greenest fields where humanoids live in a simple, agrarian, and utopian society known as Elysian Fields. All of this, of course, is an illusion created by one of the Prism dragons in the second layer of Root. Unbeknownst to the denizens of Elysian Fields, they are not a first iteration. Their lives are a part of a grand experiment about the humanoid psyche when those in perfect safety and harmony become victims of sudden tragedy.

Cave of the Sleepers (Kels): With the depletion of the humanoid kind and their undead brethern, a group of undead-eating Cairn linnorms burrowed a lair into the side of one of Sine’s deepest and iciest crevasses. There they wait in slumber atop the many treasures their now-extinct prey once held. They’ve accumulated such a vast hold of magickal artifacts that their hoard has rerouted the surrounding ley lines, much to the interest of the Vishaps in the glacial hills above.

Village on the Hill (Ondaga): The Village on the Hill is but one of the many villages forced into the cultdom worship of Spine dragons. The humanoid villagers here are especially zealous, due to the Spines overt favor at the expense of the Spire drakes who must also serve and worship the Spines. This has given rise to no little resentment among of the Spires and has even led some to thoughts of rebellion.

Spire Hill (Samian): Spire Hill is one of the many Spire drake reserves suffering from severe overcrowding. Successive booms in Spire births have strained resources to the breaking point. There have been rumors of the most desperate of the Spires resorting to cannibalism of the sick and the weak and even fatal hunting forays into Wyvern territory.

Floating Carnival (Stratus): The Floating Carnival was once a carnival on the surface of Colossus, a technological marvel by all accounts, and such a spectacle that it is said that the lost creator god of Stratus themself scooped the carnival up from the earth so that its presence might grace their floating continent. A Guardian dragon was assigned to the now Floating Carnival to protect it and keep its every function in tip top shape.

Thunderice Mountain (Helkon): Thunderice Mountain is not the tallest mountain in Helkon, but it is unique in that it is beneath a perpetual thunderstorm. It is always thundering, and if it isn’t snowing, it is raining, sleeting, or hailing. The brutal, inhospital weather, however, has made it one of the few places that neither the Tor linnorms nor the Imperial Sovereigns have interest in, and has thus become a secret haven for the refugees of their warring.

Blackcap (Oredis): Blackcap is the highest mountain amongst the snow and ash covered peaks in Oredis. The eastern half of the mountain belongs to the Silver dragons while the western half belongs to the Imperial Sovereigns. Its peak is actually too high to permit conventional, aerial dragon fighting, which has led to the peak becoming a war campsite, a place of planning, rest, and recovery, on both separated sides.

Volcanic Canyon (Piton): Piton’s Volcanic Canyon is the deepest, widest, and grandest of all the canyons in the land. A river of lava runs down at its base and volcanic gases billow up from the cracks in the earth. While deadly to humanoids, the concoction of chemicals has given rise to a wealth of diverse bacteria and plant life, among other extremophiles which can’t be found anywhere else on Colossus.

Solcano (Solaris): Solcano is a constant and massive solar flare that burns miles up from the surface of Solaris and is visible by those outer dragons and other beings flying just above the star itself. It is famed as the spot where the Great Wyrm Judges like to hold court during their legendary gatherings.

Sea of Dust and Bowl (Lunarium): The Sea of Dust and Bowl is the largest crater on Lunarium. It is so vast that it creates a distinct, ocean-sized region on its sector of the moon. The gray dusts here are constantly storming and have created an ever-shifting desert of gray dunes. Things and even beings lost here are unlikely ever to be found.