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Thread: From the Wandering Squall to the Blistering Oasis

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    Default From the Wandering Squall to the Blistering Oasis

    Although New Verberg has many inns and taverns (it is a port town after all) the Wandering Squall is notable among them for its size and its fine selections of Spirits; ranging from the finest Teregium ales and Kamipulkian ales to the exotic klinokita mead and Edgewatcher's vodka. It prides itself on its ability to serve a large range of customers, with the most minimal barfights possible for a port that regularly pulls in sailors from across the known world. Its size and selection also affords it the opportunity to blend in anonymously, as lizardfolk, elves, dwarves, goblins, catfolk, and even the occasional kreen all frequent the place, making it easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle.

    At the bar is the ever present Hullripper a goliath who is owner; barkeep; and bouncer all. They say that back in his prime he earned his name by literally ripping holes in the hulls of pirate ships that would harass merchant ships coming and going, although those stories getting wilder and wilder by the year. Around the room is a large assortment of guests; all drinking and friendly competition, sharing stories and feats, which brings the volume of the room to a dull roar. Despite this there is a warming, soothing presence to the place, which some ascribe to an enchantment on the building... and other's ascribe to Hullripper's friendly staff and wonderful food.

    ((Feel free to describe your interactions, intents, etc...))

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    As Ashuel watchs the halfling 'child' receed into the alley, he makes a mental note himself to give young Jenkins a bit of advice and training when time permitted. Maybe after the resolution of this mission. Affecting an almost imperceptible limp, noticed if one were looking, the Catfolk makes his way through to the front of the Wandering Squall. Making his way to the bar, nods to the barkeep and, once he has his attention, asks "Teregium ale. How much?"
    Producing the proper coinage, he waits for his drink. When given, he nods as he says You must be Hullripper. None of your staff seems to fit the bill, it would seem. as he looks around, then takes a drink as he waits for the barkeep to respond.
    "I was told to come see you. Told that you can direct me to one Juurvek. Looking for guards and others with differing talents." Ashuel says as he smiles. "I fall a bit in both buckets and I figured I can make a bit of extra coin."

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    Upon arriving to New Verberg, Zanobi immediately heads to the Wandering Squall, curious about this whole expedition business and the mysterious gentleman behind it. He fastens his horse to a pillar outside and enters the inn, immediately heading to the bar. Finding his place next to a Catfolk who seems to have entered the establishment just shortly before him, he says loudly, yet in a friendly tone: "Wotcher there. Be so kind and give me a jug of red wine and something nice to eat, will you, mate?"

    He doesn't really listen to what the Catfolk has to say to the bartender. Yet, he does catch the familiar name -- Juurvek. He didn't really feel like hurrying regarding this whole matter, even though he definitely was curious. He wanted to drink his wine and eat his food in peace and then talk business. Yet with the Catfolk apparently seeking the very same person he was set to seek -- and at the very same place -- his curiosity became even stronger. He produces the medallion given to him by the grey-eyed 'talent scout' and when the bartender appears again, he says, showing it to him: "Does this say anything to you, mate? I'm guessing I'm supposed to get an audience with the very same Juurvek the gentleman here is seeking, eh?"

    With these last words, he turns to the Catfolk and smiles. A man with black hair and dark skin, definitely short and rather slight for a human, wearing a leather armour over a nice shirt with a jacket and leather breeches, long cloak, red scarf and a set of cheap, yet quite nice jewelry. Armed with an adamantine rapier at his side, he seems jovial and friendly, yet at the same time definitely not like someone to be tampered with. He has a handsome face with a carefully conditioned short beard and a spark of certain wiliness in his eyes.

    "The name's Zanobi Tarna. A pleasure to meet you."

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    "Ashuel Tek'iel. Nice to meet you." The Catfolk says. He wears loose fitting robes, common amongst the desert tribes, but Zanobi notices he wears what looks like a suit of close fiitting armor underneath. On his belt he looks to be armed with only a well crafted, and wickedly curved, short sword. Ashuel gives him a once over, but not in a hostile way. "It would seem we seek the same employer. Hopefully we aren't trying for the same job... but if we are, good luck to both of us." he says with a smile before turning to the innkeeper, as he pulls out his own 'ticket', the medallion he received, and shows it to the Goliath. Turning back to Zanobi saying "Well, do you have anymore info on this potential employer? all I know is he is looking for guards and... other skilled adventurers and he pays a good clip, too. I figured, being from the desert myself, might give me an edge on the competition. I can imagine he gets some city folk or wetlanders... they last a few days before realizing how harsh the sands can be, and the pack it up. Seen before when I was younger, figured not much has changed since then." with a smirk. "Myself, I know nothing besides that."

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    Zanobi shakes his head. "I don't know nothing more, either, mate. But the reason why they want me here, I suppose, are my talents... such as finding the right door and passing through it safely, among other things. I'm very interested in hearing what this Juurvek has to say, though."

    He doesn't comment on whether or not he's going to last in the desert. While he definitely doesn't consider it an environment he would choose to live in and he prefers the comfort of the city, he definitely knows how to survive in the wilderness. Ashuel apparently exaggerates the harsh nature of the desert, he thinks, in order to seem tougher and more experienced than he is. That is not to say he isn't tough, though. Just that he seems to enjoy a moment of drama -- which, of course, is a passion Zanobi himself knows very well.

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    Same here, same here. Ashuel says as he goes back to his drink. Looking at the innkeeper, he asks So, are you the right person that we are looking for? as he uses his mug to point at Zanobi and himself. I'd hate to be wasting anyone's time. Just trying to get on to the next job.

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    ((I apologize, got into studying mode over the weekend to prepare for a test today))

    Hullripper is cleaning a glass as Ashuel arrives at the bar, and before speaking looks him up and down, "Two silver fo' the mug," he says as he finishes wiping the glass down. He exchanges it for a larger mug from the wall behind him and fills it with a clear, light brown ale from a barrel tap behind him. He places a wooden coaster down (Ashuel has just a moment to notice some elvish script and the design of a crystal palace carved into it) before he places the mug on top. Ashuel notices a dark board above the bar that was previously blank now has written on it '2 Silver.' "Yer tab gets kept up there, just be sure to pay before ye leave."

    Similarly when Zanobi arrives, "We have a shipment of Kamipulkian Red that just hit the cellar, glass be a gold piece, bottle be five," For Zanobi the dark board has yet to change, although Hullripper motions for one of the servers to go pick up the bottle from the cellar.

    As the two enquire about Juurvek with the medallions, "Heh, that artificer be bringing in plenty o' business round here. Turns most away though, I get paid either way though. Keep the medallions, Juurvek wants to see who scouted ye two. When ye be lookin' to speak with the man he be down the hall, first floor, furthest door from the bar and to the left. If'n ye get lost the servers know the way," he says as the server returns with the bottle. He pours out a glass of the red wine for Zanobi and leaves the bottle on the counter as a reminder of the option to buy the bottle. He provides a copper coaster with a red felt bottom, in the top is carved a seashell with lines and dots criss-crossing the design*. "We have both economy and luxury rooms if ye be lookin' to stay the night. But ye best speak with Mr. Juurvek first, I'd hate to take ye for yer coin if'n ye don't know ye be stayin'."

    *If you're familiar with the Fibonacci sequence, that is what is seen here.

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    Ashuel fishes out two silver inspite of what the Goliath says. I'd rather keep it straight... in case I drink too much. Don't want you squashing me like a bug. he says with a grin. Appreciate it, either way, along with the directions. Of course, if it doesn't go well, I'm sure I'll be back to spend a few more coins with you. As he finishes his drink before looking at Zanobi. Well, I'm going to head down there. If you want to join me, not sure if he wants to negotiate separetly or not but I don't mind waiting, either way.

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    "Cheers, mate. That's a very pleasant wine. I'm taking the bottle, then," says Zanobi after taking a sip from the glass brought by the server. He then listens to the bartender carefully, reflecting upon the possible relationship between Juurvek and Hullripper. Friends? Not really. Associates? Perhaps. But it seemed that they didn't even have a tight business relationship, more like a loose settlement as it seems. He just briefly nods and remains curious.

    Turning to Ashuel, he seems to think for a moment. He doesn't really feel like discussing serious business as of yet -- he would prefer to have his wine and something to eat. And then, perhaps, going to see this Juurvek fellow. On the other hand, if he goes there now with Ashuel, he won't have to think about it when enjoying his evening afterwards. Deciding at last, he says to Ashuel: "Let's go together if you don't mind, mate. If he wishes to see us separately, he gonna tell us, eh?"
    Zanobi Tarna

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    The dark board above the bar, for Zanobi, shines with his tab of 5 gold pieces as Hullripper pushes the bottle over. The two men enjoy their drinks before heading off towards the backroom where Juurvek reportedly is.

    A few wraps to the heavy oak door and it opens halfway to reveal a tall hobgoblin, easily breaking six feet, who blocks and doorway and looks the pair both over with a scowl. "Here for Juurvek? Got your medallions?" when the two procure the medallions he gives a little growl and opens further, stepping out of the way, "Two more sir." He has an aggressive air, but more that of a tough guy, rather than someone that means anyone harm. At least, neither Zanobi nor Ashuel feel any animosity from him.

    As the pair step into the room the Hobgoblin closes the door and steps in front of the door. Within is a rather large room with a matching king size bed. It is adorned in subdued blues, grays, and whites with artwork on the walls depicting sea-battles at sunrise, little spots of reds and yellows drawing attention to the epic depictions. The wooden floor has a single large rug covering the majority of the floor.

    A small detail catches both Zanobi and Ashuel's eyes, a few small drops of blood, just barely unobscured by the large rug... Based on the pattern, if they had to guess the rug was covering more.

    Sitting at a metal workbench (that does not match the decor of the room) a man focuses on something intently until the door closes. He turns to face the two to show a gray suit that both recognize as being at the height of Aoilsdawn fashion, but covered by a thick leather apron. In his right hand is a fine sculpting blade that he handles much like a scalpel. "Ah, Some more prospects, how exciting. I'm Juurvek, the mind behind this little expedition," He says with an energy that does not match that of his hobgoblin companion, "Good news good news! If I can take your medallion markers and then if you could explain what good you will do for me?" He says reaching out his hand, "After that I have some questions for you followed by a practical test to see if you can do what I need," he says waving his hands about and shaking his head erratically enough that you are concerned about the blade in his hand.

    ((I will sometimes expedite a scene with the obvious course for the players so we don't spend time 'he answers the door' what do you do? 'he steps out of the way' what do you do? 'he closes the door behind you' what do you do? If you feel strongly that your character would not proceed at a certain point, feel free to say something to the effect of "Before Zanobi enters the room he says, 'I'd rather meet Juurvek at the door if you don't mind.'" and I'll try to adjust accordingly. Online posting can be awkward, so we'll roll with the punches.))

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