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Thread: Official Loot Thread

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    Default Official Loot Thread

    Unidentified Magic Loot
    - Blank parchment (on gnome)
    - Black Crossbow (on Gnome)
    - Small Rapier (from gnome)
    - Vial of red, viscous liquid (from gnome)
    - Small Shimmering cloak (on gnome) (Owen's)
    - Four potions (on witch)
    - Scroll of Obscuring Mist
    - Scroll of Protection from arrows
    - Scroll of Charm Person
    - Scroll of Dominate Monster
    - Beautiful Cape
    - Pair of Gloves
    - Shimmering Cape
    - Belt
    - Silver Raven Statue
    - Coins (Magical Aura)

    - ...

    Mundane Loot
    - ...

    Story Based Loot
    - Exorbomnis (Owen's Bag of Holding)
    - Dilapidated map
    - Silvery map

    Edits: 11/1/2017: Owen claimed unidentified small shimmering cloak.
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    Owen does have the little gnome cloak, and will wait until everybody else has picked at least one item before he asks for anything else.

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    Annie would wait until everything is identified first, not really any point to grab something before you know if its actually useful.
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