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    For anything you want to do in between classes/missions/etc.

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    Galaga is not going to be idle between classes: When she's not transcribing her notes for Dorsard or taking dwarvish lessons from him, she's either taking a stroll to "order her thoughts" or visiting the library to read and take notes from anything she can from Conjuration School or Dwarvish language and architecture. She'll hopefully notice when she actually doesn't understand. She'll study the rest of the time, and chat with her familiar to practice her Dwavish (Rorik actually knows how to speak in Dwarvish properly, unlike his master).
    At the Dormitory, she'll try to socialise with her roommates at least twenty-five minutes per day. Fifteen if she's too bored.
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    First week downtime

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollGather Info/Diplomacy for general necromancy study - (d20) (15) [15]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollStudying for a cure (Spellcraft) - (d20+6) (6) [12]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollStudying for a cure (Arcana) - (d20+2) (11) [13]

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    Lialda spends her time between classes socializing with friends and roommates. And doing her assignments, obviously. She also scours the library for any spells, enchantment school or otherwise, she can add to her spell book.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDiplomacy for info - (d20+2) (10) [12]

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    Labi takes no breaks except for one day a week on the weekends where he does nothing but sleep and eat.

    Every other day, he dedicates himself to putting two hours outside of class per every hour taught in class, except for combat class which he dedicates a decent chunk to every single day. Weight wise, he's gained almost weight even though he's eating about 3000 calories each day. He's made very good friends with the cafeteria ladies and cooks, since his work out regimen requires him to eat more than 3 meals a day.

    Besides meat, studying, and high-intensity work outs, Labi has advanced very little socially with the others (other than perhaps some teachers and his close classmates).

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    You hear rumors from some of the older students about creepy things happening in the dead woods at night. Rudi Desai swears that he saw a ghost in there once.

    "They call her the Grey Nymph," he whispers. "If anybody does anything nice for her trees, she'll haunt them to death. Then she turns their bones... INTO A TREE! That's what I've been told, anyways."

    You find that most Blights can be cured by a simple Remove Curse spell.

    Joseline Quickhammer tells you that she bought a scroll of Acid Splash half price from one of the Grad Students.

    "I haven't had time to test it out yet, though," she laments.

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    A good majority of Vulwin's free time will be spent in the library, studying various topics, both for personal interest and for whatever assignments he's given. He doesn't intend to stay in his dorm room any more than necessary.

    Occasionally, he'll practice with his rapier in Professor Duerr's classroom or outside on the grounds, but only when he's confident that he'll remain undisturbed. The last thing he wants is to have to explain why a magus is so piss-poor with his blade.
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    Before heading to bed after the externship, Agwe spends more time researching the forest. More specifically, he tries to search for more powerful spells or artifacts able to cure Blights, stronger than Remove Curse. He also researches more on the Grey Nymph and whether or not she actually exists.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollSpellcraft for spells/artifacts stronger than Remove Curse - (d20+6) (7) [13]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollKnowledge (Arcane) for Grey Nymph - (d20+2) (20) [22]

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