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    I'm relatively new to the site but my experience this far has been really good. I love the friendly and active community and also the Play by Post system. Speaking of which I've played P&P with my RL friends a couple of times and found it quite hard to finish a campaign since not everyone has the time to meet for playing. Because of this I started playing here and since my experience has been so great the Idea came to my mind that I could play with them over the site as well. The problem with that is, that I doubt that all of them would be interested in integrating themselves in the community and some would only play in closed rounds and not apply for any campaigns of the other users. Also our native language isnt english. Would it go against the Rules of the site if we opened a thread to play in and used the great PbP mechanics of the site even if some of us wouldn't be interacting with the rest of the community?

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    We're always happy to have new members and games. If some of your friends choose not to make use of the site as a whole, that's their choice. In other words, you are fine to run your game here. If you have any more questions about the site or it's rules you can also check out the FAQ (linked to the rules page of the FAQ).
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    You don't need to be involved in the site's community at large in order to still request a game forum for you and your friends. Just skip the recruitment process and go straight to the Game Forum Request phase.

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    Okay, thank you for the answer ^^


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