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Thread: Externship: Potions and Primates

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    You hear a set of angry footsteps below, and a large orc boy stomps into view, squinting up at you through the manhole. He's wearing a plain brown tunic and has a short sword sheathed on his hip. Behind him, a thin trickle of water is running through a wide canal. There certainly isn't the deep river of dirty water you'd expect in a sewer.

    "I think you've done more than enough to those two already!" the orc snaps. "Get out of here before you cause even more trouble."

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    Lialda looks back at the monkeys, then at her companions. "What do we do?" she asks quietly.

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    "Go away before they rough us up?" Agrimony whispers.

    "Rough them up and make them tell us where the girls are," Agwe counters.

    "Eeee ah!" Swims Like An Armadillo adds.
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    "you all make some excellent points. Especially Swims Like an Armadillo. I agree with Agwe; Let's go. The monkeys will live somewhere nicer."

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    Agwe shrugs and nods at the monkeys, then walks around to the front of the tavern. Agrimony hurries after him.

    "Is this it, then?" Agwe asks. "Do we take the monkeys back to the school, as we originally had planned, or should we find them another home?"

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    "We return them to school. They'll be well taken care of. It's a shame, though. I thought those two half-elves would show."

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    "I don't think they could be here," Agwe says. "It sounded like that orc and whoever is down here might have been arguing about it."

    "I'm sure they're fine. Anyways, I don't know that they'd make very responsible monkey owners," Agrimony says. "And this way we can keep our promise to the mayor and make sure the monkeys don't get into any more trouble."

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    "Very true. Let's go, hopefully we'll be back in time for lunch!"

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    You arrive back at the academy at just after 11:30 in the morning. Stepping into the school's main building, you see that the main hall is all set up for lunch. But the tables aren't spread with the warm, fresh cooked food that is the norm at Laghara. Instead you see bowls of fresh fruit and vegetables, platters of cold cuts and dried meats, cold corn and tomato salad. There are pitchers of orange juice, but no tea, lassi, coffee, or even plain water. Most of your classmates look either disappointed or confused as they eat their lunch. Your monkey friends, however, look very excited. It's all Agwe can do to keep them calm and off of the tables.

    "I'm going to get these rascals some food," Agwe says. "I can take him back to Professor Bhatt and explain the situation if you want to enjoy the rest of your weekend in peace."

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    "Thanks, Agwe!" Lialda's stomach rumbles and she looks at him embarrassedly. "I should get something to eat too. I'll see you in class!"

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