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Thread: Externship: Potions and Primates

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    Team Monkey

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    Agwe's eyes widen slightly. He quietly makes his way over to them, keeping his voice low. "Saw something orange move inside. Bets on it being the monkey?" he grins then folds his arms, looking at the gate. "I'd prefer not to tear this down, but I can if no one has suggestions."

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    "An orange monkey?" Agrimony says. "Well, I suppose they are magical. I'm not sure how well we can tear down the gate without tools of some sort, though."

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    Lialda casts Detect Magic and stands with her face almost touching the gate.
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    "Well... I suppose we could try to climb over the gate... Anyone else up for it?​"

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    "I suppose that's our best bet," Agrimony says. "I just wish there was some way to know what we were getting into. If only... oh! I'm such a fool!"

    The halfling turns her back to the two of you and begins chanting something under her breath. Ten seconds later there's a tiny flash of light, and Agrimony turns around with a little silver bird in her hands.

    "This is my eidolon, Rue. Perhaps I could... have her scout out ahead of us?"

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    "That's an excellent idea, Agrimony! Tell me what Rue sees. Maybe there's an easier way in."
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    Rue flies over the fence and flits around the slaughterhouse, peeking into windows. She disappears around the back for a couple minutes and then flies you.

    "It was dark in there, so I couldn't see much," she chirps. "But there are two half-elf girls and an orc boy in there, and two monkeys in a cage. There's a cart half full of oranges in there, and everybody is eating them."

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