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Thread: Externship: Potions and Primates

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    Agwe nods impressively at the visible monkey before folding his arms, frowning. "A good question. Our friend here does confirm that the rest have powers, but the spell wore off before she could say what they were. So, we are deciding to look for the other monkeys and hope they can cure Sneakily instead of returning to Laghara? We all in agreement? Frankly, I have no idea where else to look."

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    Owl casts Prestidigitation and moves next to Galaga as the boy speaks. With a wave of her hand, she chills the potion bottle. "Whatever you think that potion does, boy, now it is harmless. Surrender."

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    After a bit of an internal debate, Vulwin opts to wait near the shop, as most of the group seems to be preoccupied with... whatever is going on. They seem to have the situation under control without his assistance, and he doesn't want anyone sneaking into the shop when nobody is looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealWittyAlias View Post
    Magic Shop
    The boy’s face is beginning to pale as his eyes dart from the archers to the group of teenagers clustered around the alleyway to the imposing pepper grinder in Galaga’s hand.

    You’re surrounded, brat,” Zhao snarls. “Just hand over the potion and come with us to the guards.

    The boy shoots a look of contempt at Zhao, then looks up at Galaga.

    Fine, Conjurer. I’ll give you the highly explosive potion if you don’t have your orcs shoot me and you don’t call the guards on me.
    With a hand wave and gesture of bored contempt, Galaga makes the archers put their bows down. They still give the impression of being alert and ready to be commanded again. "We grow tired of you, little one. Place the vial on the ground and do not damage it if you value your physical integrity. Oh, and there's no need to call the guards on you. Observe your surroundings: Do not you notice the commotion that you caused? The guards are probably on their way here already! Even if they are not, most people here will remember your look and mannerisms, such as your cracking voice, and will be able to describe them to the guards, eventually."

    Aside to Owl, whispering loudly "Hi, roommate! What a properly timed-intervention!"

    Back to the thief, in a stern, ponderous tone: "And bear in mind that should you choose to flee that would only add to the growing list of mistakes you made this otherwise lovely afternoon. Weeping is understandable, however, and my archers will not mock you. Go ahead."

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