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Thread: Externship: Potions and Primates

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    Are any of her friends or classmates in the dining hall?

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    Agwe nods and grabs a bowl of fruit from one of the tables. He carries it off into the bowels of the school, the monkeys trailing after him.

    "I'm going to see what Giuliano wants," Agrimony says, gesturing to a table at the far end of the Hall where Giuliano Stefano Inferno Esposito is waving at her urgently. "It was lovely working with you, Lialda. I hope we do it again some time."

    She heads off towards the fiery haired gnome just as you spot Owl, Irfan, and Dorsard entering the Hall behind you.

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    Lialda immediately intercepts them. "Hey, guys! How was your externship? Mine involved invisible monkeys!"

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    (OOC: Sorry, I should have told you this in my last post, but if you're meeting up with the others you can head on over to this page.)

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