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Thread: Externship: Potions and Primates

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    The Undine smiles, glad to hear Labi share his sentiment. If Eustacia and/or Rudi are still around, he'll approach them and ask, "Excuse me, about the monkey job...who can I talk to about possibly bringing them here?"

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    Eustacia and Rudi seem to have disappeared after giving you your instructions. Not literally disappeared, but just wandered off to do cool upperclassmen things, or perhaps to do homework or take a nap.

    However, other older students are milling around in the Hall, eating breakfast or signing up for the more difficult externships.

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    Agwe will go up to someone and ask them.

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    (Roll a Diplomacy check, please, Agwe.)

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollAgwe Diplomacy - (d20) [19]

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    You find a grippli boy who doesn't look to busy and make your inquiry.

    "You want to bring magical monkeys into the school?" he asks. "That sounds great! I suppose you'd ask Professor Idowu or Professor Bhatt about that. They'll either approve it or say no or ask Headmistress Laghara."
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    "Thank you," Agwe smiles. "Know where they might be around this time?"

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    "They might be in their offices," the grippli says.

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    Agwe'll head to Prof. Bhatt's office first. If she's there, then he'll bring up the prospect; if not, he'll try to find Prof. Idowu next.

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    Bhatt is in her office on the second floor, grading papers.

    "Yes?" she asks. "What is it?"

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