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Thread: Externship: Potions and Primates

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    Default Externship: Potions and Primates

    Saturday, August 12, 1852

    It's been a long first week of classes. Things got considerably harder after the first day, and all your skills and magical abilities were pushed to the limit with grueling tasks and piles of homework. Most of your classmates are looking forward to a relaxing weekend of lounging around in the gardens or visiting the shops in town. They are sorely disappointed when Rudi Desai and Eustacia Bing gather all the first years in their floor's sitting room.

    "I see everybody is here," Rudi says cheerfully. "Good! If you'd played hooky during a mandatory meeting, I'd've had to give you all detention. Now, I'm sure you all have been waiting for a chance to hop on an externship. Your waiting is over! Today, you all have the opportunity to get some real world experience. To test your abilities. To become functioning members of society and-"

    "Two requests -only two that are safe enough for first-timers, anyways- have come into the school," Eustacia cuts in. "One is from the nephew of a deceased local magic shop owner. He's willing to pay you each twenty gold per hour to clear out his aunt's shop, plus you can pick through any items he doesn't want and choose some for yourselves. The second is from the mayor. Some monkeys have somehow gotten magical powers and are getting into all sorts of mischief in town. Reports indicate that there are six monkeys in total. The mayor's office is paying a bounty of seventy five gold per monkey."

    "An excellent summary." Rudi says. "Now, there are two sign up sheets on the notice board in the school's main hall. If you want to take either job, go sign your name on the appropriate sheet. Just a reminder: if you don't complete at least six externship opportunities this semester, you will fail the semester and be put on academic probation, possibly even sent home. If I were you, I'd start this year off on the right foot and sign up for one of these two jobs now. Just to get yourself in the right state of mind... and make some money. Oh, and in the future, Eustacia and I won't be coming up here to tell you every time a job is posted. You'll have to take the initiative and check the notice boards yourself. Anyhow, have fun! If there aren't any questions, we'll get out of your hair now."

    Magic Shop:

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    Galaga sashays absentmindedly towards the notice board an signs up on the shop-cleaning duty. She likes tidying up.

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    Owl is right behind Galaga - the shop sounds far more educational than the monkeys.

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    Of course Agwe's signing up for the monkey hunting. He eagerly signs up as soon as Rudi and Eustacia finish talking.

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    Cleaning a magic shop seems much safer than monkey hunting. Vulwin quietly signs his name on the appropriate sheet.
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    Choosing between chasing monkeys all around the city, or being guarenteed income as well as the chance to get free magical objects makes this a non-choice for Dorsard. He marches over to the board and signs himself on the shop cleaning board.

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    Irfan sits cross legged, holding a half-eaten apple in one hand while slowly petting Ches with his other hand. After the senior students are done making the announcement, he looks down at the feline and considers the options. They make a valid point. If we need to complete six externships, an early start is probably a good idea.

    The summoner stands and makes his way to the signup sheet for the magic shop job.
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    "Surely!" Labi replies, "If they're just monkeys who know not what they're doing then I see no reason to kill them, merely just restrain them if we can."

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    The Undine smiles, glad to hear Labi share his sentiment. If Eustacia and/or Rudi are still around, he'll approach them and ask, "Excuse me, about the monkey job...who can I talk to about possibly bringing them here?"

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    Eustacia and Rudi seem to have disappeared after giving you your instructions. Not literally disappeared, but just wandered off to do cool upperclassmen things, or perhaps to do homework or take a nap.

    However, other older students are milling around in the Hall, eating breakfast or signing up for the more difficult externships.

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