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Thread: [Cthulhu Dark] - Streets of Nothing

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    Default [Cthulhu Dark] - Streets of Nothing

    This will be a small group campaign - no more than four or five players. But it's also Cthulhu, so expect to die. Or go crazy. Or both. Or worse...
    When a PC dies/etc. I will offer the player a chance to create a new character or step out if they wish, or if it makes things interesting play out the insanity. May bring back a recruitment thread to keep the character count set. Speaking of characters and whatnot...

    This game will be rated for folks 18 and over. - Horror comes with heavy restrictions in that regard...
    As the GM I try to make a point to check the thread daily and respond as quickly as the posts come in. Your speed on posting will determine the pace of the board.

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    Sign me up!

    Name: Dr. Kenneth Marston
    Occupation: Professor of Mythology and Comparative Literature

    Dr. Marston is an old man, he just turned 68 last week. For as long as he can remember, he's felt that there was something more than the dusty old books that he would read. He is quiet, timid, and reserved. He is also rather bitter and angry, feeling that life has passed him by without anything ever going his way. He lost his shot at Oxford because of some scandal he was falsely implicated in. Years later, his wife left him for another man, calling him a failure for not earning as much as she wanted. He was passed over at the university by those better able to suck-up. Nothing has ever gone his way in life. And now he's a frail, balding old man, with nothing much left for him in life. But perhaps, that can change.

    Fears: Since he was a child, Dr. Marston has had a fear of dogs. When he was young, he was attacked by a mastiff which severely damaged his leg, leaving him crippled. Even now, he walks with the aid of a cane, and even hearing a dog will cause him to break out in a cold sweat. Actually seeing a dog will cause him to have a full-blown panic attack.

    Now, while fear of dogs is certainly common enough, he also has another phobia that is a little more unique. He cannot stand the sight of mirrors. Perhaps it's because he doesn't want to reflect on his life, or maybe he hates the sight of himself, he's not entirely sure. Just seeing a mirror isn't much of a problem, but seeing his own reflection in one is another matter. It takes all he has to not smash the mirror or hurl it out of his office on the third floor of the humanities department (something that actually happened once). It's one of the few things that can make him angry.

    He is also rather uneasy around anything with a blade. It's nothing too bad, he just gets rather nervous around them as he was once attacked by a student who felt that he had been unjustly given a low score on a paper.

    Similarly, he is uneasy around women, never really having gotten out there again after his wife left him. He can handle those blasted creatures (as he puts it) well enough on a professional basis, but has trouble connecting with them in any other way.

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    Wonderful! Looking for three more!

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    Couldn't help myself, I wanted to re-test a Cthulhu game, and this system seems easy.

    Here goes :

    Name : Cliff Madison
    Occupation : Security agent (former soldier)

    Cliff was a soldier in the U.S. Army since he was 18 until he was 30. He never had many friends, and wasn't really in good terms with his family. In the army, he was one of the "lucky" type of guys, being the only one that got out of firefights alive, but certainly not unscathed. His military services got him severe PTSD, but since he was only good at one job, after having too much, when he retired at the age of 30, he took the mantle of a security agent and has been doing it for 8 years now. Being 38 years old, Cliff just want a calm and peaceful life, but his past job keeps haunting him badly.

    Major Fears :
    1) Loud Noises : Being in the army left Cliff with PTSD, and anything that can be assimiled as a gunshot will cause him to go into fetal position and cry if he can't maintain his mental health properly

    2) Being Underwater : One of his missions in the army didn't go well, resulting in Cliff almost drowning in a blood and mud soaked river in a Middle-East country. He can swim alright, but getting his head underwater will cause him to panic like a madman.

    Minor Fears :
    1) Fear of Fire : Nothing much really, he is just the type of person that will not get too close to a fireplace, and will not be carrying a lighter, but if a fire is declaring at some correct distance of him, he'll just calmly back away.

    2) Army uneasiness : He becomes really hesitant and stressed when around people in military uniform, that's part of why he never took PTSD treating councelling offered by the army and took a civil one instead.
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    Excellent That's two!

    We have a professor and a security officer. This may turn out to start on campus

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    I've never tried anything other than 5e D&D really, but if you will have me, I'd like to give it a try.

    Phoebe Golden
    College Library Archivist

    Phoebe is 29 years old Caucasian woman, who was sick of living such a boring life.

    She had just moved out of her parents house 4 years ago and lived in a small, cozy apartment got herself a cat named Captain. After failing to land a job in her studied industry, Plant Science, and refusing to work at local flower shops, she started working at the local college library to make ends meet until she got a better job. But the truth is, she is not sure what she wants to do, other than being able to work in her own garden and laboratory, which seemed next to impossible for her right now.

    Major Fears:
    - Spiders: Phoebe hates spiders, period. There were quite few times that she almost set her apartment on fire because she saw a spider crawling under her couch. One of the reasons why she got Captain is because well, cats eat spiders.
    - Complete Darkness: When she was a child, Phoebe refused to go to sleep unless her night light was on, as she was terrified of the darkness, like most kids. Unlike most kids, she never grew out of the fear, and she still prefers to sleep with some sort of dim light on.

    Minor Fears:
    - Getting Lost: Phoebe is pretty bad with directions, and when she was a teenager, her mom had sent her on a simple errand to a local grocery store. It was supposed to be only a 10 minute walk, and when she didn't come back after 1 hour, her mom set out on a search only to find her crying on a bench in a nearby park. So whenever she is in an unfamiliar area, she will get uneasy.
    - Elevators: Perhaps she has read one too many horror stories involving elevators, or it could just be the fact that you are standing in a enclosed space while so many things can go wrong. She doesn't feel safe taking elevators and will rather walk 4 flights of stairs to her apartment everyday. Hey, at least she developed pretty sturdy legs from doing so.
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    Well, since this is technically my first Cthulhu game....I think it'll do well with you in too.

    You said laboratory. What kind?

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    To do plant related researches - breeding, plant diseases and cures, soil, etc.

    "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." - William Shakespeare

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    Working out the first scenes right now. Just waiting on player 4.

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    Hmm, if Phoeve is a college library archivist, and Dr. Marston is a university prof, then is it safe to assume that they know each other relatively well?

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