The three of you have Professor Mukhopadhyaya for your next class. He ushers you out of the room at the end of History and Theory of Magic. When you return fifteen minutes later -joined by Joseline and Budai- you notice that the classroom has doubled in size. It is now a hundred feet by a hundred feet. All the desks and seats have been removed. The black marble floor has five chalk circles on it, each twenty foot in diameter. One circle is in the center of the room and the other four are in the corners. Mukhopadhyaya is standing at the front of the room.

"Come in," he says. "Don't dawdle. We only have ninety minutes. Today I shall assess your magical skills to determine what areas you need the most instruction in. Each of you, stand in one of the chalk circles on the ground. It matters not which one you pick, so don't squabble over who gets to stand where. Once you all have entered a circle, your tests shall begin. I will not tell you what your test is, as I would also like to test your ability to think on your feet. Are there any questions?"

"By the way," Mukhopadhyaya says. "If you leave the circle before the test is over, you will fail."

Your classmates all step into their circles.