Basic Potions and Mutagens is held in a small laboratory on the second floor of the school. Like your last class with Bhatt, you can't see your professor anywhere. At least the door is open. You arrive at the same time as your classmate, Giuliano Stefano Inferno Esposito. You both enter the laboratory and see that their are two vials of pink liquid on a table at the front of the room. Each one has a placard in front of it that says "Drink Me."

"Excellent," Giuliano says. "Do you think it will make us stronger? Give us wings? Turn our bellies transparent for the next six months?"

Dorsard raises an eyebrow at the gnome's suggestions, then ponders for a moment. "Most likely, no. I'd expect something simple, such as we begin to glow, or something outrageously complicated like us being turned into wolves. Regardless, I'm sure they are going to be interesting."

Taking the note's direction Dorsard unplugs one of the vials and downs the contents, making sure to replace it on the table and step a few feet away from Giuliano in case something unexpected occurred.
You and Giuliano both gulp down the potions. They taste unbelievably bitter, like a mix between rubbing alcohol and overcooked broccoli. Giuliano gags and dribbles half of it down his shirt.

The potion doesn't appear to be having any effects... that you can see or feel.