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Thread: Lialda: Pre-assessment

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollWill Save - (d20+3) (10) [13]

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    You make an attempt to walk through the door, but you just walk into it instead. You can feel the cool metal as your face bumps into it.

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    Lialda sighs. "It was worth a shot," she mutters. She attempts to shock the ice to melt it away from the lock.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollRanged Touch Attack - (d20+1) (3) [4]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollJolt Damage - (1d3) (2) [2]

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    Your shot hits the doorknob and the ice quickly melts, leaving you with a slightly wet door.

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    Lialda inserts the key and turns it, feeling rather pleased with herself.

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    The door swings open and you see a mirror. In the mirror you see your reflection and, behind that, Professor Mukhopadhyaya wearing spectacles with red and green lenses and waving you over to him.

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    Lialda walks into the mirror.

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    You walk forwards. So does your reflection. You both bump into the mirror. You are still in the circle, and the reflection remains in the mirror, the Proffessor still standing behind her.

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    Rubbing her head and feeling profoundly foolish, Lialda turns around.

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    Turning around, you see a gap in the circle. Through it you see Professor Mukhopadhyaya.

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