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Thread: Lialda: Pre-assessment

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    Default Lialda: Pre-assessment

    The three of you have Professor Mukhopadhyaya for your next class. He ushers you out of the room at the end of History and Theory of Magic. When you return fifteen minutes later -joined by Joseline and Budai- you notice that the classroom has doubled in size. It is now a hundred feet by a hundred feet. All the desks and seats have been removed. The black marble floor has five chalk circles on it, each twenty foot in diameter. One circle is in the center of the room and the other four are in the corners. Mukhopadhyaya is standing at the front of the room.

    "Come in," he says. "Don't dawdle. We only have ninety minutes. Today I shall assess your magical skills to determine what areas you need the most instruction in. Each of you, stand in one of the chalk circles on the ground. It matters not which one you pick, so don't squabble over who gets to stand where. Once you all have entered a circle, your tests shall begin. I will not tell you what your test is, as I would also like to test your ability to think on your feet. Are there any questions?"

    Lialda steps into a chalk circle in the corner and looks around for any hints as to what the test might be.

    "By the way," Mukhopadhyaya says as you step into the circle. "If you leave the circle before the test is over, you will fail."
    (Make a Will Save, DC18)

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollWill Save - (d20+3) (6) [9]

    Lialda casts her eyes around, both drinking in the marvel of this magic and looking for clues as to how to acquire the floating key.
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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollPerception - (d20+4) (9) [13]

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    Aside from the wooden sign and the key, the only objects in the circle are the ones on your person. Your backpack, spellbook, clothes, hemp rope, etc.

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    Lialda concentrates and focuses her powers of enchantment on her hemp rope. "Loop and knot!" she cries as she tosses the rope in the direction of the key.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollThrow - (d20+1) (7) [8]

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    Your rope manages to wrap itself around the key. It then falls to the ground in a heap, the key entangled within its coiled depths. Or shallows. It isn't that big a rope. Anyways, it's an easy task to reach into the rope and grab the key.

    As soon as the key falls, a bronze door appears at the edge of your circle, to your left. Its keyhole is covered with a two inch-thick layer of ice.

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    Lialda recovers the rope and picks up the key. She walks over to the door and examines the ice. She mutters under her breath, reaching out with her arcane senses.

    (Lialda casts Detect Magic)

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    You get an overpowering aura of Illusion from the door, the ice, the key, your patch of grass, the sky above... everything you can see that you didn't bring into the ring. Outside, in the darkness, you sense nothing.

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    Lialda staggers from the strength of the aura. Well... If it's all an illusion... Nothing is real. Maybe it's only as real as I make it out to be...

    She walks back to the door. Closing her eyes, she tells herself the door is not there. She repeats this to herself three or four times, then attempts to simply walk through the space that the door seems to be.

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    (Make a Will save, please.)

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