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Thread: Agwe: Alone in the Woods

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollSurvival - (d20+9) (12) [21]

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    (If you touched the fence, make a Will Save DC 18.)



    You easily find your way back to the are at the edge of the woods where you left Tok and Bronwen. Both of them are standing in approximately the same places as before. Bronwen is covered in mud and has leaves in her hair and plastered to her clothing.

    The bird flits over to Tok's shoulder and chirps into his ear for a couple minutes. Tok nods and chirps something back.

    "Well," Tok tells you in a normal, human voice. "I can see that you are not dead, and the Chat tells me you didn't do anything stupid. Your performance was acceptable, and I will continue mentoring the both of you."

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollWill save - (d20+5) (7) [12]

    "Ah...yes...nothing stupid..." Agwe rubs his shocked hand with a goofy smile, grateful the Chat didn't seem to mention that part. Well, it was better than attempting to climb the stupid fence! The Undine laughs at Bronwen. "What happened?? Seems like you had a lot more fun than my stroll!" His eyes perk up, turning to the professor. "Speaking of...Professor, what was with that stone? And what was with the necromancy in the forest?"
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    "I wrestled a boar," Bronwen tells you. "I tried to reason with it, but it would not cease its attempts to gore me. I was forced to take drastic measures."

    "There are many stones in the forest," Tok says. "If you refer to the stone I think you're referring to, it is the gravestone of a necromancer who has been dead for a hundred twenty years. The wood around it was destroyed by the necromancer before the old Headmaster Laghara killed her. You would be wise to avoid the area at night time."

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    "A shame," Agwe replies grimly to Bronwen. "Glad you remain...relatively unharmed though." He chuckles before returning his attention to Tok, brows furrowed. Many questions crop up at once. "Who is this necromancer? Why does the stone have an Abjuration aura? And...was this before or after the Headmaster built the school?" His head begins to hurt so he begrudgingly stops himself from asking more. The long hours walking coupled with the rest of today's events were starting to take a toll. Exhaustion slowly creeps in but he manages to push it off; protecting his people required strength of will.
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    "A dryad, to keep the remains from being disturbed, and no," Tok says. "This academy has existed since long before Amrita Laghara became headmistress. It was already nearly four hundred years old when Daman Laghara killed the necromancer."

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    "I see...last question then. Is there any way to reverse what was done? And if not...can the land, at least, be restored?"

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    "We have not found a way yet," Tok says. "Headmistress Laghari does not wish to tamper with the trees in case she inadvertently causes the blight to come back."

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    Well that's just unacceptable. What if this happens somewhere else? What if this happens to Punari? Agwe nearly reels back from the thought--he quickly shoves it out, refusing to think any further. "I see...well, Professor, if there is anything else, think it's time to call it a night." He smiles, yawns, and stretches.

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    Tok nods and wanders off into the woods.

    "Well," Bronwen says. "I, too, am going to bed. Good night."

    She heads off for the dormitories.

    (Unless you were secretly planning to do something besides actually go to bed, then nothing more eventful happens until a week later, when you decide to chase down super-powered monkeys.)

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