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Thread: Agwe: Alone in the Woods

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    You do your best to navigate through the eerie woods, but find yourself lost. After twenty minutes of walking, often in circles, you come across a small, barren clearing, about thirty feet by thirty feet. In the middle of the clearing lies a long stone -about the size of a twin bed. The stone is smooth and grey and unmarked in any way.

    Your avian stalker will not follow you into the clearing. It remains on a twisted tree branch a few feet away from the edge of the clearing, still watching you.

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    Not moving, Agwe peers as he casts Detect Magic once more. Should nothing come up, he'll try to stay outside of the clearing and walk around it to look behind the stone.

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    You detect a strong Abjuration aura coming from the stone. The stone looks like a plain, grey slab of smooth stone from all sides. It's about three feet wide, six and a half feet long, and two feet thick.

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    "Hm," the Undine hums with a perked brow. He remembers the gnome professor giving a very brief description of the Abjuration school: it protects and wards against magic. What was such a stone doing here? "A shame it could not stop the blight," he muses with a weak smile. Mayhaps it did, when it was stronger in its hayday...he'll ask Professor Tok about it. Nonetheless, he sees no need to disturb the stone--and possibly lose all of his magical ability--and continues his trek back to the school.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollSurvival - (d20+9) (3) [12]

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    It takes you a while, but you finally find yourself out of the eerie woods and back into the normal woods. You even manage to find a trail leading south-east.

    After a couple hours of walking, the sun is getting ready to set and you find yourself standing in front of a wooden gate in a wooden fence. It seems you've been in the restricted area of the forest this whole time.

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    "Of all the--!" Agwe cries out, throwing his hands up while continuing the rest in Aquan. This was his chance! This. Was. His. Chance. He looks back down the path and makes a frustrated groan. It was too good to be true, but he figures he should've known. Then again, it's not like he would've done anything--not with the Rock Chat clearly tailing him to make sure he wasn't adventurous. "Fun killer," he mumbles with a laugh, followed by a defeated sigh. Someday...someday. He inspects the fence to make sure he can climb over it safely; if he can, he'll make his way straight back to Prof. Tok.

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    (Make a Perception check, and any other checks or things you want to do to see if the fence is safe.)

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollPerception - (d20+7) (6) [13]
    Detect Magic
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollClimb - (d20-3) (8) [5]

    ((He's gonna hold on the climbing bit until he finishes inspecting but I'm making the roll regardless. He remembers Feilim and gang climbing over the fence earlier, but figures Bhatt or whoever else in charge of security probably reinforced it.))

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    The fence looks normal, but you sense a faint Abjuration aura on this side of the fence.

    The "fun killer" flies over to you and opens its beak, dropping a key at your feet.

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    The Undine had been satisfied by his inspection and was preparing to climb over. Anyone would've seen the poor man struggle; his arms had wobbled just trying to grab a good perch, him trying to lift his leg high enough a whole 'nother embarrassment. It's painful to watch. As his shaking arms attempt to lift him, he hears a soft TINK near his foot and looks down. He quickly gets off the fence and laughs awkwardly as he picks up the key. "Many blessings, little one! ...please keep this between us." He'll go through the gate and make sure to close it before continuing on his way.
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