Your only other classmate in Natural Studies is Bronwen. The two of you meet at the edge of the woods, as instructed. Your teacher is a wiry old human man, his wild gray hair and beard streaked with brown. To his left are two rings of red mushrooms with white spots.

"I plan to test your survival skills," the man tells you. "You will each step into a mushroom ring. The ring will transport you each to a different area in the academy's woods. I expect you to not perish, and to find your way back here before nightfall. The teleportation circles will only be active for five more minutes, so if you have any questions then ask them quick."

"Your name?" Agwe asks with a bright smile, excited for what lies beyond. Were they going into the restricted zone? Unlikely, but that would be amazing. In truth, he wanted to learn more about the rings and how exactly they worked, but he figures he'd ask later. He was also caught off guard by their teacher's straightforward behavior--respectable! After hearing the professor's name, the Undine bows respectfully to Bronwen. "I would wish you luck, but I doubt you need it!" He laughs and steps into a circle.
"Professor Tok," the old man says.

"I wish you luck also," Bronwen tells you. She steps into her mushroom ring at the same time you step into yours. For a second, nothing happens. Bronwen turns to you and opens her mouth to say something. Then everything turns blurry and fades away.

You find yourself in what looks like the same mushroom ring, but now you're surrounded by trees and ferns. You hear running water in the distance, somewhere to your left.

(Roll a Perception check, please.)