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Thread: Labi and Vulwin: Dueling

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    Labi falls unconscious. Duerr steps into the ring and checks his pulse.

    "The victor is Vulwin Erralei," he says. "A good use of a spell, but tomorrow we will see your sword work."

    Once Labi has recovered from the spell and gotten out of the ring, Perdita and Taina fight. They thrust at each other with swords a few times, but neither of them gets a hit on the either. Perdita eventually manages to splash Taina's chest with a summoned ball of acid. After a little more parrying Taina conjures up a double of herself. The doppelganger catches Perdita off guard, and Taina shoves the confused elf out of the ring, earning herself a victory.

    With the fights over, Duerr tells you all to go exercise. Taina runs off to punch a dummy. Perdita heads for the dumbbells.

    "Do you noodle-arms want to join me?" Perdita asks as she picks up a couple fifty pound weights. "You've got to get strong if you ever want to be a good fighter. Do you want to be good fighters? I don't mean to insult you or anything. It's just, you both seem kind of... um... what's the word I'm looking for?"

    "Weak?" Taina suggests, still pounding on the practice dummy. "Feeble? More delicate than a set of porcelain dolls?"

    "I was going to say something more tactful, but... yes. That."
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