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Thread: Final Fantasy: Dawn of Ivalice

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    Recruitment is open until the 12th so you are good!

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    '"Quick question about combo finishers/bushido in FFD20: do they require you to hit with your Blitz Tech/Kenki to trigger, or do you just need to use them in order in that round or the preceding round?"

    Well prior to your question i honestly didnt know anything about these. I forwarded the question in the FFd20 forums and the creator usually responds within a few hours. So i ill prob have an answer in the morning.

    But yes please do apply, one thing thats really lacking in terms of party makeup is solid ranged dmg. So if you want to keep that in mind.
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    Great, thanks for the quick responses!

    I'll go Geomancer, then. Get some utility casting, and nothing says solid ranged damage like a rock to the face (or the earth lashing out from where you stand, at least). I have an idea for a Tonkin that I'll flesh out.

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    Viladin(the FFd20 moderator) confirmed that they just have to be used in the correct order on your turn or the previous to be able to activate a combo finisher, they do not have to actually hit.

    Nice. I always kept at least one person in FFT with geomancy as their secondary. Its simply a great ability.
    "My Jagan Eye may not be natural but it does give me exactly what I need."

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    Great, thanks! I'll keep that in mind in the future.

    It really is--I often end up with Geomancer Ramza. Being able to hit things with an axe doesn't hurt either.

    That said, here's Skarius Lepidus, Tonkin Geomancer and single-minded oddity. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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    @Kalizkan at first glance i think everything looks good. A tonkin lolol. I like the personality you gave him, I imagine they do juggle like that if bored and just passing time.

    Hello everyone, we are nearing the end of the 12 day recruitment today. After my son is home from school and everything settles down at home, i will inform those that will be participating. All the entries were amazing to read, and would all work as potential interesting characters. As said though i will only be taking 4 so to keep my sanity on what i have to keep track of since this will be my first pbp. Thank you again everyone for the interest.

    Edit: 8:00pm est
    I have made my choices and sent PM's to those involved. Thank you so much for the interest from anyone that didnt make it. Please keep the char on file as i may have some thing in store for you on the side as either a recurring guest friendly or constant thorn in the side for the party. I will close this thread in the morning and from there begin work on the next steps for the game. Thank you again!
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    Closing thread and applying for game forum now.
    "My Jagan Eye may not be natural but it does give me exactly what I need."

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