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Thread: OrcPub is Closind Down

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    Default OrcPub is Closing Down

    The creator of OrcPub and OrcPub2 is/was running a Kickstarter to fund a mobile app version of his OrcPub character builder. He recently posted an update saying he was shutting down not only the Kickstarter campaign, but also the original OrcPub and OrcPub2 character builders.
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    In a comment on the update he says that he is doing it for legal reasons that, for legal reasons, he would rather not disclose. The assumed cause is that WotC sent him a cease and desist order. This makes sense given the recent opening of D&D Beyond and its character building functions.

    If you have characters saved on his sites, make sure to get them exported to somewhere else soon!
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    Can't say I've ever used OrcPub, and I've never heard of D&D Beyond, but good job keeping the community informed Rellott.
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