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Thread: OotA OOC Chatter: Chapter 4

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    Default OotA OOC Chatter: Chapter 4

    Here's your place for OOC during/about chapter 4.

    Come join us on Discord!

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    I don't want to step us into a route everyone disagrees with, so I'll say the general idea here first. Basically just suggest (the spell) that the Stone Giant help us to evade or fight the drow... But doing that immediately sets up a dynamic that others might not want, just wanted to clear that idea before committing resources to it.

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    Maybe use suggestion to alleviate his knee-jerk fear of us?
    From my mental image stone giants arn't intrinsically evil, so Eldeth would at least attempt to empathize with the giant.

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    Sharzen would agree, as well.
    "I never have to try to kill the PCs. They do it to themselves. I just take care of the paperwork." Trevor Sandlin (D&D Adventurer's League Facebook Thread)

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    Either way, play true to your character.
    I'm not against using the spell.

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    Sorry, didn't realize that we were waiting on me at that point.

    it is a way that I could be true to his character, but not the only way. I just didn't want to use our resources (ie: theander's spells) on a direction that no one wanted to take.

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    If he kills a target, he gets a bonus action attack (from GWM feat). Rolling it here if needed:

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollvs Something (Bonus, GWM) - (1d20+9) (8) [17] Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage - (1d12+6+2) (11) [19]

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    So Rel did all 3 attacks get used to take out the one giant spider? If not, can the 3rd (bonus) be directed against the other? Roll is in the post above.
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