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Thread: OoTA Chapter 4: Rest Beneath the Tumtum Tree

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    "That's just it, Theander! We haven't been avoiding them. They keep hounding us. That'll never stop unless we stop it. I'm not saying we run to them or even make it a fair fight. I'm saying we prepare for it, maybe even set our own ambush, and deal with the problem once and for all."

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    Malbocco's lips curl back into a sneer at the discussion of combat.

    "Sounds like we're finally being reasonable."

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    "I'm not sure who's crazier, you guys or me at this point... because that almost sounds like a good idea," Nyx shakes her head. "The drow have been up our rears this entire time, and I'd bet 5 gold they'll find us again before long. Great, now I sound like Jimjar too..."

    She pinches the bridge of her nose a bit as she continues, "But if we're gonna go take them on, we need to find them first. If they keep on getting the drop on us, then our luck is going to run out sooner or later. But if we could get our hands on those weapons first, maybe upgrade our weaponry, and get in a preemptive strike... we could buy ourselves some time, at the very least."

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    "I haven't been pulling my weight enough. I'm a fair scout and I can blend in with the stone down here pretty well. Let me scout ahead and make sure the path is clear. If I see the drow, then we plan our own ambush. If I don't, then they're probably coming from the other direction and we just need to keep moving. Will that work?"

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    "Deal with a problem ishh often beshht. Avoidanchhe leadshh to dishhashhter, in my exhhperienchhe," Shuushar intones.

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    Theander folded his arms, sulking that the others didn't share his rational appraisal of the situation, "Well.. If we find the r-right spot, my illusions could do us some good... But at the least wise l-let's try and avoid them when we can... They can't report if they c-can't find us."

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    "Kinda hard to avoid them with the cart, that's part of the problem," Nyx points out bluntly. "But we've been blabbing about this long enough. We need to get this stuff loaded off, but if we get the drop on them, we're taking it."

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    Shuushar nods and agrees with Nyx's assessment.

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    "Let's go ahead and get moving. I'll scout ahead."

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    "Shhenshhational," the warlock said with a nod. "Be careful, Jimjar. The road ahead ishh paved with darknesshh, but we shhall shhine though it."

    (OOC: Thanks for a great first part of the adventure with you all. Entering a game mid-stream and picking up a NPC/PC you didn't create is never a guaranteed thing, but this has been a real pleasure to be a part of so far. Looking forward to the next chapter!)

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