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Thread: The Shadow of a New Day

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    With no dissenting voices Thrik angles his beetle towards the ruins. It takes perhaps 15 minutes to arrive there. You come across a three-tiered building that is similar to the pyramids of Muktakadi except that rather than smooth sides rising to a point each level is squared off, its unclear if or how much the building descends below you.

    The level you are at is about 150 feet on each side, the level above that about 125 feet to a side, and the level above that about 100 feet to a side. Each level is about fifteen feet tall. Although there are no doorways Aleisandra and Grayson spot a crack in this level that looks big enough to get inside, although they would have to leave the beetles outside. Seemingly unfazed by the weather Akzuklir volunteers to wait with the beetles while the others are patched up by Thrik's druidic magic.

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    Aleisandra points the structure out. "If we need a break from the heat (which I certainly wouldn't mind), in there seems our best bet."
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    "Oh, yes, a break from the heat. Wonderful."

    With spots starting to form in front of his eyes, Owen descends from the beetle -perhaps less nimbly than he normally would- and heads over to the crack to check for any dangers or anything that could impede the group's entrance.

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    Apart from the risk of the taller members of the group hitting their heads, Owen finds that there are no significant impediments to escaping the heat through the crack.

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    Owen pulls out a sunrod to light the way and heads through the crack.

    "Watch your heads," he calls back over his shoulder.

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    Owen winds his way through the crack in the stone for perhaps ten long feet, he cautiously watches his steps over the uneven ground, but after a few moments he comes out into a room illuminated only by his sunrod. Owen finds himself about 5 feet off of the ground standing on a hill of sand. Before him are two rows of stone statues facing each other, at the edge of his view he sees a large stone table laden. With the light from his sunrod he sees two 5 foot wide, square pillars to the left and right of him about twenty feet into the room. Lying against the pillar to the right is a pair of skeletons in similar leather armor. The room appears to have been untouched save for by sand for many years.

    ((If anyone else follows Owen they will see the same thing of course. Feel free to let me know what you all do))

    Owen Give me 2 Perception checks. Anyone else who enters the room please give me 1.

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    "I have good news and bad news," Owen whispers at those behind him. "The good news is, we may have found the other amulet. The bad news... well, just look at those supposed 'statues'. They look ominous, do they not? Am I alone in thinking they look incredibly ominous?"
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    Thrik comes up behind Owen and looks to the crystal, "Clk Clk. Not so... Maybe Clk Clk. When they near their home they pull stronger. Clk Clk. But the walls might stop the magic... Clk Clk," He says patting the hieroglyphic covered stones with a chitinous hand, "Clk clk. But not sure what this is. Clk Clk. om... omi... That word is probably a good word to describe statues... Clk Clk. Not Kreen nor Qutsha... Clk... or as you say cat folk. Clk Clk."

    Thrik hands Owen (and whoever else follows into the pyramid) a salve which you recognize he picked up in Muktakadi and he had been supplying for all of your sunburns. With a quick administration of this and a one of his druidic healing spell you know you'll feel much better.

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